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User Blog

What are your 2013-2014 NBA predictions? Post them here.

The East: 1. Chicago Bulls 2. Miami Heat 3. Brooklyn Nets 4. Indiana Pacers 5. NY Knicks 6. Cleveland Cavaliers 7. Detroit Pistons 8. Washington Wizards The east is so much better, but there is...


Have your say on the Karl ouster

I am very curious to poll Stiffs readers on their feelings about the firing of Coach Karl. I feel like a lot of people who post are tired and frustrated by him, but it seems like there is some...


2012 NBA Playoffs thread for the other seven series

GO NUGGETS! Of course! But who are we rooting for in the other series? What storylines should we be aware of? Aside from the Nuggets topping the Lakers, are any other upsets in the cards?


Thank you, Andrew, Jeff and Nate

For hosting such a fun and entertaining evening for Stiffs Night Out. A big thank you, too, to the staff at Jake's, who rose to the challenge of a packed house but managed to keep the drinks and...


Unofficial Stiff List

1. David Stern Vetoing trades, being generally meddlesome and presiding over the league during an ugly, protracted lockout that, apparently, didn't solve anything: Players still have a ton of...


What if there is no NBA this season? Fine by me

Latest word is that the upcoming season will likely be shortened. I think this is optimistic and that there likely won't be a season at all. Unlike the NFL, where the owners and players would be...


Pick-up basketball: The update

Greetings Stiffs: Thank you for the overwhelming response in my initial plea to get you away from your laptops and televisions and onto the hardcourt for some friendly basketball. I just wanted to...


Stiffs in Denver: Pick-up basketball

We talked about doing this before. I think a year ago. The idea was to get together in the summer and play some hoops. Nothing ever happened with that. Well. I don't want to wait until summer. I'd...


It's time to quit quittin', and start winnin'

I think it is time to retire the quitting meme since the quitter quit — bless his soul — and the Nuggets are suddenly a deep team with some length and maybe a force in the west.

Classy Amar'e recognizes Griffin


Amar'e giving respect to Griffin. Aww. See, I like both these guys, so it is nice to see. Not all NBA players are jerks like Garnett mocking someone's illness or Tony Parker, sending naughty text messages to someone else's wife.


My Unofficial Stiff List

We haven't had a stiff list since the season started a week and a half ago. As a trivia nerd and sports news junkie, here is my version of the stiffs list:


The Denver Nuggets National Media Persecution Complex

.... that a lot of you have is funny.We all know the Nuggets are an elite team capable of beating Cleveland, Orlando, Dallas, LA, etc. Good for the Nuggets. I even agree that the Nuggets are a...

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