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Cynical, witty Madone 6.5 rider with less nuts than Lance. Hardened the fuck up years ago and expect that everyone should do the same. Owner of six bikes, a fast car and a Volvo wagon adorned with PdC adornement. Lover of a dog and was once scared by a Pelican that took up residence in my pool. Like cycling a lot.

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  • Golf My Dad
  • NASCAR The Aussie guy
  • MMA my younger bro
  • Boxing My older brothers
  • Soccer Adelaide United
  • Cycling me
  • Tennis Stefan Edberg
  • General The Winona Ryders
User Blog

Beautiful French things...

OK Ok...I know that this is hardly a site for pictures of cars but i just thought I'd share with you a thing of beauty.  She was mine for several years and handled so well for a front wheel...


Anyone got any sprinting tips???

via Yeh about having your hands in the drops, your arse off the saddle and fingers off the brakes!!! I had my first post op crit last night.  My second race...


I'm Ok

sorry if I alarmed anyone...a big sneeze just after Levi crossed the line must have dislodged a clot and the post sneeze suck in made me half swallow the red slug.  That made me cough my guts...


Hot weather riding....

Lucky the TDU wasn't a week later on the calendar, it hasn't been below 80 degrees F all week and that includes at night.  We've had two days over 45 and five over 40. I was out training during...


Tour Down Under 2009: Stage's taken me two days to get over it!

Wow!  What a day, the crowds on Willunga Hill were absolutely amazing and the riders put on a performance to match.  For so early in the Pro-Tour season it was just a fantastic race of a million...


Tour Down Under 2009 Stage 5. 'Gladiators....mount up!!'

The 2009 Tour Down Under continues with Stage 5, which reaches the race's highest point on Willunga Hill. Here is a preview of the stage.


TDU 2009 Stage 4; The Challenge

Tour Down Under 2009, Stage 4 Preview.


TDU 2009, Stage 3; 'The finish is a beach'

Tour Down Under 2009 continues Wednesday. Here is a preview of Stage 3 finishing at Victor Harbor.


TDU 2009 Stage 2. 'Gorilla's in the midst'

Ok...I take back everything I said about Greipel yesterday, but only because he won...I still think he's doing it all wrong! :-) (Win two D grade races in one weekend and you think your a bloody...


Tour Down Under 2009. Stage 1 (the return of the king!)

Ok guys...I hope you're all going to be glued to your internet following the 30 minute highlight packages for the next few nights....I know I won't be (gloat gloat!!) The classic has been run and...

The new Cofidis outfit.'s not so different from the old one but at least I get to post a...


The new Cofidis outfit.'s not so different from the old one but at least I get to post a brag photo. I kicked their arses up the climb...and Yes. Moncoutie was at the back!


Tour Down Under Classic...

Just to be different here in Australia, we decided to have a Prologue.....but let all the guys set off at the same time. The Classic (this year re-named 'The Cancer Council' classic to try and get...


The all New Tour Down Under Thread....

....the last one was getting a little tired and long and even though so many of you lovely people had recommended it I thought.....why rest on my laurels of success? I just got a text from my ex...


CycleGirl and Flatbagger present the 2009 Tour Down Under

Well, seeing as we seem to have been unfairly infiltrating other posts to speak of our enthusiasm and excitement towards our little race down-under i thought it time we opened our own thread. Poor...



While I must admit that on another day I might have appreciated the Bennalanche, it's a bit early in my cycle for that. I just thought I'd show that not all beautiful cyclists have olive...


Boxing day Crit down under

The day started off Ok...not too bad a Christmas hangover, tyres on the Madone in good nick, fave lycra fresh and clean.  Then i realise I'm faffin around like an old moll and obviously in need of...


Drugs in Cycling....the real story!

OK guys I'm fairly new here but not new to cycling and I have a rather eunique (sic) perspective on drugs in Sport. I have a predicament!  I'm racing on Boxing Day in a D Grade Criterium.  I'm 48,...

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