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Romeu plans, Banega


The article states that Valencia would like to sign Romeu as permanent replacement for Banega, who is anticipated to move to an EPL club, or perhaps elsewhere. Romeu is supposedly part of Mou's long-term plans. However, would it make sense to consider a deal in which we offer cash and Romeu for Banega?

Mou's Madrid almost signed Oscar


Oscar came to Chelsea under the belief that he'd have more opportunities to play here than he would at Real. It appears that the Oscar favoritism has deeper roots than initially surmised!

Belgian crowd boos Mou...


Allegedly over KDB treatment.

The real reason explaining why RDM is not managing?


In case, much like myself, you were wondering why a very good manager who won the biggest prize in club football is not managing... RDM is still receiving 130k/wk from us, and would probably have to resign if he took another position. In other words, unless something really tantalizing and lucrative comes along, or unless he can reach some sort of agreement with Chelsea that will allow him to receive the difference between his current compensation and that associated with a new position, we probably should not expect RDM to make a comeback to management until June 2014. And I thought Torres was on a club-sponsored extended break...

Oh no, it's Mario


Balotelli's agent believes in the plausibility of the player that Mou labeled as "unmanageable" moving to Chelsea.

Sturridge attributes good form to Didi and sports psychologist


Dan believes that much of his good form is due to his mental state. As well as working with a psychologist, Dan got some friendly advice from his former colleague: "I saw Didier (Drogba) in Miami this summer. He said the strongest thing an individual footballer can have is the mental. It’s not about the tactical, it’s not about the technical, it’s not about the physical. If you believe in yourself, that will set you apart." Ironic that Didi would downplay the importance of physicality, eh?

Steve Bruce comments on cleverness of Lukaku loan


"Jose has not only worked out that he can get by without Romelu, but also that he can get the goals to help Everton take some crucial points off Chelsea's title rivals"

Mou on the Cech-Courtois dilemma


Mou doesn't seem to be bothered by an excess of riches in GK. States that a sale will not be forced; still, this quote may be telling: "Our goal is safe and financially we are also very safe because their value in the market is the value of the best."

Matic would be interested in coming back


The article states that the midfielder may be available for something in the area of £15M. Is it worth bringing Matic back for that price, should we stick with existing personnel, or should we focus on other targets?


"Teams play differently against us"

Since Lukaku started scoring goals for Everton, the notion that "teams play differently against Chelsea, therefore striker X would not be as effective here as he is at team Y", has surfaced and...

Juventus reportedly interested in Lukaku


The origins of the rumor are potentially explained in this portion of the article: "Belgian international Lukaku has also switched agents from Christophe Henrotay, who oversaw his £18m move from Anderlecht to Chelsea in 2011, to Italian super-agent Mino Raiola. Raiola has strong connections with the major Serie A clubs, took former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba to Juventus..." If there's any substance to this rumor, it's both heartening and a bit worrying that Luke is garnering this sort of attention.

Lukaku talks about his preparation/training methods


This guy is pretty much the embodiment of what it means to be a diligent, dedicated player, stating that he watches every match. Please tell me he doesn't really sit through match-ups like Sunderland vs. Stoke...

RDM favorite for Sunderland manager post


This is just one of the many sources claiming that RDM is the favorite to succeed Di Canio. Sunderland appear to like managers with "Di" in their name.


Chicharito Hernandez/Striker Alternatives

Our club has demonstrated that we are practically intent on doing something risky (Rooney), silly (Cavani), or obscenely stupid (Eto'o) in the striker department during the present transfer window....


Areas in which Hazard needs some improvement

Watching Hazard play after we first acquired him, I got the impression that he could, within a season or two, be the third best player in the world, behind Messi and CR. It hasn't happened yet, and...


Are Arsenal intentionally pursuing or pretending to pursue unrealistic transfers?

Hi, Arsenal fans - Chelsea fan here, with a question about the purported changes in your club's transfer policy. This summer, Arsenal have professed to have greater ambition in the transfer market,...


Rooney could be JM's undoing

Although it appears that the new incarnation of JM is slightly mellower, more laid back, and more diplomatic in his public comments than the JM we used to know, I can't help but get the impression...

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