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PFT: League claims the suspensions were "not overturned"

Obviously I need a new dictionary, then. Sure they'll be reissued very shortly. No doubt at all about that. But as the league continues to make blatant lies even a 6-year-old should be able to see through, Ginsberg isn't going to become any less likely to try to find a way to pimp-slap Goodell. Whether that's a good thing or not, of course, remains to be seen.

Concussion Research Breakthroughs?

A very in-depth look at what's being done at research colleges around the nation to try to reduce the impact (pun not intended) of concussions. The NFL really needs to take some meaningful proactive steps (rather than merely suspend people based on hearsay and/or outright fake evidence) to show its trying to change its stripes. Some of the research in this article would be a very smart choice for them to start funding more heavily.

Fujita & BountyFarce/gate/whatever

For ESPN, this was actually pretty decent. Of course, that's comparing it to trash like what Barr spews. Still, they at least made half an effort to be even-handed here. And it was interesting and a decent read.


"I’m not saying the NFL is intentionally lying"

With those eight words, Scott Fujita has officially put himself back on the "our heroes" list. It's brilliant what he just said there. He didn't actually accuse the NFL of lying, so he makes sure...

Should the Falcons pursue Tim Tebow?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love the smell of desperation in the morning. At least they're finally starting to realize Matty Ice is merely decent. I still wish he outright sucked, of course, but at least they're no longer thinking he's the next Drew.

Another Marino Record that Drew needs to break

Drew's (so far) only super bowl was #2 on this list, second only to Montana/Marino. That's pretty elite company, but hey, I'm greedy. I want Drew to have his name on top of EVERY list he possibly can (except Favre's INT records, of course). Oh and this is yet another reason to despite the farty-whiners (or GW and his screw-ups on that last drive, or both), because had we made it to Indy this year he already would have topped this list, with a combined QBR of 216.2.

Jim Harbaugh really IS a prick

Via PFT, so here are the key details for those who are so silly as to think your lack of a click will make ANY difference in Floriotard's income... According to a local reporter, "Harbaugh is an 11-year-old." and "connects Harbaugh’s lack of introspection to his inability to be self-critical." This all comes from this exchange in his post-season press conference on Monday (entire excerpt italicized since fanshots stupidly don't allow quotes) Harbaugh was asked how he spent his time after the game. Harbaugh giggled. "Is it just California that everybody just wants to know how you feel? Care about what you thought, what you did, how you felt, how your pinky feels. Is that just a California thing? Back where I come from, nobody really cares." As Lowell Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat describes it, a reporter reminded Harbaugh of all the time the coach has spent in California. Cohn asked if Harbaugh wanted to answer the question. "You demand an answer to the question?" Harbaugh said. "I’m requesting," Cohn replied. "I would never demand from you. Share with us what you did last night if you feel comfortable doing it." "I don’t. I don’t feel comfortable," Harbaugh said. "Is that a California thing?" Cohn asked. "It’s a Midwestern thing," Harbaugh responded before leaving the room to enter the offseason. Well at least he gives us something to laugh at.


Revising the Playoff *Schedule*

Mike Florio, douche-bag though he can be at times, occasionally actually does have a good idea or two. He had one just a bit over an hour ago. In a long-winded post about the way "big ratings"...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em FINAL STANDINGS & AWARDS

Wow. I hate to be the debbie downer, but I’m sorry, I saw that egg-laying coming a mile off. I wish I hadn’t. But I called it when I said that if "if we play even half as bad[ly] as we did...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em WC @ Houston

I would like it if this isn't our last game weekend of the season. But if we play even half as bad as we did last week, it will be. I understand that our defense has been shot to hell and back by...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 17 vs Baltimore

Sorry I'm a bit late getting the new post up. Well another week, another win, and another game in which we come entirely too close to blowing a lead against a clearly inferior opponent. This is...


So many people are blathering on about how Aaron had a better season than Drew...

You know what? They're right. He did. It. Doesn't. Matter. The debate over who should be the MVP -- or whether both are equally deserving -- should not come down to who had the better season...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 16 vs Arizona

Hmm, what to say about last week. We won. That's good. On the other hand, we came entirely too close to losing to a clearly inferior team for my taste. At this point it's clear this team has...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 15 @ St. Louis

Well I'm sorta-back and at least feeling mostly OK. Not great yet. That will probably take another week or so. But I'm in one piece. Sometimes that's all you can ask for. Yesterday royally...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 14 vs Houston

Well I'm getting next week's thread up quickly so I can't forget to get it up in time. With my going for surgery on Wednesday there is at least the possibility that I will still be so under the...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 13 @ Pittsburgh

First off, we discussed last week the possibility of putting up our version of a protest over the atrocious "Calvin Johnson Rule". I'll admit that my anger over finally picking a scoring player...


For those who like to complain about power rankings

ESPN had us at #3 last week and we fell to #4 despite a convincing win over the Giants, while the 49ers got pummeled by the Ravens but only fell to #3. Satch made a fan shot to complain about ...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 12 vs Cleveland

We've all griped a lot about Jermaine's stolen touchdown. So has just about every fan of the NFL whose team was robbed by the atrocious rule now colloquially known as the "Calvin Johnson Rule". ...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 11 @ Baltimore

Well that was an interesting week.  And I'm not just talking about the game, necessarily.  I'm partially back and that's going to have to be good enough for now.  I just wish the refs would...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 10 vs. Pittsburgh

Guys, I'm sorry but I have felt extremely horrible for a few days now.  I'm going on ahead and getting the new thread up so you guys can start making your picks for next week, but I don't have the...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 9 @ Tennessee

OK so this time we weren't quite as good as previously in that we had a few penalties and we gave up a sack, but we still did pretty good on offense.  And special teams and defense really stepped...


The REAL problem -- the 3-4 defense

While no doubt some of you will complain about us trying to run the 3-4 defense, that's not my point here.  We do OK at it, not great but OK, so I'm not going to complain about it.  Not right now...

We're #2... in arrest rate

Hey that's an improvement over #1, right? And yes most of our arrests are now ancient history. We know that, and unfortunately it didn't get mentioned by PFT here. But at least the majority are past-tense and the rate has dwindled to a trickle. That's a good thing. But the record of the past insanity still remains and it took awhile for somebody else to pass us in count. Well the Vikings finally did. Now hopefully none of our current players will go out and try to "fix" the situation...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 8 @ Seattle

Last game we did exactly what I said we had to do to win the game.  We had to step on defense, we had to keep Dalton clean (no sacks all game long), and we especially had to limit the big play in...

Funny power rankings

(PFT) I know you guys guys hate him, and half the time I want to at least punch him too. But he does occasionally write a few things worthy of laughing at. This is one such case. 2. Saints (No. 2; 4-1): Who does Roman Harper think he is, Ken Lucas? 14. Bengals (No. 21; 3-2): Somewhere, Carson Palmer is sitting on the floor of a room, turning a lamp on and off repeatedly. 15. Buccaneers (No. 8; 3-2): Instead of wearing the throwback creamsicles against the Niners, the Bucs opted to play like those teams instead. 21. Panthers (No. 20; 1-4): This team should change its nickname to the Horseshoes or the Hand Grenades. 27. Broncos (No. 26; 1-4): The decision to start Tim Tebow could be the first tangible evidence of a "Suck of Luck" campaign. And here are the best two of the lot: 29. Jaguars (No. 25; 1-4): As a new incentive to move tickets in Jacksonville, the league will televise the home games only if there isn’t a sellout. 30. Colts (No. 30; 0-5): If the Colts get to 0-14, will Bill Polian rest his starters?


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 6 vs Indianapolis

Aside from coming entirely too close to making me look like a prophet when I mused that we might find a way to throw a game we should have a legitimate shot at, yesterday's game was actually fairly...


Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 5 @ Jacksonville

Well I said that I had zero faith in our team's ability to pull off the upset, but that I would be delighted to be wrong.  Guess what.  I was wrong.  And I'm delighted by it. It's a pity that...

Battle Red Blog meets The Onion

Not sure how many of you have seen this over on the Texans blog, but it was just too incredibly hilarious not to share. Especially after how much fun we've had with the refs, it was fun to read somebody just absolutely roast them.

The Jag's field crew needs some more razzing

For those of you who didn't get to see the game yesterday, the Jaguar field crew made a very amusing goof on the field. They painted three quarters of the field exactly correctly, but in the remaining quarter (the "lower" half of the "right" side of the field) they painted the arrow markers pointing the wrong direction for the 40, the 30, the 20, and the 10 yard lines! Two really snarky comments about this just had to be repeated. David Whitley of Fanhouse: As soon as the game ended, workers scrambled out and painted over the wrong-way signs. The only question now is whether the head of the grounds crew will outlast Del Rio. My guess is he won’t, mainly because the grounds crew guy isn’t making $5 million a year guaranteed. But leave it to a Deadspin commenter to stick the knife in and twist: If you look closely it reads "<-- LA 2,417 miles.

Superdome Sponsor Found?? Looks like it.

Yes it's PFT. But they appear to have broken the news before anybody else. Looks like Mercedes-Benz is about to buy the naming rights to the Superdome, and the news is going to be officially announced tomorrow. also has the news out, but oddly enough it seems PFT got their post up first by about two minutes. It appears that the deal will be valuable enough that it will eliminate any further subsidy payments from the State to the team. Or at least for the next 10 years (the term of the deal). That's about all there is to it. Those of you who hate PFT have the news and don't have to click the link.

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