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Four Factor Friday: The Unauthorized Ohio State Edition

It's a bye week and fightforiowa left the old F3 just sitting in the garage unattended. I thought I'd take it out for spin. Iowa has a roughly 1% chance of beating Ohio State next week. With...

Alex Karras Suing NFL


You'd like to think of the guy as immortal. Best of luck to him.

How to Win Your March Madness Pool (Without Knowing Anything About Basketball)


Not Iowa related, but it belongs here none the less. I like #4 the best.

Lawyer: Iowa should have acted sooner on Coker


None of us know what really happened, or how far any of this will go. But here's the next chapter.

Coach Kaczesnki Leaves Team


Best of luck to him. It's unclear from the article if he'll coach the Insight, but it doesn't sound like he will.


A CyHawk Trophy Poll

It's not like they listen to us anyway. We're just ticket buying, commercial watching fans who should feel lucky they even let us into the stadium. With that in mind, if you had your way, what...

Is the new CyHawk trophy going to be put out of its misery?


The Corn Growers and universities said late Monday that they would hold a news conference Tuesday about the trophy. (Tuesday being 8/23) I especially enjoyed the quote by Vicki Johnson. Partly because it is evidence that here at BHGP, we're a bit ahead of the curve.

Ranking Big Ten Helmets


Michigan #1? I can see that. Classic design that been around forever. But.... let's just say the N really does stand for Nowledge In the comments there is a link to Hlas doing the same thing

A Sobering Look At The Consequences Football


The subject of concussions and player safety has been brought up here before, and this is one more article to add to the pile. It talks about NFL players, but BCS level ball is no pillow fight.

Iowa State players arrested, suspended


So, how long before Cyclone Fanatic melts down and demands Pollard's head on a plate.

M-16's In The Big House


Short version - Man in National Gaurd uniform carrying two unloaded but quite real M-16 rifles was allowed onto the field at the UM-MSU game a few weeks ago. Here's my favorite part "The university is reviewing its protocols at checkpoints to the stadium, but nobody is facing disciplinary measures". Because hey, what could possibly have gone wrong... right? (ps - this is absolutely, positively not intended to be a discussion of the 2nd amendment. So please don't go there.)

NCAA accuses WVU of violations under RichRod


OK, technically it was between 2005-2009, and Rodriquez was only there for three of those years. But you gotta admit, it's like you've read this all somewhere before.

Building A Better Helmet


Given the amount of discussion the issue raised a few weeks ago, I present one mans attempt to improve brain safety.

Larry Station Makes Hall Of Fame


OK, so it's the College Football Hall Of Fame. He's still an absolute badass.

The Rivalry, Esq. Evalulates Stanzi


Can't believe today's plagerism didn't list this one.... The Rivalry is evalutating all the Big 10 QB's and today is our very own Mr. Stanzi


1985 - 2009

This is a look at Big 10 football over the last 25 years. The criteria are simple: conference games and championships. Nothing was weighted, it was really just checking out the numbers and seeing...

Accelerated timetable for Big Ten expansion


Looks like we may find out sooner rather than later. But please, please, please let it be only 1 team!!!


Stop Saying Bruce Pearl

I keep seeing the name Bruce Pearl brought up as "the guy we have to get".   This is my effort to keep this from being a situation like we had when Ferentz was hired. Instead of looking for reasons...

LT to back up Greene in NYC


Shonn Greene needed a backup, so the Jets signed LT to a two year deal. Oh the sweet irony. http://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2010/1/17/1256090/shonn-greene-is-our-kind-of-winner



This was inspired by a post over at TRE that was trying to prove how valuable each team in the BXI was to the conference based on some.... interesting logic. Part of it was based on athletic...


94 + 53 = 1

      OK, this comes with an asterisk, but it's a small one. 37 of the 50 top returners on the list only have 1 return each, and how many of them blocked the punt, scooped it up, and took...

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