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What Off-Season Grade Would You Give the Magic?

It is likely that we have seen the bulk of additions, subtractions, and various other transactions that the Orlando Magic will be making this summer. I'd like to invite everyone to vote on the...


Win/Loss Estimate for 2014-2015 Season

Disclaimer: It's obviously too early to have a thoroughly-formed opinion, as more players could still be overpaid at some point during this off-season, but I saw some people guessing 15 wins in the...


Happy Draft Day - A Call to Optimism

I just want to say that it has been an excellent experience, coming here everyday to hash out the infinite possibilities for the 2014 NBA Draft (which is TONIGHT!!!!!!!). Thanks to Evan and Tyler...


Saric Signed a 3yr Deal in Europe Today

How do you think this affects his draft stock? He was one of the top prospects I had for the Magic at the 12th spot, assuming he even fell that far. Now, I would not personally want to spend a 12th...


Vonleh at 4 - Convince me

I watched an enormous amount of NCAA games this year. I've watched Vonleh's DX scouting video. I've seen his freakish measurements. I understand he has a solid shooting stroke. The thing I'm...


How does Embiid's latest injury affect Magic's 1st pick?

Per ESPN, it is being reported that Joel Embiid has suffered a foot injury. This, compounded with his previous back injury, could have a profound impact on his draft stock. I wanted to float this...


WONK in Decline

As of last night, the New York Knicks have finally surpassed the bottom-dropped-out Atlanta Hawks in the EC playoff race. The implication for Magic fans is a slightly worse WONK pick, if the Knicks...


If we draft Embiid, what do we do with Vucevic?

Joel Embiid has been an absolute monster and is being projected as the top overall pick by many people. Of course, the Center position is one of the few spots that we actually have a very talented...


2014 Draft Thread

I know it's discussed ad nauseum, but the 2014 draft looks to be a really impactful and exciting event. While I read about the 2014 often, I would like more feedback from people specifically in...


Are the Magic Too Good?

In the NBA it is better to be awful than mediocre. As counter-intuitive as that may seem, it is true that average teams tend to remain average while bad teams have a chance to strike gold in...

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