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Hernandez now being officially charged in 2 more murders


Looks like he's gonna go down for the double murder outside the Boston nightclub back in 2012. Wow. UPDATE: And if he goes down for this one, the Patriots might get back $7.5M in cap space. Read here:

Bigger future in NFL- Tannehill or Manziel


So far the voting is overwhelmingly Tanny


Message to Miko Grimes- hopefully she reads this. UPDATE: SHE READ IT!!!!

I heard that there was a bit of a war on twitter between Miko Grimes and some 'fans' concerning Jeff Ireland. I, along with others, get a bit worried that this could negatively impact Miami's...


I want my money back (Titans Game)

Does anybody else feel like they got taken for a ride yesterday? The Dolphins were not even trying. You cannot tell me that what I witnessed on the field was a team and coaching staff giving...


Seeing Jerry Jones cry on Thanksgiving is good for America

Rob Ryan needs to cry too.  Romo needs to cry.  I want to see the Dolphins win so decisively that their fans are nauseated and begin to vomit, en masse.  The entire stadium.  Is there a way we can...


Thanksgiving Day at Dallas to define remainder of season?

The game yesterday was outstanding.   I was there, and the whole feeling was different than the last time I was there (Denver).  The offense was truly attacking in the redzone, and the defense was...


I must admit I've become a Tebow fan

That game against the Jets, the final drive, everyone watching it with me knew what was coming.  I'm sure the Jets did too- but they still couldn't stop it.  But that's not why I became a fan.   I...


Relying too much on statistics

What is the deal with people in sports latching onto any statistic they can conjure up and then treating it as a decision making tool? Examples:  No coach has ever won a Superbowl with one...


My first Dolphins game

Lured in by the good weather forecast, cheap ticket price, and the fact that Miami would be playing a team I thought they would beat, I arrived at Sun Life Stadium with a sack of beers and some...

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