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"Caged Heat", Chapter 2: Shadow Boxing with Shadows

Prologue Chapter 1 Millman finished wrapping his hands and started working through his standard warm-up. Between mean mugging the cracked mirror Iron Puma had duct taped over the hole in the...


"Caged Heat" Chapter 1: Blood on the Mat

- Chapter 1: Blood on the Mat - "Hey Steve, clean that blood up off the mat. It's grossing me out and a bunch of the parents were pissed last time the kid's class found that tooth in the heavy...


FPT Presents: The First Part of My MMA Thriller, "Caged Heat"

- Prologue - He drew a long, measured drag on his cigarette and watched the smoke snake across the concrete floor of the empty gym. It had been decades since he'd last crossed the threshold of...


The GSP Complaint Checklist

Evening everyone. I'm giving myself 10 minutes to knock out this quick fanpost in light of another GSP fight and the annoyingly-predictable complaints that follow a GSP fight. There are a few...


FPT Presents: Hey Everybody, 2012 Has Kind of Sucked. I'm Going Back to 2007 For a While. Care to Come With?

Wow, that's a weird title. So this year has been a little rough on MMA fans, right? I've had the chance to watch some pretty great fights but there's been a whole lot more bullshit that at...


2 Things are Killing My Fandom of MMA: Injuries and BE's New Format

I'll make this one quick. My participation on BE has dropped to zero over the last few months. Coincidentally, my excitement for MMA has also taken a huge hit. I'm missing events left and right...


Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm going to keep this one short and direct. I've been growing increasingly frustrated over the last 6 months or so with the increase in fighter insults I've seen on BE in fan posts and comments. ...


Bloody Elbow Needs to Implement BE-Approved Troll Program

Comrades, it's me again. My last few fanposts have dealt less with the wheelings (and, naturally, the dealings) of the MMA landscape and more with BE itself. The last year has seen a lot of...


A Modest Request to Regular Posters and Our New Moderator Overlords

First off, congrats to our new moderators. Not that my opinion matters in any way but I fully support all your selections and I look forward to some truly superlative moderating in the near...


Unleash the Banhammer ASAP.

There's been a disturbing trend developing on BE over the last 6 months or so and it needs to be addressed. There are way too many people polluting the only MMA site I can tolerate with stupid,...


FPT Presents: Banned Substances for Dummies (From a Dummie)..... in Only 10 Minutes!

Hey everybody. Mo Lawal's positive test and various explanations have caused quite a stir around here, which is pretty normal for these types of stories. I'm personally neutral on the question of...


Oh Yeah, I Forgot About That: Jason Miller's Takedowns

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable MMA fan. I think I have a pretty decent grasp of a lot of the techniques used, the fighters and their histories, and a general sense of how match-ups may...


FPT Presents: Mark Coleman, Greatest Mixed Martial Artist Ever

  Good day, folks.  I’m back with a retrospective on one of the pioneers of our beloved sport, a man that I believe has been unfairly marginalized and under-appreciated by the hustle-and-bustle of...


FPT Presents: Hey MMA Fans, Stop Being Stupid.

Greetings, Everybody! With all the hustle and bustle going on in the MMA world this week, I though it appropriate to complain about my fellow fans.  Because honestly, if you guys aren't careful...


FPT Presents: I Love Jon Fitch, You Should Too

Greetings all,   For my first fanpost, and in light of this weekend's enormous news, I thought it appropriate that I focus on one particular MMA athlete that no one cares about on a normal day and...

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