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Government lawyer in Gatineau, Quebec. I practice international law, including intellectual property and trade, and have taught both IP and antitrust law.

Been rooting for the Steelers since '94, but a fan since 1978 (got temporarily caught up in the Al Davis Freak Show in between).

Celebrated my 40th birthday at Heinz Field in 2006 with five buddies who traveled the 12 hours with me from MTL. Unfortunately, the Broncos beat us up that day. Still the 2nd best birthday I ever had (first was finding out I was going to be a father). Came back in 2013, but unfortunately, the Pirates game was better - Never thought I'd write these words.

Married, unfortunately to a Packer fan, and a son (born in 2002, for now a Seahawks fan, but haven't given up on him).

As for my screen name, I came up with it a few years back as a Fantasy Team name (All my fantasy teams have Steelers links – e.g. Big Ben Bike Helmets), and it stuck.

Not only does it fit no. 43 really well (ask the Tennessee Titans), but it’s also a name play with the Flying Wallendas of lore.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Iowa Hawkeyes
  • NCAAB Iowa Hawkeyes
  • MLB Toronto Blue Jays
  • Tennis Eugénie Bouchard
  • MLS Montreal Impact
  • General Montreal Alouettes, Montreal Expos R.I.P.
  • Wrestling Road Warriors, circa 1983
  • Cycling None, they all take PEDs
  • Fantasy Keisel Follicles, Sir Isaac's Redmen, Ironhead & Son, Ike'S StoneHands, Aaron Smith Legacy and, of course, Flying Polamalus
  • Figure Skating Say what?!
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Sexy Rexy's Play Act for Tone's Benefit May Backfire in More Ways Than One


Excerpt from Peter King's MMQB, itself quoting a Boston Globe piece ( "1. I think Greg Bedard made a very strong point in his Boston Globe piece Sunday about the efficacy of the commissioner helping a coach play-act to build a good relationship with a player. That's what Jets coach Rex Ryan claims Goodell helped him do with Santonio Holmes before the season last year. In his new book, Ryan wrote about getting Roger Goodell to come to the Jets' facility in New Jersey. Ryan said he told Goodell he wanted him to "rip my a-- in front of Santonio ... Then I asked if he would turn and give both barrels to Holmes ... He chewed us out, and I think it actually brought Holmes and me closer.'' As Bedard asks, what business is it of Goodell's to help a coach get closer to a player? Goodell told Bedard he was simply trying to help Holmes stay on the straight and narrow, and maybe that's his view of what happened. But it's certainly not how Ryan portrayed it. Two other points: By Ryan writing about this the way he did, he's clearly not going to make the commissioner happy, because the way he writes about the nudge-nudge/wink-wink incident is going to draw the ire of teams around the league who think Goodell favors the New York franchises anyway. And when Holmes reads about this -- if he does -- how will he feel about his coach wrangling the commissioner into the building to play-act a scene to make Holmes feel closer to his coach? 2. I think it's one thing for Ryan to have done this, but to write about it totally compromises the effect of it with his player, and it certainly won't endear Ryan to him. Imagine Goodell doing a favor for a coach like that, and then Ryan crowing about what a great idea it was in his book." Boston Globe piece can be found at: http://www.boston.com/sports/football/articles/2011/05/29/goodells_play_with_jets_looks_to_be_out_of_bounds/?page=full Wonder if Ryan will still be able to boast that every player in the NFL wants to play for the Jets, as he does in his book, same time next year? Wonder how Tone, who's a proud man, will take this?

Marcus Gilbert, man of intrigue


A short item on Sean Kugler's likely happy dilemma (if Colon is resigned) when the madness is over and camps can start.

Ike says he wants market value


Those of you not living in Pittsburgh (like me) may not have seen this KDKA report. There's a lot to think about here: Colbert's post-draft statements that he drafted 2 CBs assuming Ike would be gone (which is kind of twisted into a negative for Ike - But it's not really put to him in the piece); his special relationship with Pops Rooney (his words) but also his desire to be paid market value. Now, what market value means this year, with Asomugha, Joseph, Cromartie, etc out there may be a positive for us; if he was top dog out there in FA, we'd be screwed. But who can forecast the economics of the game right now, for the 3rd or 4th rated FA CB? One thing is for certain: I want the FO to start scouting Ivan Taylor, his 4-year old son, for the 2028 draft (Seton Hall Steelers?). Look at him go through the hoops! What footwork!

More ammo for the trade-down-and-stockpile crowd


I've been on record a few times as valuing quality over quantity in this year's draft, basically because the Steelers are relatively set and cannot afford to have to waive propects like they've been doing too many times. However, recent readings about the uncertainty over all our FAs coming back (combined with yesterday's court ruling) and this article at SI.com are well on their way to making me swing my opinion. Looks like trading down if BPA and need don't coincide might be wise, given the impossibility to sign college FAs immediatly after the draft. This article argues that there might be a flurry of trades well into the 6th and 7th rounds, as teams cannot afford to hope to lock up that UFA who wasn't drafted, fast after the draft. So organizations which do their homework (like ours) won't get the early mover advantage in 2011.


Dad of a Jag fan seeks mock draft help

Hi there, fellow fans.  I have the honour of imagining myself as Gene Smith come draft time, and submit pick no. 49 in the Behind The Steel Curtain Community Mock Draft.  I'm solliciting your input...

TSN: The Belief - Steelers will draft for need at 31


Guffaw of the day: Colbert ignores BPA to go for need, and forgets about CBs...Some guy even has us trading up for Green or Jones, in a year where players can't even be traded!

Brady vs. NFL explained


A good Q&A on the case, that will appeal to both experts and lay people.

Ziggy, a stiff?


I don't normally pay much attention to the anonymous "insider" reports, especially given the intro of this paragraph stating that the "insider" preferred the Packer defense as a whole over the Steelers, but this last one worried me. Any grounds to this remark? Is that a tendancy, or did Ziggy just have a bad game? "Ziggy Hood is so stiff that he cannot rush the passer, and he does not play the run very well outside a very short area."

Could they really be that petty?


From Peter King's MMQB: "Regarding Roethlisberger, Goodell said when he was investigating what to do with the quarterback, he talked to "I bet two dozen [Steeler] players ... Not one, not a single player, went to his defense. It wasn't personal in a sense, but all kinds of stories like, 'He won't sign my jersey.' '' After having read his letter to fans earlier in BTSC, I'm wondering what this guy's angle is in "revealing" this the week before the Super Bowl. And by "guy", I mean either Goodell or King.

Fun with the Bungles


A hilarious, light piece on the perennial misery of Bungle fans.


En direct de Buffalo - Tales from Steeler Nation on the Road - Grey Cup Edition

I made the trip from my hometown in Québec with a bunch of gonzo yahoos in a bus Saturday.  No, I was not with the younger Québec yahoos who got tossed out of the Doubletree in the wee hours, but...

Steelers most likely AFC playoff contender to fade


Don Banks puts forth a short and blunt explanation for this likelihood: the injuries to both our lines will do us in, with the lineup of games still coming at us, especially if Hines misses any time. I don't necessarily agree with him, just posting it.

Harrison now questionable against Pats


A mere case of MT trying to out-Bellichick the Hooded One using injury reports? A worrisome development? Tough to imagine Deebo missing this one. Let the Chuck Norris-like slight exagerations begin...

So...did we want to face Snake?


Great excerpt from the book Badasses, on SI.com. A quote says even the Steelers did not want to face Snake Stabler. So, I ask the resident historians at BTSC: is that statement accurate? Was he the QB the Steel Curtain most hated to face?

Is MeMo to blame for Leftwich's injury?


Don't get me wrong, I like MeMo, but this AP report seems to imply he couldn't pick up a safety blitz. I know pass blocking is not his forte, but could this incident hasten his departure, as some have predicted in BTSC? Update: finally found highlights. Not sure if MeMo is to blame, it's not like he was blown back into Leftwich. Looks like Lefty overreacted to anticipated contact, and injured himself, rather than any true collision being the cause. P.S. Yes, I know there's also the Daily SixPack with some discussion of this. Just covering my bases.

More Ben on MMQB-Tuesday Edition


I'm reasonably hopeful after reading this that Ben finally gets it. Nice to see Hines feels the same, it means it's serious. Still can't believe the bush-league way he handled King's QB panel for SI, though. I remember thinking at the time that no. 7's contributions weren't all that impressive. Now I know why.

Greg Cosell on emerging pass rushing and pass blocking trends in the NFL


A telling exchange between SI's Ross Tucker and Greg Cosell, the NFL Films analyst. Of note to BTSC: his take that the trend will be towards more spread offensive elements, precipitating a move towards quicker, smaller OLs. Also, this also ripples into pressure packages, with the trend being to rush as little people as possible yet get great pressure. The first trend seems at first glance to be worrisome to me, because of 1-B.A.'s tendancies vs. 2-the so-called renewed commitment to the run. What will happen? Will we stick to our model (as we've done in the past, through thick and thin), or flirt with more spread, in which case, our OL is not adapted to it? The second one seems to me to fit right in with the Dick Lebeau approach. Thoughts?

Hood striving to improve


Nice little featurette on Ziggy on Pro Football Weekly. A though occurred while reading it, and the draft aficionados here may enlighten me: considering who was still available last year at 32, and that he looks to be a backup again this year, did we draft him a year too soon? I know it's way too early to label him a bust (which I don't think he is), but considering Smith and Keisel are back, and conceivably have not slowed down, was Ziggy a luxury pick? Of course, I'm not counting on an injury to those two. Would we have found a better 3-4 DE candidate at 18 this year (I don't know, Dan Williams, who can play some tackle too) and, considering some (not me) think we reached for Pouncey this year, would we have been better off flip-flopping our priorities (i.e. pick a center last year at 32)? I know there was some talk about Max Unger back then (Mack and Wood were gone). Guess what I'm saying is this: is it a luxury to spend a first-rounder on a backup going on two years, assuming Ziggy does not start this year also? Does the Lebeau system take as long to learn for DEs as it does for LBs? Of course, hindsight is 20/20, yadayada but...just an idle, wondering thought on a lazy Thursday afternoon off-season.


Is it just the uniforms?

...or am I strangely drawn to the Iowa Hawkeyes as the college football organization which most mirrors the Steelers, all things being equal?  Of course, Iowa does not have the six National...

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