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As of Jan. 17, 2012, I am no longer a "product" of AN or the SBN sites. This is my choice based on moderation changes on AN I do not agree with, plus a catering more to advertisers and view counts over good posters and quality content.

Further, I was banned without warning or notification for refusing to accept being told I could not talk in AN's off-topic "Lounge" about another longstanding member's silent removal as a moderator. That is fine with me as I think it proves an important point about AN's new direction.

Another longstanding member, PaulThomas, was also banned without use of the previously established flag/strike system after writing a post critical of the rules change. It was worded firmly but honestly and written with civility. That post was quickly removed. This is the new direction of AN, where no dissension is allowed any longer. That is the new business model.

All traces of my own content (photos, analysis, etc.) that were unrelated to gameday threads and frontpage posts have been removed by me. I am sorry to those who enjoyed any of it, but I no longer feel it belongs on AN. People who know me know where they can find some of it elsewhere.

Goodbye and good luck. The Kraut is still Free.

User Blog

Game 151: A's vs. Rangers (cont)


2-0 A's after three thanks to a comedy of error on the part of the Rangers.


Game 151: A's vs. Rangers

Way back when the A's last faced Brandon McCarthy, they knocked him out of the game early on their way to a 6-1 victory. What's that? You say that was just a week ago? Oh. Well, how about the time...

Davis does it again, leading A's to another win deep in the heart of Texas


Recap of Oakland's 6-1 victory over Texas.

Open Thread: Game 144 - A's @ Rangers (cont)


Well, we made it to a new thread. It's been a long and mostly unexciting game but the A's lead 6-1 after seven and Rajai Davis is having another one of those good performances we've come to enjoy.


Open Thread: Game 144 - A's @ Rangers

Last night's game was fun, wasn't it? Good to see them get to Scott Feldman and the bullpen for an easy win after the first five innings went scoreless. As Texas begins to slip back in the wild...

A's score early & often, cruise to a win over the Chisox


Recap of Oakland's 11-3 win over the Chicago White Sox.

Open Thread: Game 138 - A's at White Sox (cont)


Oakland got a safety but Chicago's on the board with a field goal. The A's remain comfortably in front, 9-3 through six.

Open Thread: Game 138 - A's at White Sox (cont)


So far, so good. 7-0 Good Guys A's after two.


Open Thread: Game 138 - A's at White Sox

Following a day off on a holiday (boo, hiss) the A's open a quick two-game set in Chicago with the South Siders before another day off on Thursday. I must have missed the memo clarifying that the...

Winless in Seattle, plus Adam Kennedy giveth and taketh away


Recap of Tuesday's Oakland/Seattle game, won in ten by the Mariners 4-2.

Open Extra Innings Thread: Game 125 - A's @ Mariners (cont)


We're here because things didn't go so well for the green and gold in the bottom of the eighth. Oh, and because Branyan just missed a walkoff.

Open Thread: Game 125 - A's @ Mariners (cont)


2-1 A's after they scraped together a run. On to the eighth.

Open Thread: Game 125 - A's @ Mariners (cont)


Both teams have crossed the plate once after five innings and Ed Crosby is senile insane stupid amusing.


Open Thread: Game 125 - A's @ Mariners

Game two of the series in Seattle pits Brett Anderson against Ryan Rowland-Smith. The Mariners will again be without Ichiro Suzuki, nursing a calf injury, but he is expected back in the lineup...

CC forgets where he is, dominates in Oakland


Recap of tonight's A's vs. Yankees game, won by New York.

Open Thread: Game 119 - A's vs. Yankees (cont)


Well, it got bad fast. 7-2 Yankees going to the bottom of the 6th. For those of you looking for something else to do tonight, you have your excuse.

Open Thread: Game 119 - A's vs. Yankees (cont)


Four innings in and it's not the cleanest of games so far. Mazzaro's on his way to another short outing but the A's have a couple solo homers. 2-2 as the A's waste a great chance to score.

Open Thread: Game 119 - A's vs. Yankees (cont)


Suzuki gets Sabathia back after a pitch is thrown behind him, then fielding failure leads to a Yankee run. 1-1 going to the bottom of the 2nd.


Open Thread: Game 119 - A's vs. Yankees

After one of the most improbable victories last night, the A's and Yankees meet up again in the second of their three-game series. Tonight's starters will be CC Sabathia and Vin Mazzaro. Mazzaro...

Open Thread: Game 117 - A's vs. White Sox (cont)


I'm not sure when (or if, I forget) Nico has a continuation thread scheduled but the first one's had a lot of comments and the game's been pretty quick so here's a new one. 2-0 White Sox at the...

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of an A's loss to the White Sox


Recap of the A's vs White Sox on Friday, August 14

Open Thread: Game 113 - A's at Baltimore (cont)


The A's took the lead but gave it right back. 3-2 Orioles going to the seventh.

Open Thread: Game 113 - A's at Baltimore (cont)


1-0 O's on a fluke RBI "groundout" off the end of Melvin Mora's bat in the second inning (the end where the hands go). Pennington's heads-up throw home on a grounder saved a run in the third and...


Open Thread: Game 113 - A's at Baltimore

All of a sudden the A's are pretty fun to watch again. They're hustling and scrapping, and when the team isn't that good as a whole that's all I ask for: effort.  Winning more often than they're...

Dogs and cats living together, A's win with 21 hits, mass hysteria!


A three-run rally in the ninth followed by two more in the eleventh propelled the Oakland A's to a 9-8 victory against the Boston Red Sox. Adam Kennedy had five hits and Mark Ellis four to lead Oakland's 21-hit attack.

Open Extra Innings Thread: Game 99 - A's at Red Sox (cont)


A surreal ninth inning sees the A's score three runs off Jonathan Papelbon with the aid of Tommy Everidge's first Major League hit, a double off the very top of the Green Monster, and some very bad...

Open Thread: Game 99 - A's at Red Sox (cont)


The A's got one back. 6-3 Red Sox after seven. I wouldn't normally talk about another game but Chicago's Mark Buehrle just lost another perfect game and no-hitter in the sixth in Minnesota, but he...

Open Thread: Game 99 - A's at Red Sox (cont)


The plate ump is not fair. Geren got the thumb. Mazzaro lost it again. 5-2 Boston after four.

Open Thread: Game 99 - A's at Red Sox (cont)


"The A's are scoring! The A's are scoring!" -- Paul Revere's...well, whatever generation a descendant would be in 2009. 2-0 Oakland after two.

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