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Government lawyer in Gatineau, Quebec. I practice international law, including intellectual property and trade, and have taught both IP and antitrust law.

Been rooting for the Steelers since '94, but a fan since 1978 (got temporarily caught up in the Al Davis Freak Show in between).

Celebrated my 40th birthday at Heinz Field in 2006 with five buddies who traveled the 12 hours with me from MTL. Unfortunately, the Broncos beat us up that day. Still the 2nd best birthday I ever had (first was finding out I was going to be a father). Came back in 2013, but unfortunately, the Pirates game was better - Never thought I'd write these words.

Married, unfortunately to a Packer fan, and a son (born in 2002, for now a Seahawks fan, but haven't given up on him).

As for my screen name, I came up with it a few years back as a Fantasy Team name (All my fantasy teams have Steelers links – e.g. Big Ben Bike Helmets), and it stuck.

Not only does it fit no. 43 really well (ask the Tennessee Titans), but it’s also a name play with the Flying Wallendas of lore.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NCAAB Iowa Hawkeyes
  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • Tennis Eugénie Bouchard
  • MLS Montreal Impact
  • General Montreal Alouettes, Montreal Expos R.I.P.
  • Wrestling Road Warriors, circa 1983
  • Cycling None, they all take PEDs
  • Fantasy Keisel Follicles, Sir Isaac's Redmen, Ironhead & Son, Ike'S StoneHands, Aaron Smith Legacy and, of course, Flying Polamalus
  • Figure Skating Say what?!
User Blog

First Annual Fly's Ointment Mock Draft 1.0

I've been lurking around these pages for 5+ years, and while I've frequently commented on mock drafts, I've never tried my hand at one myself. Why? Over the years, there have been so many...

What would be an offseason Monday without another Ben trade rumor?


In this Fansided story from yesterday, the usual Ben-Arians crush angle, but also a remake of a past KC-49ers trade, i.e. Texans give their no. 33 and a conditional 2015 for the rights to Ben. Slow news day...

Re-draft 2013 - Double-diss for LeVeon Bell


In his re-do of the 2013 draft, SI's Don Banks winds up giving Eddie Lacy in the 1st instead of Jarvis, even though we drafted Bell in the 2nd round. While he does give some credit to Bell, when the Packers' turn comes round, he gives them Giovanni Bernard!


Fly's Ointment - Surviving the Blitz Edition

In June 1940, as Great Britain was still marvelling at the miracle at Dunkerque - The maritime pullout of almost all of its troops, if not heavy materiel, from France - its leaders, chief among...


Fly's Ointment - Mea Culpa Edition

Back in January, as the Bears were kicking the tires on Marc Trestman, I posted this story on WCG: ...


Fly's Ointment - Marc Trestman edition

There ain't no use re-hashing my thoughts about the team's performance last Sunday Night, but given that I have also got the unique perspective of being able to compare Marc Trestman's 2013 Chicago...


Fly's Ointment - My visit to the 'burgh

It's taken me 48 hours to calm down since Sunday night's game...that, and also the fact that I only got home around 4 PM Monday after my Sportsmen in Travel bus sprang a slow tire leak near...

How do we counter Baltimore's no huddle on defense?


The link is just a pretext, one of many stories outlining the supposedly new and improved Ratbird offense. My initial Gallic shrug was: "Meh, it's still Flacco running it". But the obvious disadvantages to us (older defense, limiting substitution) made me think to ask: How does Lebeau counter an efficient no-huddle offense?

Our Little Brother, the Raider fan


An excellent piece. This will warm the heart of the odd Brownie or Bungle fan trolling these pages. To us Steeler fans, the Big Brother-Little Brother analogy it contains is right on point.


Should Antonio Brown continue returning punts?

Rotowire.com reports that Antonio Brown would love to continue returning punts this year, despite his no. 1B status (With Mike Wallace possibly absent, no. 1 even) and the risk of injury. His 1062...

Vikings CB retires at 24 - Concussion related?


Admittedly, he was slated to be a back-up, but Asher Allen was by no means on the bubble for secondary-hungry Vikings. He had two concussions since becoming a pro.

Ben Roethlisberger and the new Todd Haley offense


Uh-oh. He says it's 90 percent different, and is like the Rosetta Stone.


Handling the troubled but talented 2012 draft class

Over the weekend, as I saw the picks of Adams, Spence and Hainey go through the draft tracker, I was initially seized by some undefined anxiety that, at the time, I attributed to my very own...

NFL Man of the Year takes shot at Steelers fans while he's at it


"Reading is a skill from which all others follow,'' Birk said. "Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, baby sitters ... even Steeler fans ... anyone who has instilled the love of reading in a child, this is for you.'' [Insert Ratbird fan literacy joke here]

Joe Pa the Steeler?


This probably does not come as a surprise to our older bloggers, our resident historians or anyone who's read Maryrose's excellent book, but Peter King plays a bit of the "what if" game by recalling that Joe Paterno could have coached the Steelers, instead of Chuck Noll. What if, indeed?


Big Ben the Giant?

No this is not another Trade [Insert unpopular Steeler Pro Bowler name here] story. In his leadoff to his MMQB, Peter King reports that, in the lead up to the 2004 draft, Ernie Accorsi stuck to...

Colts' freefall ominous tale for Steelers?


The link to Don Banks' story on SI.com is just a pretext to launch a challenge to those glass-half empty BTSCers with a gift for writing and the imagination to boot. Turn this waking nightmare of mine, and turn it into a plausible precautionary tale for the FO: "It's 2014: the Pittsburgh Steelers are recovering from a 62-7 drubbing at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The once-proud franchise is reeling from the pre-season loss of 3-time Super Bowl winner QB Ben Roethlisberger to a devastating leg injury, for the entire season. After years of trotting ol' no. 7 out there behind a makeshift OL anchored by All-Pro Maurkice Pouncey, and little else, the team appears rudderless at 0-7. Three years of flirting with disaster on the salary cap front, with disappointing vets such as Ike Taylor and Lawrence Timmons, have left the team barren, especially since stalwarts Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and Hines Ward all retired after the 7th championship season of 2012. Remaining vets, like Heath Miller, Mike Wallace and Lamarr Woodley, appear to be sleepwalking, and coach Mike Tomlin, clueless..." Or not, and convince me I'm dead wrong, and that we ain't the damn Colts, and will never be!

Former Steeler UDFA invitee QB becomes pro football's all-time leader in passing yardage


And BTSC was there! (sort of; I was there). 2001 mini-camp invitee Anthony Calvillo (Utah State) never panned out, but became on Monday the most prolific passer in pro football history, passing Damon Allen (Marcus' brother) with 72,382+ yards. Among the four luminaries now behind him, only Brett Favre did not even deign to Skype a message. Dan Marino, Warren Moon and Allen all did, and so did Chris Berman (part of it in French, to the delight of the 23K + present in Montreal).

Et maintenant, quelque chose de complètement différent... (with apologies to Monty Python)


For those of you yearning to practice your high school French, here's a column I published on the Steelers' first game on the "French ESPN" website Monday.

Should the Steelers break the bank for Nnamdi? NO!


Provided we can re-sign Ike, there's no reason to. Kerry Byrne certainly does not think so, based on Defensive Passer Rating, where the Steelers finished no. 2 last year.

Anthony Calvillo - Ex-Steeler tryout to make CFL history Friday July 15


I understand that Montreal Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo (Utah State) had a tryout with the Steelers in 2001 or 2002. I do not know why it did not pan out, but if longtime insiders in BTSC would enlighten me, I would be very grateful. In chatting with a Steeler blogger a few years back (I forget who), I was told that Calvillo was then a better fit for a West Coast offense, rather than our Kordell Stewart/Tommy Maddox/Jerome Bettis engine; also, it was quite apparent to my correspondent that, back then, he did not have the poise before the rush, the arm strength on out patterns and the general precision required of an NFL QB. Speaking to Calvillo himself on a fan train in 2009, he remembers having had a fair try-out with Cowher and the brass, but beyond the fact that the Steelers *appeared* well set at QB already at the time, he did not speculate as to why he did not make it. Of course, three Grey Cups later, I'm ecstatic that it did not pan out. Incidentally, the current all-time TD passes leader, Damon Allen, is the brother of Marcus Allen.

Doug Legursky getting some much deserved love at PFW


Nice little featurette on no. 64, aka The Big, aka Bronco.

Passer Rating Differential : Telling stat, everywhere but Steeltown?


I found this column by Kerry Byrne interesting, as usual. What I did find fascinating is that, out of his top 25 PRD teams ever, only the 1975 Steelers made it, out of all six Lombardi championships in team history. The topic of the column being that PRD is a somewhat accurate prediction (56% since 1940) tool for championships, the author still does not address this apparent discrepancy. Another interesting tidbit: the 1975 Bengals appear at no. 9 on the list, but, having lost to no. 6 Steelers twice that year, they did what we can always expect from any Bungles team in history...

"Al Bundy" was almost a Steeler


While on "Inside the Actors' Studio", Ed O'Neill revealed how he was cut on July 21, 1969, after failing to make the team as an undrafted FA DE out of Youngstown State. Poor Ed had "some" competition. The team has just drafted L.C. Greenwood and a certain Joe Greene. If the date seems familiar, it should: Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon that day. For those younger fans, Ed is the luckiest old fart on TV these days, he's Sofia Vergara's husband "Yay" on Modern Family.

Former Steeler Dallas Baker in camp with Montreal Alouettes


2007 Steeler 7th round pick WR Dallas Baker is in camp, battling regulars for a spot in arguably the Canadian Football League's deepest WR corps. Throwing to him there is CFL living legend Anthony Calvillo, who tried out for Bill Cowher in 2001 or 2002. I hope to see Dallas in the Als' only pre-season game in Montreal June 16. Will report to BTSC if anything worth noting happens to him.

Drew Brees' take on the owners' strategy dating back to 2008


This is dated. Just saw it, but I know many of you don't get to the fanshots section of the site so I imagine a number of you didn't see this. Outstanding read. Drew Brees for President. -Michael B.- *********** I know, I know, I loathe even mentioning the lockout these days as much as the next person. But it's hard to argue with Brees' analysis that there is a pattern of premeditated lockout actions dating back to 2008 on the part of the owners. And, as a former antitrust lawyer, I can tell you that it's exactly the kind of evidence of monopolization that a sympathetic judge would be looking for.


Poll - Cook: Steelers should look into bringing back Plax

The Post-Gazette's Ron Cook advocates a return of Plaxico Burress to the Steelers, in the following story Sunday: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11149/1149995-87-0.stm?cmpid=cook.xml Personally,...

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