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I run a seldom viewed Kansas City hockey blog. You should check it out if you are into that kind of stuff.

Also, I was, like, ten feet away from Ron Jeremy at a bar once.

I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

Follow me on Twitter if you choose: @FlubberMcGee

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAF Missouri Tigers
  • NHL Los Angeles Kings
  • NCAAB UMKC Kangaroos
  • General Leeds Rugby
User Blog

Counterpoint: Dayton Moore Should Have Contract Extended

After reading Craig's well thought-out post this morning, it seems clear that the Royals organization and the Glass family have no other choice but to relieve seven-year General Manager Dayton...

2012 LA Kings: That's Why We (Funning) Play!


Bold statement: the Los Angeles Kings were the best hockey team in the world in 2012.

What A Wonderful Hockey World


You think life sucks without the NHL? Fear not, because hockey is all around you, my friend. And until Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr invade Europe and introduce labor unions, hockey will be around...

A Slobberknocker Between Bettman and Fehr


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman drops some truth bombs on NHLPA player's representative Donald Fehr. It gets real, yo!

CBA Update: No Progress. 5 Stages Of Lockout Grief


The five stages of lockout grief – and the latest round of CBA meetings – in links and tweets.

The Ballad of Loktionov


If you stare into Andrei Loktionov's eyes, you can see his soul crying. Thus, the "Ballad of Loktionov" is born.

Jonathan Quick's New Helmet Is Greater Than All Other Helmets


This is the #1 reason the lockout sucks. How long until we get to see this in action?

Living With The Lockout (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The AHL)


These sides do not agree. These sides were never designed to agree. It becomes overwhelming. You pick a side, but you are ultimately on your own side, and no one and everyone feels exactly how you...

CBA Update: Bettman Offers 'Take It Or Leave It' Proposal Days Before Deadline


Within the past few hours, the NHL and NHLPA representatives adjourned what will probably be their last meeting before the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement. Both sides...

Hall of Awesome: Dustin Brown, Scapegoat to Hero

When rumors were flying that the Los Angeles Kings might trade their hard-hitting captain, Dustin Brown didn't waver under pressure -- instead, he scored a hat trick to destroy the Blackhawks.

There Are No Winners In The CBA Game


Tired of having no control over this lockout business? Choose your own adventure as a Big Market Owner, a Small Market Owner, or a player, and navigate your way through saving the NHL!

NHL CBA Update: A Week on the Emotional Roller Coaster Ends in 'Wide Gap'


A recap of the latest CBA talks, after the league rejects the NHLPA's counter-proposal.

NHL CBA Update: NHLPA Counter-Proposal Expected This Week


Willie Mitchell just had his day with the Cup. That's pretty significant, considering Willie Mitchell's propensity to be awesome. Anyway, you want to see some CBA links, don't you? Well, in lieu...

CBA Update: Are the Owners Trying to Exert Total Control?


A roundup of the latest on the CBA talks. Westgarth calls a lockout 'forseeable.' We have reached the bickering in the media stage.

Secrets Revealed! An In Depth Breakdown of the NHL's 76,000 Page Financial Report


Why did the NHL include a Magic Eye photo and the text from "War and Peace"?

Sporting News: League gives NHLPA 76,000 pages of financial documents


"Fehr said it was only a 'small portion...with the vast and overwhelming majority yet to come' of the data the union expects to receive." At least it appears the league is giving them everything. Now let's get the dialogue rolling, shall we.

NHL CBA Update: All the Small Things Rule the Week


The Olympics are going on right now. That's cool. Too bad (ice) hockey isn't in the Summer Olympics.* Hockey generally isn't played in the summer. That's really too bad. They should have...

Hall of Awesome: Kings Third Liners Run Out the Clock on the Blues


Niesy's post via reader Andrew L. the other day on Voynov's awesome forechecking skillz reminded me of another great moment in recent forechecking history for the Kings. This time during the...

NHL CBA Update: Labor Talks Continue Amid Cautious Optimism


A roundup of the most important news and discussions of the labor talks. As long as they're sitting and talking, should we be freaking out about a lockout?

Have You Had Your CBA Today? CBA Links and Notes


Hey, what’s up? Oh yeah? Cool. How are your parents? Yeah? Ha. Good for them. Hey, I write here now. Well, "write" is such a silly term. How about hang out, do the kids still say that? Loiter?...

According to, the Kings had a 2.3% chance of winning the Cup when the playoffs...


According to, the Kings had a 2.3% chance of winning the Cup when the playoffs started. I wonder how that turned out... (Click here or the link above for a larger view.)


Great Moments In Illegal Ryane Clowe Poke Checking History

[Front-paging this great trip into the annals of time - Niesy] Sharks vs Kings recap I already did this for my blog, but here ya go anyway. via After doing a little research, I...

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