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Rams Bulls All day!!!!!

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User Blog

Players not interested in Chicago

It seems to me these past few years many players look other places to play.Even guys that said they want to be with a winner sign elsewhere, even some places where winning is far off.I think if...


This is why it must stop after the season

Found this article on a forum at stltoday.com/rams. It was writen by Randy Karraker


11-5 next year

To reach that goal here is what needs to be done.   1) fire deveany , New GM tells spags he has no say in draft/ personal moves. 2) draft 2 LB's a RB ,WR, 2 OL, and a safety 3) get rid of ,...


Make it 10 corners hurt

Justin king tweaked his ankle in practice today. They said it buckled , not good news.I don't ever remember seeing this many injuries to one position before.This has to be some kind of bad luck or...



Everyone keeps talking about injuries that have killed us this year. i dont agree we have had some but people are making it out to be something it is not.  First only 3 corners got hurt that we...


Midseason predictions. who will be on the rams next year

QB: Sam- he is our guy even thou luck looks good i think we stay with him and he improves next season.Feeley: keep as a 3rd but we need a better num 2 with the way our line has played. RB: SJ39- if...


What has went wrong the most

A lot of bad things have happened this year to our team. I wont beat a dead horse by naming them but i wanted to see who the TST community feels has disappointed us the most so far. We all probably...


Rams FO and CS

Many fans here thought we had smart people running our team and that if fans disagreed with any of the coaching moves like cuts or FO moves like letting players go and bringing in lesser players....


Cuts we need to make after the season

First i will start with i wish we could cut these LOSERS now but anyway here it is QB- keep Sam. cut AJ Feeley RB-keep SJ39  cut Williams,norwood,portor,miller WR-keep DX,danny A    cut...



Can the coaching staff and the fans that thought Gibson would improve his o lineman like hands please admit their mistake and bring back our speedy sure handed(i don't get why ppl say he is not i...


SJ39 is DONE

Yeah you know what i am going to have to agree with the people who say SJ39 is done, just look at last night i saw about 4 or 5 times that he didnt get more then 4 yards i mean i dont understand...


Game by game win/loss

Rams VS. Eagles W 27-13        Defense is pumped ,3rd year in system. Offense runs a lot all 3 backs get work. sam is decent enough to win. Rams VS Giants  W  21-14   Defense continues great play....


My 53 man roster

wr 1                             LT        LG           C        RG            RT                   TE                      WR 2          WR3  MSW                         Staffold   Bell   ...

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