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Math and Econ - USC
Law - UVA
Logic teacher, photographer

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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  • NCAAF South Carolina Gamecocks
User Blog

Weekly CACast


Franklin, Dan and Scott discuss the week in Braves' baseball.

Draft CACast


Franklin and the MiLB team talk about the draft and the minor league system

TC staff talks the week in Braves' baseball


Franklin, Ben, Scott and Jane talk the week in Braves baseball.

Weekly CACast


Franklin, Ian and Dan discuss the week in Atlanta Braves' baseball

Weekly CACast: A world through BJ's eyes


Franklin, Harris, Jane and Ian talk about the week in Braves' baseball.

Weekly CACast: Staff Kept A-Rolling


Franklin, Mark, Jane and Patrick talk about the week in Braves' baseball

How's it Haranging?


An In Depth Query Into the Nature of the Results Achieved by Aaron Harang In His First Three Starts

Home Opener Podcast


Franklin, Ian and Scott discuss the Braves' two opening road series victories, plus early trends to watch.

Talking Chop Home Opener Tailgate


Franklin will be hosting the official Talking Chop home opener tailgate. Free beer.

Piecing together a rotation


Franklin, Mark and Dan discuss how the Braves are going to put together some form of a rotation heading into the season

Braves will get no insurance for Medlen


It's a virtual guarantee that none of Medlen's salary will be covered by insurance.

Weekly CACast: Spring Training Miscellanea


Franklin, Ian, Scott and Jane discuss the week's happenings in Braves' baseball

Weekly CACast: Extensions Happened


Extensions happened and Franklin, Mark and Scott talked about them.

The Value In The Teheran Deal Lies In The Option


Six years for $32.4 Million is fair, but the option year at $12 Million is a steal for the Braves

Heyward and Braves Agree to Two-Year Extension


Club keeps "file and trial" policy intact, while avoiding arbitration with budding star for the next two years.

CACast: Talking Extensions


Franklin, Ben, Scott and special guest Dan Szymborski talk about extending the Braves' young core of Heyward, Freeman, Kimbrel, and Simmons

Tea Partiers attempt to shoot down new stadium


The Atlanta Tea Party Patriots may attempt to sue the new stadium out of Cobb County

CACast: Offseason Edition


Franklin, Ben and Scott talk offseason Braves baseball

Braves Set To Make Tender/Non-Tender Decisions


The Braves don't face very many interesting choices with regards to tendering or non-tendering key arbitration eligible players this off-season

What will the Braves' backend look like?


Will the Braves go with what they've got, trade for a True Ace, or something in between?

Hudson to Giants, 2 yrs $23MM


Hudson signs with the Giants for 2 years and $23 Million

The Simba Effect


Andrelton Simmons makes perhaps the biggest difference of any player in all of MLB

Cobb County releases financials on new stadium


Cobb paying less than Mayor Reed claimed, Braves ponying up $280 million up front

Cobb County acknowledges new stadium, little else


Cobb County Commissioners and other other public officials speak about the new stadium, but provide little in the way of hard facts

Braves to Cobb County "Not a Done Deal"


City of Atlanta politicians, including Mayor Reed, saying move is not guaranteed to happen

Most details of Braves' move are still unknown


While we know the potential location, most other pertinent details on the Braves' move to Cobb County are extremely fuzzy

Bloomberg values the Braves, and what it means


Bloomberg re-evaluated all MLB teams, and what these numbers mean for the Braves.

Playoffs?! We Podcastin' 'Bout Playoffs!!


Franklin, Mark, Scott, Dan and special guest Craig Goldstein discuss the impending Braves v. Dodgers series

CACast: We Own The NL East


Ben, Mark, Scott and Franklin talk the week in Braves baseball

Weekly CACast


Franklin, Dan and Andrew talk the week in Braves baseball

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