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another lineup shakeup

I guess today is as good a day as any for another lineup shakeup.  I haven't seen anything written on it yet, so who knows if it's a temporary thing or a big change: Here it is according to Yahoo: ...

Ivan Rodriguez reportedly signs with the Astros


If this is true (and it's Steve Phillips reporting it, so God only knows) that ends another rosterbation debate.

Stephen Strasburg is pretty good


The legend of Stephen Strasburg continues to grow as Buster Olney has a piece on ESPN.com today which quotes a scout that he says "is not inclined to hyperbole" (take that for what it's worth) saying that Strasburg is the best pitching prospect ever. Before anybody asks, no, he couldn't fall all the way to the Giants because of signability concerns.

Mark Sweeney retires


He was once a good Giant, but unfortunately he is joining the Dodgers as a coach.

MLB places Alex Rodriguez under secret suspension


at least, it's obvious that is what happening to those of us who can handle the truth

A's Fremont Stadium officially dead


Obviously, it has been dead for a long time, but now I guess it's official. How sad...


ridiculously early look at the 2009 MLB Draft

The College Baseball season starts this weekend and with it ESPN.com has started a new draft blog, so this seems like a good time for a very early look at the 2009 draft.  The Giants have the 6th...

Moneyball the movie


I know we have discussed the rumors of a Moneyball movie around here before, but from the look of this Daily Variety article from today it looks like it is actually going to happen. Doesn't this seem like a horrible idea? I enjoyed reading Moneyball but at no point did I think "hey, they should make this into a movie!" It probably couldn't be worse than Soderbergh's latest epic about the world's most overrated historical figure Che Guevara.

some advice for the kids: remember to switch off of one cheek to the other


I find this funny for two reasons: the fact that Greg Anderson and Steve Hoskins (Bonds personal assistant) are on tape discussing the importance of switching from one ass cheek to the other and (maybe even better) the fact that during this conversation he stops to say hi to Benito


looking at all of the Giants prospects lists

Since Baseball America published their top 10 list of Giants prospects today, all of the major sources of prospect news have now weighed in on the Giants.  I thought it might be fun to look at all...

BBWAA admits 4 Internet writers


One of the country's most ass-backwards organizations, the Baseball Writers Association of America (or as it's known to Interneters, the BBRAA) has continued it's tradition of always being on society's cutting edge and has actually recognized the existence of the Internet by admitting 4 Internet writers to their club. Now that they seem convinced the Internet is not just a fad, maybe they will do something about that website.


Nick Peters elected to the Hall of Fame

Today Nick Peters received the J.G. Taylor Spink Award and was elected to the Hall of Fame.  He was the Giants beat writer for the Sacramento Bee for many years until he retired in 2007, and was...

Fox cameras catch a glimpse of Visanthe Shiancoe's... um ...shank


I just heard about this on Howard Stern and found it on YouTube. The YouTube video is probably not safe for work (and we could do without this loser narrating it).


Keith Law on the Renteria signing

Keith Law has some good things to say about the Renteria signing and also some good things to say about the Giants offseason in general. The point worth emphasizing here is the complete change...

Baggerly talked to Sabean


I always take things Sabean says with a grain (or even a jar) of salt. But I do think "No trades are currently on the table, and Jonathan Sanchez won’t be traded for any old player." is Sabean's way of saying "don't believe this Jorge Cantu shit"

Mariners hire Zduriencik as GM


I think this is a great hire by the Mariners. This is the guy I wanted the Giants to hire if they fire Sabean after his contract is up next year.

Barack Obama's favorite pie is (name of pie flavor)


Barack Obama's favorite pie is (name of pie flavor)

Giants sign Kieschnick and Juan Carlos Perez


Andrew Baggerly is reporting that the Giants just signed Kieschnick, the OF from Texas Tech who they picked in the 3rd round. It looks like our resident Facebook stalker was right. UPDATE: thanks to the eagle eyes of sectionop92 who pointed out that it appears the Giants have also signed Juan Carlos Perez

MadBum and Alderson in Baseball America's Prospect Hot Sheet again


Well, this has become a weekly occurrence which has relegated it to boring FanShot status, but both of these guys are unreal and just continue kicking ass. Also, today is MadBum's 19th birthday, Happy Birthday Madison!


Twins pursuing Aurilia!?!?!?!

in the spirit of trade rumors as FanPosts (hey let's live it up for the next two days)  I present: The Twins are pursuing Aurilia!!!!! h...


Nate Schierholtz is going to the Olympics after all

USA Baseball just finalized the roster and announced that he was added to the team to replace Colby Rasmus (Cardinals OF prospect) who got hurt last night. Here is the announcement from USA...


Keith Law says the Giants probably have a top 5 farm system

In his chat on espn.com today somebody asked Keith Law about the Giants farm system: Kenny (Sacramento): After the last 2 drafts, which appeared to be solid, where would you rank the Giants farm...


Baseball America article on Pablo Sandoval

Baseball America has an interesting piece today noting Pablo Sandoval's incredible start.  He is the only hitter in the top 5 of all 3 hitting categories. h...

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