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Drew Brees, turnover-creating defense are New Orleans Saints' keys to Super Bowl repeat

If Gregg Williams' defense doesn't come close to creating ''turnover chaos'' in opponents, as was the case in '09, chances of repeating, as the cliché goes, are slim and none. T.-P.

New Orleans Saints' success, Super Bowl win, rode in on Katrina's wake

In the summer before Katrina, Saints season ticket sales hovered around 33,000, a 40 percent decrease from two years earlier. T.-P.

So much for Larry...

Beavers was perhaps the fastest player in Saints camp, but isn't very good at actual football. He should still get a look elsewhere for practice squads. -Rotoworld

Reliability is spelled L-A-N-C-E.

" of five times that Brees hooked up with Moore during team drills - which is especially impressive considering Brees only attempted nine total passes this morning." Think Drew is happy to see him? I know I am.

How do Sean decides to take it indoors?

"It's when your gum starts melting in your pockets," Payton joked. Times-Pic

Name that tune.

Hey guys. Before asking for that kind of help, let me assure you I looked up your blog in case that video was already posted. Since that clip features your best player (looked a lot, couldn't find it), I didn't think you would mind anyway if I published it... Even if it ain't that good, I'm getting obssesed with that soundtrack. As a nostalgic DJ, I really think some songs are meant for perfect Sunday morning "extreme clean-up" or maybe road-trips. Since I'm planning on escaping housework and driving a lot, I'd really wish I could add that song to my "Drive, baby drive" IPod list. I know, my english is kind of "academic". What can I do; I'm a French-.Quebecer... Regardless, anyone up for the task?

Spoiler alert!

Since my mailbox is still empty (I guess Stu didn't finished his copy yet) and I don't think I'll find that book in Montreal soon enough, how about a chunk of chapter one from "Coming back stronger"? Adversity? I tend to agree...

Maybe ME watched after all.

...a thrilling but ultimately unfulling World Cup for the United States that was watched by record audiences back home Furthermore: They thrilled the large number of American who were the largest group of overseas ticket buyers Could it be catching on? Times-Pic

Kid has claws instead of arms. A bit light at 255 pds for a DE but didn't Hargrove and McCray...

Kid has claws instead of arms. A bit light at 255 pds for a DE but didn't Hargrove and McCray played around 260? I like that Galette kid...

Wasn't that a one-time deal?!?!?

Goodell said the success of the 2014 Super Bowl slated for Meadowlands Stadium will help determine whether more championships are played at cold-weather sites without domes.

Seems DEA is investigating...

Special Agent Roberto Bryan Jr., a New Orleans-based spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said Sunday that the agency was referred the case and an investigation is pending. However, local authorities say they have yet to begin a probe of their own.

McNabb stays in the NFC East.

Trading within your own division? Really?

So glad I finally had the chance to be there in person and meet so many Saints' fan, it inspired me...


So glad I finally had the chance to be there in person and meet so many Saints' fan, it inspired me to re-decorate my workplace. What an emotionnal week-end...


What’s wrong with section 637?

  Since I promised myself I’d be in the Dome if our beloved Saints make it to the NFC final (please ignore my signature), I have been shopping around the net for tickets. Regardless of the...

Seeking answers...

Got up at 5:30 this morning. Are we there yet?

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Someone had to post it.... From Associated Press Childress was asked whether there was a chance the Vikings would still pursue Favre. He said: "Not from my standpoint, no." Owner Zygi Wilf reiterated that pledge on the first day training camp. So much for Childress' credibility in front of the locker room. What a circus...

Ciao Jason!

So much for my "unsung hero of the year" theory.... Mike Triplett, Times-Pic

Porter out

Enough with harmstrings already!

Grant sighting!

Defensive end Charles Grant showed some speed as he got inside for what would have been a sack against Brees. Must be exhausted...

Was training at Millsaps a mistake?

"Brees admitted that the players are happy to return home after the past three grueling summers at Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss," "I'd say 99.9 percent of the guys are happy to be back. Maybe 100 percent. It was kind of like basic training. Not the greatest memories," Brees said. "When I stepped on that Millsaps campus, I knew my body was going to be hurting for a month." From T.-P.

FOX Sports Video on MSN

Roman sounds pretty confident

Nice going Bobby

Hope he inspires other players to spent some time with our youth. Looks like a good workout too!

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