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We may not have grown up in a city where sports is a rite of passage. Where conquering the blacktop made you king or a fly ball over the sandlot fence was the stuff of legends but here just like anywhere it was always For the Love of the Game. The blacktop is just as hot here, it is lined with blood sweat and tears. Scars show the evidence of skinned knees and broken limbs in an effort to push it farther than thought possible. Tan lines show the hours spent at games and traditional week game nights are scheduled hours after schedules are released. Every game, Every Fly Ball, Every Dunk, Every Touchdown...Every Season we remain dedicated.

Question anything but our heart cause after all we live and die with every W or L.

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User Blog

Glass Houses.

Dear brothers and sisters, let me tell you about the greatest day of my life. During the summer of 2009 I finally found my answer. For months I had been frequenting different Jazz sites looking for...


FTL's 2013 NBA Mock Draft- Early June edition.

Just a quick Mock Draft for the fun of it here in early June. I'm going to try to do another one later on closer to the draft when workouts and thing start to settle what range players will go in. ...

2013 NBA Draft: Point Guard Preview

Lots of work went into this!


To the Dunk writers and the fans.

In response to recent accusations towards certain writers of SLCdunk I thought it would be nice to take a moment and express something that needs to be stated: these writers do this with their own...


The 2013 Crossroads

Mood Music- Bone Thugs n Harmony: Crossroads 2013 could be the biggest crossroads for Jazz fans in recent memory. All signs point to the 2013 off-season and 2013-14 season itself as being a huge...


Self Evaluation.

So there I was, lined up at half court with all my classmates facing me. I was one of 6 captains picked out by my P.E. teacher that stood parallel to the rest of the class. Each of us was given the...


Fan Commandments!

What does it mean to be a fan and how do we become one? Is it a casual interest that we only allow to fill our free time or is it an obsession that sticks with us every moment of the day? Is it...


My Reality on the state of the Jazz

This is a pretty good back and forth debate on twitter right now. I just figured it'd be a lot easier for me to express my views on the state of the franchise rather then keep tweeting about it. So...

Aaron Curry to Oakland

I didn't really have a preference towards trading for him or not but he's gone now. Went for a draft pick this year and next year.

Dan Graziano debates KC Joyner's article

Graziano from ESPN's NFCEast blog refutes some of KC Joyner's points about the Giants being the favorites to win the NFCEast. Pretty good argument.

Hahaha Giants sign Stacy Andrews!!!

Dunno if anyone has already mentioned this but the Giants have signed Stacy Andrews. I cracked a joke about them signing him earlier last week saying it'll motivate Shawn.... Looks like the Giants really wanted to try that. I hope it fails as miserably there as it did for the Eagles! Update: I'm an idiot. Shawn was cut back on July 28th. Oh well. Giants still picking up our scraps.

Adam Schefter with hope!

Normally, I don't get too excited about end of the lockout stuff, since it seems to be nothing but a huge frustrating tease. If Adam Schefter is welcoming football back....well I trust him. HOORAY!


FTL's Draft Preview!! Hooray!

Clark did one of these a month or so ago on players he liked coming out of the draft. I was going to do one around that time but got caught in trying to finish school stuff so I could graduate....


To SLCdunk,

Dear SLCdunk, As the season came to a thrilling conclusion on Weds night against the rival Denver Nuggets, I found myself reflecting on the season. Perhaps it was the clutch steal by Devin Harris...

Maggette trade?

This would give us a starting lineup of Williams, Miles, Maggette, Millsap, and Jefferson. Not bad in terms of starting scoring 5. Jazz pick up a wing scorer in Maggette and 2 players which are only 1 year contracts. Saves them money this season as well. Hornets pick up AK who's been better than Ariza. Also gives them a huge expiring contract for next season and gives them a solid vet in Bell to fill out the SG. Bucks save money and pick up Ariza which helps their defensive mentality. Jazz would probably have to throw in a draft pick to sweeten the pot. Thoughts?


F.T.L's take on Jerry vs. D-will.

I blew up earlier but since watching the press release and listening to D-will I've calmed down.

Onion Sports Dome talks about Deron Williams

Onion SportsDome

Onion Sports Dome talks about Deron Williams

Sloan Ranked 4th best active coach in NBA

Someone is smokin something and it's not very good. Stan van Gundy is ahead of Sloan?! In what universe? I can let slide the Greg "Tim Duncan has carreid me on his back" Popovich and Phil "I only go where the talent goes" Jackson because they are obviously only looking at rings. Seriously though, its disgusting how little respect Sloan gets. I'm tired of him being "the little engine that could" crap. Sloan has coached arguably 2 of the best players at their positions in the history of the game, done more with less in the last decade than the others and does so in a much smaller market. Re bleepin diculous

Ariza to Hornets, 4 team/ 5 player trade

It's wishful thinking but I would have loved it if the Jazz could have swung a deal somehow for Courtney Lee. Maybe a Trade exemption, Jeffers or Gaines. I dunno. I think that would have given us ALOT of depth. Bell and Lee would have been a great 1-2 punch at SG. I guess it's good we didn't though cause Hayward can get more experience.

KOC ranked the second best Gm in the NBA

Kinda interesting. I've always tried to support him. Nice to know others view him in such high regard even if most of our fan base doesn't.


FTL's-Twitter Tantrums!!! Twitter list

This probably should be a Fanshot, however, they never get as much attention as the posts do. Earlier I saw a few people asking for eachother's twitter accounts. I thought it might be nice to have...

Raja Bell Press Conference

The Nasty is back. Can I just say I love his tie....Sick.

Tony Allen to the Grizzlies. Another decent SG off the market. Probably also means thats Ronnie...

Tony Allen to the Grizzlies. Another decent SG off the market. Probably also means thats Ronnie Brewer will not be resigned. I don't get why Allen is only a 3 year/ 10 million guy but Wes is worthy of a 5 year/ 34 million. Freakin Blazers!

"The Memphis Grizzlies have reached agreement with free-agent guard Tony Allen on a three-year, $10 million contract, a league source told Yahoo! Sports. Allen averaged 6.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 54 games last season for the Boston Celtics and was an effective defender against Kobe Bryant during the NBA Finals."

Locke says Heat might do S&T with Utah or Dallas

Locke says Heat might do S&T with Utah or Dallas

"Lockedonsports RT @wallacesports: Heat having backburner S-&-T talks with Utah & Dallas - offering J. O'Neal and/or M. Beasley - targeting Boozer, Haywood 7 minutes ago via TweetDeck " Locked is reporting that the Heat have Utah and Dalls on the backburner for sign and trade deals involved Boozer and Haywood. J. O'neal or M. Beasely would be the trade bait. Would you take Beasely in a S&T for Boozer to back up Milsap?

Free Agency Guessing Game!

I thought it might be fun to make a post and have people predict where all the big name free agents were going to land this offseason. With Free Agency open to negotiations starting at 12 p.m. ET...

Yi Jianlin sent from Nets to Wizards for garbage

Why aren't the Jazz in on these deals? Yi is a 7 footer who has some upside. He hada 3 million dollar contract and the Nets not only sent Yi to the Wizards but also gave them 3 million dollars which essentially pays for his contract this next year.... I dunno how well Yi would have fit in our system but I wouldn't have minded him at all. I'm sure others will feel differently.

Jazz send qualifying offers to Matthews and Fes

This just means that the Jazz can match any offers by other teams to our two most important retainees. Good sign.

Ex BYU player, Travis Hansen's take on Ante Tomic

After playing with Tomic in Spain, Hansen talks about his teammate and whether or not he believes he can make it in the NBA. This just makes me more excited about the possibility of him coming. Man I would love a 7'2 Center who can ball....


FTL's-Where do we go from here?

The draft came and went, leaving many of us scratching our heads and wondering where the back up PF and big defensive man were in the game plan. We've seen the breakdowns of Gordon Hayward and...

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