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Mets interested in Oswalt now?


According to Rubin, Mets interested in signing him even after signing Marcum. Do we even have room for him?

Joey Votto signs a 10 year 225M extension


On top of his 2 year $26M current deal, taking him to his 39th birthday. The market for First basemen is totally nuts.

Fangraph's top 100 prospects


By far the most bullish of the Mets' big 3 pitching prospects. 17 - Wheeler 26 - Harvey 67 - Familia

Sickels' top 120 Prospects list


Might be the most pro Met list out there with 4 guys in the top 100. #35 Harvey #36 Wheeler #93 Nimmo #95 Familia

Yahoo Sports comments on Sandy's Tweets


In a positive manner, but more importantly they link to Dan Lewis' great breakdown of the team's financial situation here at AA.

Rule 5 Results


We didn't pick anyone, but the Astros grab RHP Rhiner Cruz from us with the #1 overall pick. Weird pick.

La Russa: Rasmus doesn't listen to coaches


Not Mets related but affects the Beltran market. It annoyed me so much that I thought it'd annoy plenty of people here as well. Basically Larussa throwing another one of his players under the bus in hopes that he forces the GMs hand in dealing him.

Mets sign supplemental pick, Fullmer for $950K


They went overslot on the recommended $777K by MLB. It was rumored that he agreed to a deal a couple weeks ago but now its confirmed by Fullmer via Twitter.

Teufel also getting sued over Madoff scheme.


Looks like Timmy made $1.2M with Madoff. No one is accusing Teufel of wrongdoing, but they want his profits back to redistribute.

Mets credit rating given negative outlook by Moody's.


Semi big news yesterday. It usually means they think there is a 50/50 shot or better of lowering their credit rating even further. Right now their credit is the beginning levels of junk (high risk) status.

Giants Sign Elmer Dessens.


Minor league deal with invite to spring training. Can he keep the low BABIP, high LOB% train going another year? The other weird thing is that all the projection systems see him doubling his K rate next year for some odd reason.

Rob Neyer leaves ESPN


It could mean nothing other than he's just making a lateral move. If he's done as far as mainstream baseball writing than it's a sad day. He was the first internet baseball guy that I followed and got me into crazy ideas like OBP and OPS.

Rangers sign Beltre to 6yr/$96M


The 6th year is an easy vesting option it seems. Opinions? Beltre was easily worth it in the past, but he's ages 31-37 for this contract.

Orioles sign Kevin Gregg to 2yr10M w option


The season of nutty Bullpen contracts continue. I guess Gregg is a closer again so the money looked cheap to the Os but Gregg is a dime a dozen type. Option is a vest that will pay $6-10M which puts it into real bad contract territory if true.

Jessie Crain signs 3yr ~$13M deal with ChiSox


Man, no wonder why Sandy hasn't signed more than one reliever so far. Crain is the 4th middle reliever this offseason to sign a 3yr deal. Also, Kerry Woods is rumored to be signing a 2yr deal with the Cubs.

Bedard re-signs with the Mariners


I know some of you guys had him in your AAOPs

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