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Winnipeg as a UFA destination of choice


Justin Bourne, former minor leaguer and writer for hockey blog "Backhand Shelf" posted his rankings of the most desirable place to play if you had your choice (as a UFA) that can be read HERE. I won't spoil it for you but if you guessed Winnipeg finished in the top 10, you'll have to guess again.


Let the post-mortem analyses begin

The corpse is still a little warm, lets start poking at it. Please add your insightful, witty, or absolutely wrong ideas in the comments field below. I'll start and I'll be brief: this is not...


April Fools day hockey style

anybody have any good April Fools day stories related to hockey? a few years ago I was driving to work and as usual, sports radio was on to mute the pain of sitting in gridlock here in rainy...


Everything I know about dating, I learned from hockey

Warning: Rated “I” for Immature. When experiencing a scoring slump, you’re likely to start gripping your stick a little tighter Being too defensive means you’ll rarely score – and if you...


I was wrong.... and I was right

Are we halfway thru this condensed season yet? No matter. Time to re-evaluate my pre-season expectations and see that I was definitely wrong... But I was also definitely right. Wrong: Evander...


re-Introducing the Winnipeg Jets version 2.1

When's the last time you watched a Jets game? That long eh? Well perhaps similar to a situation where you're reintroducing yourself to a long lost friend, perhaps this is a great time to be...


The Hockey Dictionary

Just in case 7 months without NHL hockey has made you forget some of the unique idioms and phrases used to describe the game and it's players, I'm offering up a cheat sheet of sorts to help you...


A drunken review of the WJC 2013 in Ufa Russa

Guess this post is a little late now... kinda like reviewing the World Series. But here it is anyways. For context, my old highschool buddies got together for a day and a half of male bonding,...


Unbelievable year so far

It's been a great start to the second season for the Jets ver 2.0 so far. Here's the highlights: Who can forget the deafening crowd on opening night. The Staal boys in town reeking havoc on the...

The NHL has an awful sense of timing

Can you believe it? Three lockouts since 1994. What other organization is so dysfunctional that they can't even continue operations for more than 10 consecutive years at a time? And the timing of...


the difference between hockey & other sports

In North America, you gauge your success as an athlete by the amount you get paid compared to your peers. But you're also judged by your ability to attract endorsement contracts. In Basketball, the...


Quiz Time - Sports Fashion Faux Pas

Both my teams are out of the playoffs (Canucks, Jets) and with all the remaining series being a test of wills, defenses and who can block the most shots, my mind is starting to turn towards.... you...


is Mark Scheifele the next Jimmy Mann?

The NHL Jets version 1.0 were handcuffed coming into the league, and after giving up a lot of their best players in the league merger draft, they were picking 19th in the first round. GM John...

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