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Not that you would want to do it

But, you too could be a member of the University of Michigan Alumni Association. Hopefully this is not a trend that expands. I'm one of those weirdos that believe words mean things. I checked...


They Are

IU. While you guys and gals are busy posting gif threads about the NCAA taking baby steps in coming to their senses, you are ignoring the bigger story about how Indiana is hyping themselves up,...


Another reason to feel bad for Purdue

I figured you guys would see this on your own and post it, but haven't seen anything If you can see it, that is. It seems as though the folks that made it and posted it to YouTube didn't realize...


Rittenberg piece on Urschel

Can be found here on TWWL. So, even though no one reads them, I was going to create a fanshot for this, but despite the fact all the fields I could see were filled, it wouldn't let me post it as a...

Dave Joyner on Bill King's show on channel 91 on Sirius/XM


I won't be able to hear it, but if anyone has Sirius/XM (or wants to go through the effort of signing up on King's website) he is supposed to be on sometime this hour. Gerry DiNardo was supposed to be the first guest, so I am assuming he will be on sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 am Eastern.


Ranking the B1G stadiums

From Athlon Sports. Actually saw the link over on MGOBLOG this morning and they were unhappy at being #5. I'm not sure what the exact criteria are, it looks like a mix of tradition, fan turnout,...

New Indiana Helmets


Actually one of several new helmets. Article is here. There is a player reaction video to them there as well.

Interesting article on B1G night games


Suggest more are coming, especially November, and confirms how games are selected.


Altruistic Punishment

Happened to be on Slate today and saw this article about Amanda Knox and altruistic punishment which made me, unfortunately, think of your situation. many of you I know are somewhat resigned to...


What should the people at the Vigil be called?

Someone mentioned on the Remembering Joseph Vincent Paterno thread that NPR referred to them as Joe Paterno loyalists. I went to see if it was on Morning Edition, but it must have just been a news...

Not sure if you guys saw this or not. Got the image of the twitter "conversation" off the Ozone. ...


Not sure if you guys saw this or not. Got the image of the twitter "conversation" off the Ozone. This is in response to Michigan flipping an Illinois recruit,

B1G's Best Game in 2012


Warning it does go to ESPN for those of you who have issues with them. Didn't see it posted elsewhere, but the Penn State option is leading. Games to choose from and results as of 10:20 on 12/127 Michigan 38, Northwestern 31 (OT) 23% Nebraska 29, Northwestern 28 10% Ohio State 29, Purdue 22 (OT) 19% Nebraska 28, Michigan State 24 19% Penn State 24, Wisconsin 21 (OT) 29%

PSU TV Ratings


Actually most of college football. Does not include BTN or other conference network games.


Big 33 Football Classic Question

Not sure if anyone here knows, but curious about the change this coming season. The Big 33 game has, for a while, been a matchup between Pennsylvania High School All Stars and Ohio High School All...

Brian Cook mostly taking pity on you


The relevant bit: Penn State… never mind. It's bad enough that everything else happened. Piling Ted Roof, defensive coordinator on top of that is evil even for Crazy Old Testament God. I declare a season-long moratorium on Penn State schadenfreude unless I find something just amazing. He does give himself an out but you'll likely have to really step up your game.

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