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Seminole throwback: 1980 v. Pitt

Let's go back to the great Florida State victory over Pitt.

Florida at Florida State: A similar setting


Florida meets Florida State in another classic defensive battle.

FSU 4th in AP poll -- just 6 votes behind LSU


Somebody still giving LSU a first-place vote.

Florida State Explodes in Second Half to Tame Clemson, 49-37


Florida State had to overcome a lot Saturday night -- a near-perfect first half by Clemson's offense which featured a bevy of trick plays and no penalties; a key turnover; several costly penalties...


How might the Penn State shockwaves affect college football in the future?

While there has been universal disgust and revulsion over what has happened at Penn State, there has been less discussion on the ramifications for the entire sport of college football, which...


Prepared to be a minority of one, but .... (UPDATE: Strip and score) (UPDATE II -- the rule book)

(EDIT: Monday 10:45 a.m. OK, I finally got the rule book thanks to a link in the front page story on officiating. It has caused me to finally be able to take a position on the "strip and score." To...


Coach Fisher's flawed logic on QB situation

  What I really can't get out of my head from Saturday's debacle, is the decision not to start EJ and all of the ramifications contained therein.   Let me start by saying that there is no doubt...

Oklahoma defeats Florida State, 23-13

FSU falls to Oklahoma, 23-13


What does Jimmy the Greek have to say about FSU-OU?

Way back when Saturday night’s play-by-play man Brent Musburger was hosting The NFL Today on CBS, the late “Jimmy the Greek” would appear for a picks segment. Early in this feature’s life on the...

What do the 1980 and 1981 Orange Bowls tell us about this week's Oklahoma-FSU game?


What do the 1980 and 1981 Orange Bowls tell us about this week's Oklahoma-FSU game?

New ESPN feature -- best college players who didn't make it big in the pros


Lots of FSU candidates -- Charlie Ward, Ron Simmons and Peter Warrick heading the list. Not sure if Ron Sellers pro career would be classified as a bust or not.

Who should host the ACC football championship game?


Ahhhhh. The warmth of spring is upon us with the dog days of summer just around the corner. These sunny days remind me so much of the ACC Football Championship game in Charlotte. (Needle scratch...


I'm so glad TN can provide ESPN story ideas ....

Here are some excerpts from a recent ESPN inside story on FSU:   The Florida State Seminoles were sitting at something of a crossroads coming into the 1987 campaign. The Noles had posted a 7-4-1...


Urgent advice for Auburn fans planning to watch game on TV

I'm an author on the FSU SBNation site who always grew up hating the Tide, so I've decided to come over and wish y'all luck. But more importantly, I want you to be prepared for what you could be...


A downside of the UF job?

I'm offering this not as a belief, but as a theory -- which is a fancy way of saying, I could be wrong. Here's what I'm wondering ... well, first, I consider it a given that the University of...


Take it to the bank (of America): Charlotte will be permanent home of ACC title game

This is a case where what's good for the league is not necessarily good for FSU. FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher issued some not-so-thinly veiled comments about Charlotte as the venue of the title game,...

HItler hates Addazio


HItler hates Addazio


Just how historic was Hopkins' kick?

I spent the better part of the last hour scrolling through every FSU game result on, and based on that research, I am making this claim: That's the first "walk-off" field goal for FSU...



I promise you, as a North Carolinian, none of you feel any worse about this game than I do. It will be a painful morning at church and week at work (expect 2-15-1 to be said by me about 100 times...


A few thoughts about the forest

In the middle of a football season, it's very, very easy to get caught up in the trees. How come Ponder's stats are down? Why can we run some games and not others? How will we stop Russell...



I can remember the last 34 meetings with Miami. I think this one ranks No. 3 for me, behind the 1993 win and the "Dexter Carter" win over what was one of Miami's best teams. Some thoughts on...

1976 FSU vs. Oklahoma -- the true beginning of the Bowden era


This will come nowhere to matching Frank's indefatigable treatise story on the 1965 FSU-Oklahoma game, but it is another humble foray into Seminole history tied to this week's opponent, Oklahoma. F...


Historical FSU videos on Youtube

I may be the last person to have come across these, but there are some fascinating historical videos popping up on Youtube that are FSU related. Here is a video of the 1964 FSU-UGA game in Athens. ...

Top 10 single-game offensive performances in FSU history


Well, we come to the end of our journey -- the Top 10 individual offensive game performances in FSU history. In case you  missed it, here are the 10 honorable mentions and here are "the next 21"...

Top single-game offensive performances in FSU history (10 honorable mentions)


Yesterday, we brought you the "next 21" greatest individual offensive game performances in FSU history. Put another way, they are the 21st through 41st best in that category. Today, it’s the 10...

Top FSU single-game offensive performances (the "next 21")


When I started work on my list of Top 10 individual, single-game defensive performances in FSU history, I ended up with about 15 performances to whittle down to 10 with honorable mentions. Not...

Q&A with 2011 FSU commitment Terrance Smith


I didn't know about Smith's story -- good stuff from the AJC.


Keeping it real

Like many of you, today I made a mental note that the 2009 season is officially over. Actually, what i thought was -- my next weekly Seminole weather report will be sometime in late August or early...

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