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BPA vs. Need: Part Deux

In this second edition of BPA vs. Need, I'll be looking at two positions that both could be considered needs for the Carolina Panthers; wide receiver and offensive tackle. No Carolina receiver...


BPA vs. Need

Any fan even remotely familiar with the NFL Draft probably recognizes the term "best player available". This phrase tends to be a little bit murky, as every team thinks when they draft a prospect...

Why We Should Keep Jonathan Stewart


Two things I gleaned from this article. 1. We need to boost our pass rush this offseason somehow. Signing Antwan Applewhite wasn't enough, I'm a big fan of drafting Melvin Ingram, and I can stomach Coples (ugh). If we plan on scoring a lot, teams will be throwing a lot to catch up. A pass rush is the best weapon to neutralize this. 2. We need to keep Stewart. As outlined in the article, Stew is a more integral part of our offense than we realize. Those of us expecting to lose him and not miss a beat are deluding themselves. It's better to have a killer strength than an overall solid team. The Giants were down to their 8th corner yet still won on the teeth of their pass rush. The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl on the back of Brady and their TE's. I firmly believe the legs of Double Trouble will play an integral role in the dynasty we all see within reach.


Breakdown of Michael Brockers Georgia Tape

There's been quite a bit of debate over whether or not to select LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers with our first round selection this April. Proponents of the pick say Brockers has the...


What Should Panther Fans Expect from Cam Newton in 2011?

A look at what one Panther fans we can expect from Cam Newton on the football field in 2011.


Way Too Early Panthers 2011 Season Prediction

With the recent release of many 2012 mocks I've noticed one common similarity through nearly all of them.  They all have Carolina picking in the top five yet again.  The experts aren't the only...

This is my top target as an UDFA. We're pretty deep at safety, but Martin is older than most guys...


This is my top target as an UDFA. We're pretty deep at safety, but Martin is older than most guys on their first contract, and Godfrey has some questions marks still. McDaniel has a great nose for the ball and is a solid hitter. Reminds me quite a bit of our own Chris Harris.


A Thought.....

The #1 overall pick comes with many things.  Attention from the media and draft world for months.  Discussion over who we will select and why will dominate draft talk on TV and the web from now...

The Makings of a Coach


Excellent story on Rivera, may be a bit of a fluff piece, but well worth the read.

Panthers Interview Chudzinski, Also Some Old Assistants


Also Wednesday, Rivera began reaching out to the few members of John Fox's staff he'd like to keep, in what appears to be an effort to fill his staff quickly. While not every member of the previous coaching staff has been contacted, Rivera brought at least three of Fox's assistants into Bank of America Stadium to meet with him and general manager Marty Hurney about future positions. According to multiple team sources, Rivera called offensive line coach Dave Magazu, wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert and defensive quality control coach Sam Mills III in for what amounted to job interviews

Tommy Gets Called for a Little Chat with the Big Cat.


"I had a column in Thursday's paper saying that in the news conference, Richardson came off as "irritable, cheap, confused, obstinate and a bit of a bully." He called to respond." Richardson may be catching a lot of flak from fans, but you can't say he doesn't love this franchise and wants to do what is best for it. He's not as bad as Al Davis yet. When we start drafting by 40 time, then we start inquiring about a billboard.


Clausen's New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year CSR!  I've had some thoughts on Clausen I've been wanting to share, and I figured this would be a good time to share them.  So in honor of the holidays, I'd like to take a look at...


Just How Bad is Our Offense?

Going into the year, many of us had high hopes for our offense.  We were returning what we thought was the best ground attack in the league, featuring a monstruous, road-grading offensive line...


Help a brother out...

Hey guys, I'm kind of unsure if this deserves its own fanpost, but I have to admit, we really need your help.  My high school, South Iredell, has it's homecoming game this upcoming week against...


Panthers QB Dissection: What Grade will They Earn?

A look at the Panthers QB performances against the Ravens

Davis Encouraged by Progress


With even an optimistic estimate for recovery of six months, Davis wouldn't be able to play until the final four games of the regular season, so the Panthers easily could have put him on injured reserve and gain a roster spot for training camp. The organization decided to wait, however, placing Davis on the active Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, which makes him eligible to go on the reserve PUP list once the regular season starts. At that point, he wouldn't count against the 53-man roster, though he wouldn't be eligible to play for the first six weeks of the season. Then, in Weeks 7-9, Davis would be able to practice with the team, and somewhere in that window, the Panthers would have to decide whether to add him to the active roster or shut him down for the season. "I'm going to try to maximize the time that the PUP will allow, and we'll just go from there. Hopefully, it can be before then, but I definitely want to maximize that time and hope for the best," Davis said. "It's too early to say, but I always like to keep my confidence level up." Two thing from that article, first, what happened to Andrew Mason? I liked him. :( Secondly, one thing we don't talk about a lot is the possibility of Davis's return. From what we know about medicine and knee injuries, we would say it's impossible, but over in New England, Wes Welker has come back very quickly as well. Could we see Davis back in uniform for the end of the season, and, dare I hope, playoffs?

Foxhole: First Practice


Typical Fox interview, the only interesting thing I found was Sean Ware's sting reaction was confirmed.


Finding the Middle Ground

As our season draws closer, the season previews will start to appear.  Some may be ridiculously early, but when they start they will flood in regardless.  One thing I have noticed about the people...

I start my football season next Monday. So this vid really gets me pumped. Plus the offseason is...


I start my football season next Monday. So this vid really gets me pumped. Plus the offseason is boring, so we need this kind of thing. :)

Brandon LaFell highlights


After watching these I am pumped for our new receiver. He has some crunching blocks, though he'd get called for that in the NFL, and he's faster than advertised. Moose caught 16 scores in a season, if LaFell is Moose 2.0, I am very optimistic.

We are now assured an NFC South title


Drew Brees is on the cover of Madden. :D


Ready for a Splash? The Pool opens on Draft Day

There's been a lot of complaining in Pantherdom about our modus operandi this offseason.  We have a huge need at wide receiver, and we've missed out on some goodies.  Anquan Boldin, Santonio Holmes,...

April Mock (with first round trades!)

Enjoy!  :) UPDATED: McNabb trade and Colts pick. 


Jake Delhomme: The Case for #17 in the Hall of Honor

  After Jake Delhomme was cut and subsequently signed with the Browns, many wondered what Delhomme's legacy with Carolina would be.  No question he deserves a special place in our hearts as fans,...

Jimmy Clausen is an Alien Wizard!


This article does a good job of explaining why Clausen should be the top pick, and why the hate is unfounded.

Post Combine Mock, 2 Rounds.

There's definitely going to be some movement, the Combine shook up a lot of things.  Any criticism will be well received, I'd prefer constructive but some of you don't roll that way. ; ) 


Paper or Plastic; The Panthers WR Dilemma

A look at how the Panthers might solve their WR delimma

Mock Draft 3.0

Pre-combine edition, two rounds.  Fire away.  :)

Formula for Drafting QB's

Good morning everyone on this wonderful Super Sunday.  I hope your day has been enjoyable so far.  The game has brought something to the forefront, the need for a franchise QB to be successful. ...

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