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We may not have grown up in a city where sports is a rite of passage. Where conquering the blacktop made you king or a fly ball over the sandlot fence was the stuff of legends but here just like anywhere it was always For the Love of the Game. The blacktop is just as hot here, it is lined with blood sweat and tears. Scars show the evidence of skinned knees and broken limbs in an effort to push it farther than thought possible. Tan lines show the hours spent at games and traditional week game nights are scheduled hours after schedules are released. Every game, Every Fly Ball, Every Dunk, Every Touchdown...Every Season we remain dedicated.

Question anything but our heart cause after all we live and die with every W or L.

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Nba's review of the Jazz draft


Interesting break down. Say that the Jazz at 9 was hoping for Monroe or Hayward and was able to land one of them. Hayward could fill in for Korver or Matthews if they leave via Free agency. What was most interesting to me was the fact taht they think Boozer would be willing to do a S&T for Utah in able to help them get pieces back and have a smoother transition. Fingers crossed?

Chad Ford and Bill Simmons Lottery draft.


Interesting discussion. They both say that the top 5-6 guys are the class of the draft and the rest aren't that great. Chad Ford ends up picking Paul George for Utah over Xavier Henry. He believes that Paul has more upside than Henry does and if George was paired with Sloan, he could have the best brought out of him. *Nice compliment to Sloan* Another interesting discussion was Bill Simmons saying that if Monroe ended up falling to Utah, or if we traded up for him. The rest of the Western Conference would have something to worry about.

Locke has us taking Monroe at 9


Locke's break down is interesting. Just goes to show how topsy turvy the draft can play out. Maybe Monroe will slip. If he does, is he the clear pick over Henry?

Lakers going after Raja Bell....


WHAT!? Do they take everything from us?! There goes the hopes that we could grab Bell again....

Maggette to the Bucks?


How does this effect the draft? The warriors get more height.

Elijah Millsap at 55?


The Jazz have Paul's little brother Elijah as a probable pick in the second round (number 55). I was hoping he'd slip out of the second round and we could grab him as an UDFA. Kinda wanted to see if we could move up a few spots and grab Dexter Pittman in the second round.

Break down of best scenerio's for each team.


This article says the Jazz need to trade out of the 9 spot down to 20. Pick up Mcdyess, resign Boozer, trade AK, and sign Ray allen.... Wow we will be busy eh? lol

Consensus Mock Draft. 4 Days before Christmas/Draft


Looks like the majority has us picking Ed Davis at 9. Kinda weird to see Xavier Henry dropping so far in many of the mocks. Other Jazz picks: Aldrich, Udoh, Babbit, Hayward, Aminu, and Paul George.

Locke's Analysis of Cole Aldrich


After reading Locke's analysis of Aldrich, I am wary as ever of Aldrich. He's not outstanding on either end of the court. What you can be sure of is that he will give 110%. Something else i've read that's not in Locke's analysis is the height issue. Without shoes Aldrich has only size in at 6'9 but with shoes on he somehow grows to 6'11 almost 7 foot. That worries me a little. I guess form your own opinions.

Locke's Analysis of Greg Monroe


What is one of major things we loved about Boozer? His ability to pass. Locke highlights that mentality with Monroe. He is a very very good passer for a big man. He has a decent Offensive and Defensive game. Seems to be better well rounded than Aldrich. What could make him iffy is his reach and wingspan are smallr than other guys his size. I could over look ll that. i think Monroe has huge potential. If we can get him at 9 I will consider it a huge steal.

Locke's Scouting Analysis of Epke Udoh


Locke seems to be in love with Udoh's offensive prowess. Says he could be a legit NBA scorer and wouldn't be surprised if Udoh scored 15+ a game as a rookie. Everyone seems to think Udoh would be a project but Locke seems to think he could impact right away. Needs to work on his defense and have a fire lit under him. With some Sloan tutoring going on....Udoh could become very well rounded I think. Still absolutely love this kid

David Locke Draft Preview for Whiteside


Another interesting article. Locke breaks down his scouting report of Whiteside. After reading it.... I like Whiteside even less than I previously did. I feel he has bust written all over him. If we don't have a shot at Favors, Cousins, Aldrich, Monroe, or Udoh.... I think we should take the best available player at any position. I really don't want Whiteside now. His attitude plus is lack of presence in the post on Defense and Offense worries me alot. I'd rather give the playing time to Fes and Koof.

Yahoo's Mock draft, Jazz picking Whiteside at 9


Not sure how many of you guys saw this but I thought it was interesting. The have the Jazz picking 9th and grabbing Whiteside for his interior defense. For some reason Cole Aldrich drops all the way down to 13th. Donatas Motiejunas and Whiteside being picked before Aldrich? Kind of interesting.

Jazz interested in Butler star with the 9th draft pick!?!?!


Don't get me wrong i think hes a great player. At 6'8 though he's a tweener between SF/PF ...... Hes not what the Jazz need. I'll be very very very very very very disappointed if the Jazz use the 9th pick on him. Anyone else agree?


FTL's Fantasy Offseason= Must Read!

  Okay, that was heartbreaking. Well, maybe it wasn’t heartbreaking, but it sure was a disappointment. Last night many of us had just finished completing week long prayers and sacrificial rituals...



              I want to become a regular contributor to the blog (more than just an arrogant and ignorant commenter) and in an effort to achieve that, I thought I’d start posting my thoughts on...

Just some pump up material for the Game tonight! A killer D-Will highlight reel. NINJA SWAGGER!...


Just some pump up material for the Game tonight! A killer D-Will highlight reel. NINJA SWAGGER! GO JAZZ!



I’ll admit it…..I’ve been brooding. I’ve been angry, hurt, frustrated, and torn up inside since the loss to the Suns on Weds night. I’m sure most of us have been a little cut up. Then I realized...

Ronnie Brewer out!


Looks like Ronnie Brewer is out for the rest of the season. The Grizzlies are shutting him down. Brewer partially tore his hamstring in his first game for Memphis. I feel bad for Brewer. He was always a favorite of mine and I was sad to see him go despite agreeing with the reasoning for it. Hopefully he can get healthy and help Memphis compete next year. Goodluck Ronnie! We miss your Milk Mustache!

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