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Twas the Night Before Football

Twas the night before kickoff, and all through the Swamp... All the Cowboys were stirring for fear of being Stomped. Away were the fans all snug in their beds, While Big Blue visions danced in...


Predictions, wishes, and aversions

Just thought it'd be fun for us here at BBV to put our final draft thoughts out there.


Shea McClellin

This kid has my undivided attention


Draft advice needed

Good day Cheeseheads, I'm currently involved in a mock as the Packers GM, and after some research I was thinking the most likely way you guys go in the draft is a pass rushing end of some nature. ...


A Snowballs Chance...

In Hell


So who's your guy?

  At this point in the offseason we've been pretty well informed on our team needs.  We have read and watched pieces on just about all of our potential first round choices.  Some have expressed...


One fan's offseason wishlist

1.  First and foremost a prompt and positive end to the CBA talks.  C'mon fellas... everybody is making too much money to not get together and find the common ground to make this happen. 2.  Free...


Moss to Tenn... Merriman to Buf

21 teams passed on Moss... wow this speaks volumes about the value of character and work ethic in the NFL. and at least Moss isn't going to Washington, I had a bad feeling we were going to have to...


What's the best move of the offseason?

For me it has to be Perry Fewell.  Even though the team that will take to the field on Sunday is much the same as it was a year ago, a lot has changed. New faces in new places, draft picks, free...


fantasy football league draft 8pm mon

  Hey guys I just started a league over on Yahoo, figured since I talk football with you guys everyday some of you might be interested in joining.    Total points league, No more wasted...


predictions sure to go wrong

With the first 2 days done and most of us left with our heads spinning about the prospects of what we have taken, I thought a Saturday morning guessing game... Who will be a part of the GMEN next...


Faith in our current LB's

Apparently we've all misjudged what we already have in house when it comes to a MLB.  Most of us, myself included, thought that the Giants would surely have addressed the apparent need to replace...


Get Us McClain

One thing I've noticed about all of these mocks... The Giants always seem to "settle" for drafting whoever.  This is the one comment I will be completely outraged to hear on Thursday. JPP......


Taking my shot

Well, we're finally in the homestretch of this Pre-Draft banter, and I felt it was time to take a definitive stand on who we all think the Giants are taking. Not so much who should we take as who...


Round 2 Jonathon Dwyer?

  Just did some perusing of the intergoogle to see if there were any RB's we haven't talked a whole lot about that might fill our needs if we pass on Spiller in the first.  Came across this guy...

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