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Madden 25 The 2014-2015 Simulation of the NY Jets Season Week 1 Vs. Raiders

OH MAN I HAVEN'T DONE ONE OF THESE IN A LONG TIME jesus is it annoying to the scorebox operation sports has set out. its also annoying inputting everything. but it is enjoyable watching the...


World Cup Thread #4 A trip to the championship, the semifinals have been set

My Sincerest apologies for those expecting this thread YESTERDAY. Let's just say i got caught up in the moment of Germany Vs France and forgot to post it. Since two games are done, i should give...


World Cup Thread #2 Welcome to the Quarterfinals

via The Quarterfinals are among us Gang Green Gangster's. We Have the 16 teams to watch for the next four days which includes the very well prepared Americans. The...


World Cup Thread #1: So it Begins

via So it Begins the journey taken by many teams. A new journey to see which country will dominate the world this year. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE GREAT WORLD CUP. As we all...


GGN Thread About Nothing #99

OH BOY! I am very honored to present to you the 99th Thread About Nothing. I've been on Hiatus lately usually because College Applications and Test are finally catching up to a High School Student...


Lets Look Ahead to Next Years Schedule And My Acquisitions for the New York Jets (Version 1.0)

Hello fellow Jets Fans, Now that the Playoffs are done I'm here to show you guys what the jets should do this off-season, free agent wise then look at our schedule (Subject may change) for...


GGN League About Nothing Regular Season Recap

Wooooooooooooohooooooooooooo! In Sorry about that Random Outburst for couldn't hold My Excitement for what was done this Year on GGN LAN as we end the Regular Season and Head into the...


Ask A Jets Fan

What's up amazing people of Cat Scratch Reader I'm FlyingJet12 from Gang Green Nation here today with Ask a Jets Fan.


Announcing GGN Madden 25 online franchise

To take all my frustration out on what happened I'm announcing a GGN Madden 25 franchise league on Xbox 360 here you will all be owners of an NFL team of your choice and run the team with an iron...


GGN Thread About Nothing #76: For Those About to Rock

The 76th TAN And Boy is this a dozy. After Good Weekend of Comic Con, A Great Release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (Which I Don't Own) and After the defecating game of Football Played on Sunday...


FlyingJet12 League About Nothing Fantasy Week 2 Notable Games Wrap Up Coverage

Que the New York Jets Post Game Music People Its Fantasy Football Recap. So this Week on My Recap for the League About Nothing Harley's Hero Aka JoCat33 won its first ever Fantasy Football Game....


New York Jets Vs New York Giants Game Thread First Half

via Since Scottt and John are out at the game i have made game thread for all the people at home watching. This is the 3rd preason games guys we have to take this seriously....


Gang Green Nation Unoffical Fantasy Football League

Unoffical Because well its unoffical Name:Gang Green Nation Unoffical Fantasy Football League Rules of the League..It Seems Pretty fairLeague Type: Head to Head Divisions: NonePlayoffs:Start...


Fantasy Football League? Do You Want To Play!

Life is Strange Hey Guys FlyingJet12 here... I am avid fantasy football player and with the introduction of a fantasy football writer to gang green nation i wanted to know if anyone wants to play...


Madden Franchise TNF Week 2 New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Now To Not Clog up the fan post i will put Weeks 3-8 here. On A Side Note I Hope You All Have a Happy Memorial Day and like David Vill Said "No Drinking and Driving". Ok Lets Get Down To Buisness...


Weeks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 On this Post (weeks 3-8 to be updated later)

Ok lets Start off with the Pats It was great game to watch but brady works his magic and wins the game with 31 seconds remaining sorry there is no stats for this games i had sort of trouble with...


Week 1 Madden Franchise TB Buccaneers @ NY Jets

Are You Ready For Some Football. Darrelle Revis Returns to New York now as a important member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Meanwhile 5 rookie Jets are making there Debuts Geno Smith, Chris Ivory, S...


Madden Franchise

Now I Know all of you might not care but i will do simulations of The Jets Season In Madden Right Now I am doing Buccaneers Vs Jets Week 1 I'll keep you update give you stats and of course give...


Where Will Mark Sanchez Go Next? You Decide

via With Drafting of Geno Smith Mark Sanchez days are Number. By the start of June 1st The Jets are able to take a lower cap hit then they would take a moment to reminse...


Kevin Kolb a Free Agent What Now ?

As you all know by reports Kevin Kolb has been released by the Arizona Cardinals, Now i know the Jets are interested and I know some of us don't like him and some of us do but lets take a look at...


Another Year Another Super Bowl Without The Jets

via Up there is Jet Fans faces right now. As The Days countdown to the off season the days/years/generations are still counting down to the Jets Not in the Super Bowl,...


QB Jordan Rodgers

Height:6'1 Weight: 212 Position: QBWe've all Seen how little brothers in the NFL can barely succeed or live up to the expectations of there Older Brother'sone of those Younger Brothers i am...

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