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open thread: watch Giants 6th round pick Nick Vander Tuig lead his team to the College World Series title on ESPN

Ok, I admit that is a bit of a stretch to find a Giants angle on this, and I know not many of you are as interested in this as I am, but...Nick Vander Tuig is a the only one of the Giants top 11...

Grant excerpted on Deadspin


I haven't seen this covered here (apologies if I missed something) but it seems Grant has hit the big time, not so much being on deadspin, but the book. Good work!


What if the Rays had drafted Posey?

This is a hypothetical scenario that I have been kicking around for the past year or so... Let's go back to June of 2008, the Rays had the first pick in the draft, but they also had the best record...

Baseball America mock draft


Baseball America posted their first mock draft today. No analysis, just a list (at least for non-subscribers). They have the Giants taking Robert Stephenson, a right handed pitcher from Alhambra High School, who threw back to back no hitters (and struck out 20 in the 2nd one) in March. Kolten Wong, who has become a favorite around here, goes 2 picks later to the Rays. Also interesting how far Matt Purke has fallen.

Angels DFA Brandon Wood. Thank God for trades that never happened


When I saw the Angles DFAed Wood, a former top prospect, I immediately thought of this discussion on here a couple years ago in which many people, myself included, wanted to trade Jonathan Sanchez for him. One of many "let's trade for a bat!" ideas that were popular at the time. Thankfully the Giants were smarter than that.

Giants stats vs. the Phillies big three this year

  1. Halladay: 1-0 7 IP 10 hits 5 earned runs
  2. Oswalt: 3-1 27 IP 25 hits 10 earned runs
  3. Hamels: 1-0 11 IP 16 hits 9 earned runs
  4. add it all up: 5-1 45 IP 51 hits 24 earned runs (4.80 ERA)

Is Timmy Broken?


I just got home from the greatest pitching performance I have ever witnessed and I thought it might be fun to mock this classic bit of knee jerk alarmist stupidity.

Rob Dibble gets fired


score one for justice and all that is right

Rob Dibble thinks Stephen Strasburg is a pussy


Rob Dibble has made a career out of regularly saying idiotic things, but I'm not sure he has ever said anything stupider than this.

John Patterson's wikipedia page


In all this nostalgia over the 1993 season I looked up John Patterson on wikipedia and was shocked to learn that he had a very extensive page that did not mention his huge 1993 homerun at all. So I had to create a wikipedia account and add that to his page. This is my first experience with editing on wikipedia so I am hoping somebody can help with things like referencing some of the things I wrote to the 3 links I added below.

OT: how hideous is this new Pac-10 logo?


all of this crap about "re-branding" the Pac-10 is really starting to piss me off, what was wrong with the Pac-10 before?

Ken Griffey Jr. was unavailable to pinch hit because he was asleep


This is hilarious. Couldn't somebody go down to the clubhouse and nudge him and say "dude, wake up, we need you to pinch hit."

Frandsen sent to Pawtucket already


Shocking. I was pretty sure he was going to take Pedroia's job.

baseball movie recommendation: Sugar

SoFaKingMike did a fanshot on this movie about a year ago, but I thought it might be relevant to bring up again since HBO (which, I presume, many of you subscribe to) started showing it yesterday. It is a fictional story of a Dominican pitcher trying to make it in America. I watched it last night and really enjoyed it, I recommend you check it out. Here is a list of several of the upcoming showings on HBO, set the DVR.

Dallas McPherson signs with the A's


does this mean we no longer have to see any ridiculous discussion around here of Dallas McPherson actually having a future in the Giants organization?

Blue Jays give Alex Rios to the White Sox


I just saw this on ESPN. No trade, just a waiver claim by the White Sox that allows the Blue Jays to get rid of his contract

Kevin Frandesn is not pleased


Hey Kevin, you know what will make this better? whining about it


maybe the Giants just weren't that high on Alderson

I know there has been more than enough discussion on the trade, and this was mentioned already, but I thought this might be worthy of its own discussion (especially since the latest thread has...

Nationals fire Manny Acta


at least according to this source; Manny Acta (I find it kind of funny that he broke the story himself)

Sony pulls the plug on Moneyball movie


just saw this in the CBS headlines ad on the right of the screen. pretty shocking, I was predicting many Oscars

Kyle Gibson has a stress fracture


This is obviously really bad news and awful timing for the kid. It will be interesting to see how far he falls in the draft (right now he's easily a top 10 pick and almost certainly top 5) and how it moves things around. It could hurt the Giants chances at getting Tyler Matzek.

Daniel Cabrera is available


rosterbation alert: the Nationals DFAed Daniel Cabrera today. What about picking him up and giving him a shot as a reliever? I know he has been nothing but horrendous his whole career (thus getting released by the pitching heavy Nats) and more than likely will continue to be, but the guy has a hell of a live of a live arm and for a free scrap heap pick up I think it's worth a shot. I'll save everybody the trouble: 35 walks in 40 innings, he would fit right in

Fresno Grizzlies "mad tight 90s" promotion


Thursday the Grizzlies will be holding "mad tight 90s night" which will feature 90's album covers doctored to include player headshots (click the link to see Kevin Frandsen on the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind) and most "tight" of all, an appearance by Dennis Haskins, better known as Mr. Belding, who will throw out the first pitch.

Be careful what you say on sports blogs


Apparently the authorities are sometimes inclined to take this kind of stuff way too seriously. This seems incredibly harmless to me.

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