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User Blog

The E.R. Ward, 49ers safety tandem

Did you guys know players on the team call Eric Reid "E.R."? (Please laugh at this paintjob, it's a joke.) Eric and Jimmy aren't going to be the biggest hitters, but it's catchy. I think Ward...


Worst Possible Nightmare

I want to give you guys a place to dump all your frustrations, a unified thread of pain and despair. So we can cope but also protect the rest of niners nation for a few days. So please read and...


Percy Harvin The Mysterious Health of a $65M Albatross

via This isn't a post thrashing Harvin or Seattle. I’ve just come across a wonderfully explained theory about Harvin that is vastly different than the...


Merry Christmas, Ninersnation.

via Merry Christmas, Ninersnation. Wake up, spread cheer, say loving things, forget about your troubles for a day. Like the Pick at the Stick - do something to mark...


The Dumpster Fire at WR and Johnny Morton

via We have a systemic problem at wide receiver, and only at WR. Let’s take for instance another position that has also suffered turnover, yet not failure, DT/NT. Since Haarbalke...


The Curious Case of Seattle's Benjamin Button Wilson and the Incredible Shrinking Rush Defense of the Lucky 8-1 Seahawks

Carolina Hawks are good narrative: Seattle opened the season a million miles from home at 10am against a great front-7. They came out sleepy but eventually woke up. RW completed 75% of his passes...


Don't worry about Alex

49ers fan Fred P. Soft stops by to react to Alex Smith's start to the Chiefs 2013 season.


Did the Seahawks Actually Shut Boldin Down the Last Time??! Let's Look

Field Gulls Anquan Boldin last saw the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle back on November 13, 2011. As I've been reminded all week, Boldin recorded 2 catches for 22 yards. Does that help us clarify...


Question for Salary Cap Geeks!

via Sup Faithful? Preseason football coming up and for the first time in like fo'evva I'm hot under the collar about it. Jenkins, Okoye, Brock, Reid, Kilgore? You know if...


Slow Starts, Exbt. B, Week 16 Seattle Seahawks

via In the second installment of Slow Starts we examine the play-by-play and drive charts to see what kept us sleepless after Seattle. Feedback from ninersnation community has...


Reviewing Slow Starts: Exhibit A, Week 15 at NE

In week 15 of 2012, the San Francisco 49ers ventured into the 35° sleet of Gillette Stadium to lock championship-caliber horns with the New England Patriots for a primetime national TV Sunday Night...

The Crucible that is the Spurs

If we do lose, from where this team stood before the series started, we could not have asked for a better opponent to prepare us for the future with our young squad.


Hello From Another 49er Vagabond

Hello Kansas City! I must say, your community is very impressive. Liberty Jac's exemplary work brought me over here initially, without planning to contribute, I simply perused the comments. The...


Jump From the Slump

The Warriors are perfectly poised to get hot at the right time. There's a saying in the NFL about playing your best at the right time in the season, "When the tryptophan wears off, the good teams...


OT: Question For Computer Geeks

This is totally off topic but I can't find an answer, so I'm asking you guys. In Windows, while using Chrome, I use Ctrl+ (A/C/V/X) a lot. Sometimes my fingers slip and I end up hitting either...


Luck be an MVP tonight

Andrew Luck is clearly the MVP of the NFL this year. No, I'm not mad that he won't win it nor am I mad at whoever will. What bothers me is that, as a Cal Bears fan with no dog in this fight, I can...

Hot Hand Harbaugh


This is from Tim Kawakami's column today: "Harbaugh has backed himself into a little bit of a corner here with the QB decision... He has said it’s about going with the "hot hand," and that this wasn’t a QB controversy since both guys have been playing so effectively. That was Harbaugh’s way of denying that he had Kaepernick penciled in all along, and it also allowed him to insist that he still supports Smith." Kawakami has been following this tract all along and I tend to agree with him. I think whether you agree with the change or desired the change, or not, I think we can all agree that Jim is executing a preconceived plan here. There's going to be some double standards, some sleight of hand, some vacant stares into the face of questions... but all roads lead to Keap being the QB. He has plenty of leash to play poorly, heck, he might even have enough leash to miss a few games with a concussion.. but it's Keap's job now and that's what Jim has been angling for. Right?


The NYG and Why Alex Lost His Job to The Kid

It's looking more and more like the 49ers are on a collision course with the New York Giants to once again play for the NFC Championship at Candlestick Park. Stranger things have happened. With...


Prison Rules

What's that movie with that dude with the mustache .. prison rules


Alex Smith: MVP Candidate Sando Podcast

Over on the ESPN NFCW blog, as janky as that place is, Mike Sando does in fact do a stellar job blogging for our division. He is very hands on, very well-reasoned, very thorough, and maximizes his...


I Called It: Welcome Back to the NFL


2012 Week 1: The Passing of the Torch

The lighting of any torch is sacred; as is the act of carrying any torch. Yet the passing of the torch is truly rarefied air. Honored. Solemn. Revered. One entity vacates as another assumes the...


Please Kill the Mock Draft

Admittedly, this post is amateurish from the outset. This is a venting. I submit the request that mock-drafting and the like be given it's own website. Please leave us alone. For months I've logged...


The 2012 49ers and Common NFL Themes

There is always a theme. The poor kid makes it big. The rich man goes broke. The worshiped falls from grace. The laughing stock laughs last. The dynasty crumbles; the fallen rise. These San...

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