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KL says Pistons should add shooting around Andre


Also thinks that keeping Greg Monroe is how restricted free agency is likely to play out. Having the Pistons mouthpiece saying that adding shooting around Andre and Greg (with no mention of Josh Smith) is quite a reassuring thing.

Josh Smith both taking and shirking responsibility for this season


"If you played the game, if you know X’s and O’s, it’s not all my fault," Smith said. "I’m not gonna say I’m perfect, by far, but I’m not the guy you can point the finger at. I’m a firm believer in you point one finger at one person, point three back at yourself." and "There’s a lot of young guys that don’t understand the importance of understanding your opponent, it’s still fun for them," Smith said. "What we have to understand is, it’s cool to have fun but look at the severity of the situation. Playing in the postseason is addictive. Being there six times, all you look forward to is that feeling, a feeling like no other." Chauncey's comments are interesting too


My Thoughts on the Open Practice

I started writing this as a comment but it got far too long. With the player introductions it seemed that Stuckey is currently penciled in to start at shooting guard as Brandon Jennings was...

Open Scrimmage Planning


I've got a small group of friends planning on going to this. I'm trying to figure out how early we'd have to get there for courtside seats. What do you folks think?


Financial similarities between 2002 offseason and 2013

Going over the salary numbers and comparing Joe Dumars' big offseasons. It turns out that in terms of financial flexibilty 2013 is way closer to 2002 than it is to 2009. After signing Chauncey...

Now that the Horse has been dead for years.


More evidence that Joe never should have blown up the 2004 Pistons. Good teams stay good and tanking rarely works.

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