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Ex-Rockies player wins first Canadian cellphone throwing contest


"TORONTO - A former [Colorado Rockies organization] baseball pitcher [and infielder] with a good arm has won $5,000 and bragging rights at Canada's first mobile phone throwing championship. Jeremiah Sammy, 25, of Brampton, Ont., was crowned the winner Saturday after he chucked an old cellphone 78.88 metres across the football field at the University of Toronto's Varsity Centre."

Rockies Announce 2010 Schedule


Interleague opponents include the Red Sox, Angels, Blue Jays, Twins and Royals.

Restoring the Roster: Rockies Ranked 7th in Talent


Here's a fun little exercise. How would MLB look if players were on the roster of the team which originally signed them? Marquis goes back to the Braves, Holliday returns to the Rockies, etc. Sounds like the ranking is informal, and the series isn't quite finished (Friday they got to #5, the Yankees). The Rockies come in at 7th with a bare bullpen but impressive depth in the lineup. (Some of you will be happy that Clint Barmes didn't even make the team. Most of you will be infuriated the guy picked Spilborghs and Pierre over Smith in the OF.) It's a fun but casual way of looking at how teams have performed with amateur signings and development of that talent (for the most part, since some of these players left the organization early). Obviously, it leaves out a lot of what the player development arm of an organization does (trades, rule 5 drafts, and minor league free agent signings aren't counted).

Please Help Grade Rockies Fielders


Tom Tango (one of the co-authors of The Book and its related blog) needs help with his "Fans' Scouting Report" survey. He asks fans to rate fielders' abilities and his survey hasn't received many evaluations of Rockies players. Please read his instructions on the linked page--he wants you to rely on your eyes, not on UZR, zone rating, etc. Please rate players with whom you're familiar (especially Rockies!) in the stated categories--reaction/instincts, first steps, hands, etc. Feel free to skip players or leave the category at "Not sure" if you're...not sure. (I didn't feel I saw enough of Paul Phillips to have much of an opinion on him.) This is your chance to report what you've seen, to record your judgment. How strong is Tulo's arm? How sure are Todd's hands? Tom is a great guy and does awesome work. Including a wide number of fans' opinions really helps make the survey meaningful--it is built completely off of fans' input.

Dewan Updates 1B Scoops Study to Note Opportunities


An earlier fanshot noted a story that claimed Todd Helton was the "best scooper" based on a John Dewan "Stat of the Week" which determined that Helton had the most scoops/game during the 2008-2009 seasons. The obvious response was that it's hard to make much sense of scoops/game without knowing something about the number of opportunities. (Think about judging hitters if you only knew how many hits/game they had, and not how many at-bats.) Dewan has updated his study to include opportunities. It now notes both successful scoops that lead to runs as well as scoops of wild throws that keep the runner from advancing past 1st. He lists the leaders not in terms of percentage, but in terms of successful scoops above average during the 2008-2009 seasons. Helton has the 2nd highest total: 7 scoops above average over the two seasons. Giambi is 10th, with 3 scoops above avg. So that's more confirmation of the belief that Helton is an excellent receiver at first base, and also gives one an idea of the value of the skill. We don't know how many of those 7 plays resulted in outs that an average first baseman would not have converted, and how many "merely" saved bases advanced on the bad throw. However, if all 7 plays were outs, that would mean Helton's scooping ability saved about 5-6 runs over the two seasons.

Excerpt of Posnanski's Forthcoming Book: The Machine


This week SI is running an excerpt of Joe Posnanski's forthcoming book The Machine: A Hot Team, a Legendary Season, and a Heart-stopping World Series -- The Story of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. My apologies for posting a fanshot before commenting in an actual thread. If this link has already been posted, let me know and I'll delete this fanshot. I'm also wondering if anyone has read Daryl Smith's book Making the Big Red Machine: Bob Howsam and the Cincinnati Reds of the 1970s. That one sounds interesting, too.

Sickels's Texas League Videos: Deduno and Johnston


John Sickels has some video up. He has video of Tulsa starter Samuel Deduno and closer Andrew Johnston. He also catches Daniel Mayora striking out In case you missed wolf213's fanshot, Sickels also posted his Tulsa Drillers scouting report.

Chacin optioned to the Springs; Eaton Up


Holy cow. Jack Etkins reports that the Rockies sent down Chacin and purchased the contract of Adam Eaton.

D'oh! Murton "Among Trade Chips Who Never Lived Up to the Hype"


Ouch. I don't think Murton really belongs on this list. I don't think he was as heralded as some of the other guys at the time of the trade, and he was closer to being a throw-in than a major piece of that deal.

Rockies (and Barmes) Receive Props in SI Baserunning Article


The Albert Chen Sports Illustrated article focuses on Carl Crawford, but it also uses BPro's EqBRR to shed light on the value of non-basestealing baserunning. The online article mentions Barmes's prowess in this dept and even quotes him. However, it omits the photo and caption that appeared in the print magazine: "Clint Barmes: Lethal Plodder. The Rockies' middle infielder has average speed but ranks among the NL's top 15 base runners thanks to his ability to take the extra base."

Jhoulys Chacin: Future’s Game Pitch f/x


Hardball Times has a pitch f/x article based on Chacin's future's game appearance. (My apologies if this was already posted somewhere.)

Here's How to Honor the Team's History: Royals Hall of Fame


The Royals opened a team Hall of Fame. I'd love to see the Rockies do something like this, even if it's not on the same scale. The link above is to a slideshow of the opening. Here's a description from

Rockies Set Rotation for 2nd Half


Jack Etkins reports on Due to a possible AS game appearance, Marquis moves back to the 4th San Diego game. As set, Marquis, Hammel and DLR will start in the SF series.

Marquis de Blah: Fangraphs Pooh Pooh's Choice of Marquis over Jimenez


What do you think? Erik Manning of Fangraphs prefers Jimenez largely on the strength of FIP, and also somewhat for the excitement factor (young talent, 95MPH fastballs). In contrast, he sees Marquis the way many internet types do--a mediocre vet benefitting from good run support.

Jason Grilli's Hammer


A little fun from an Rockies player: Jason Grilli found a magic hammer for the Texas bullpen. It even has its own Facebook page.

Get Your Relievers While They're Hot! Nats Send Hanrahan to Bucs


WaPo is reporting that the Bucs are sending OF Nyjer Morgan and reliever Sean Burnett to the Nats in return for reliever Joel Hanrahan and OF Lastings Milledge. Too bad - I liked Hanrahan as a target for the Rockies (could still happen, I suppose). Hanrahan is having a rough year, but he's striking out over 9 per 9 and was decent last year. He also has one pre-arb year remaining after this season. Chris Perez has moved for a 3B+ type, Hanrahan has moved in a deal including an OF and reliever, and the Yankees traded for a 3B/1B/OF. What's cooking, Dealin' Dan?

Pirates Send Hinske, Cash to Yankees


Yup, the Pirates are sending the Yankees cash. I didn't realize the Yankees were looking for a 1B/3B type. Pittsburgh will receive minor leaguers Casey Erickson (RHP) and Erick Fryer (OF).

Cardinals Trade for Mark DeRosa


Indians receive young reliever Chris Perez and a PTBNL. So, scratch one potential Atkins suitor off the list.

Tango looks at CarGon's catch in terms of win/run expectancy


Interesting angle on Carlos Gonzalez's catch of Pujols's long fly. Despite the two runs scoring, CG's catch likely saved .87 to .89 runs. The play went down in the Fangraphs WPA book as + 0.35 for Pujols due to the out and two runs scoring, but the WPA book doesn't account for the fact that it would have been much worse had CG not made the catch.

Torrealba heads home; Bellorin Up


Tracy Ringolsby reported that Yorvit Torrealba is heading home "to Venezuela to deal with personal matters." Edwin Bellorin will take his place on the active roster. No note as to whom will be removed from the 40-man for this move. Torrealba was placed on the restricted list, so no move is necessary regarding the 40-man roster (Thanks to WolfMarauder for the tip)

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