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Need Help, Fellow Pounders

Ohio State vacates all 2010 victories


And they decided to put the program on 2 year probation.... Seems a little weak if this is all they are planning on doing before the NCAA takes it's turn.

Report: Nashville offensive tackle commits to Michigan


Looks like PSU missed out on another O-lineman. Think he was one of the 3 remaining PSU was looking at. So is that 2 of that 3 who have commited elsewhere? Looks like our class is doomed (hope the heavy sarcasm shines through).

Painting the NBA Trade Picture


I know not many of us like Bill Simmons, but he does have a few interesting trade ideas for the Spurs. TRADE NO. 10: San Antonio trades Tony Parker (50 cents) to Sacramento for its no. 7 pick (25 cents), Omri Casspi (dime) and $12 million in cap space (25 cents). Final tally: Sacramento (50 cents); San Antonio (55 cents). TRADE NO. 11: San Antonio trades Tony Parker (50 cents) and DaJuan Blair (quarter) to Cleveland for no. 4 (30 cents), Anderson Varejao (quarter), and $7 million in cap space (20 cents). Final tally: Cleveland (75 cents), San Antonio (75 cents). BONUS TRADE: Phoenix trades Steve Nash (50 cents), Jared Dudley (25 cents), and Josh Childress (minus-25 cents) to San Antonio for Tony Parker (50 cents) and Richard Jefferson (dime). Final tally: San Antonio (50 cents), Phoenix (60 cents).


Random Thoughts from my Trip to Post-LeBron Cleveland

PtR regular GMac 14 shares his experiences after watching Spurs @ Cavs last night. Lots of great tidbits in this one. And a good ending.

Penn State's last-minute 2011 recruiting efforts focused on Maryland safety Adrian Amos


Looks like PSU is going after another player that was affected by a coaching change. However, the most interesting part of the story is where he mentions Michigan trying to get Zettel away from PSU and that one of our top OL recruits Nowicki could possibly switch to USC.

Manu : More injured than we know? So says the Sports Guy

Joseph (Chicago) how good would the Spurs be if they didn't screw up the Scola thing? They'd currently have Timmy, Scola, Blair, McDyess, Splitter for bigs. Competition for the Lakers unlike any other team. Bill Simmons (2:00 PM) Yeah, the Scola thing was their biggest mistake of the past 10 years and it's never really been explained why they panicked like that - it would have been a luxury tax hit for one year (and not even for THAT much) and they just gave him away. I'm still not sold on them maintaining this pace... keep hearing that Manu's ankles and knees are in much worse shape than they are letting on. This was from one of Bill Simmons' chats yesterday. First of all the question made me mad and then his answer is kind of ridiculous. I always enjoyed listening to him talk about the Spurs, but he's gotten lazy and seems to be going with the "they are too old" slogan too much this year.

Mike Miller reportedly has thumb injury


Whoever had the under of November 1st for Miller to get injured is a winner.


The dilemma of hope

"Let me tell you something friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane." - Red from Shawshank RedemptionI love the movie Shawshank Redemption. True, I am biased because it was...

Grading NBA Teams’ Usage of the D-League: Southwest Division


Spurs are a 3.92 and 2nd in the NBA behind their division foe...the Rockets???? Interesting. Especially when our own blogger rated us lower than anyone. (although he makes great points in his comments)

Summer Forecast : 2010-11 Western Conference champs


I mean, no real surprise that the Lakers are picked to win the West, but with that many votes? And if you're looking for a bright side...at least the Rockets and Mavericks both got more votes than we did.....(hope the sarcasm is seeping through that comment).

Manu Tweeting @George_Hill3


@George_Hill3 Trust me G! There r many things better. Lol. How's everything? Get that corner three ready, man! Looks like Manu has high hopes for George too.

Warriors, Hornets, Pacers in Amundson hunt


Not sure if the Spurs are the "unidentified fourth team" that is involved, but it looks like another free agent that we had hoped might join the Spurs is going elsewhere. And it also looks like Phoenix is not going to resign him either.

A Deeper Look at Spurs' Signee Gary Neal


Just a little more info on new Spur Gary Neal. I still don't know a lot about him, but looks like he could be at least a rotation player and someone who can create his own shot.

Free agent Barnes joining Raptors


There goes another free agent SF. Does this bode well for Malik Hairston? And more importantly, does this bode well for the Spurs?

2010-11 cap $2M higher than thought


I'm sure our resident Capologists will let us know how this affects our cap situation. But hopefully with the set number, we can see the Spurs start to actually make a few moves.

Sources: Nowitzki to opt out


Interesting. I wouldn't have thought Dirk would actually consider leaving Dallas. Although he is supposed to still be in negotiations for an extension. Wouldn't be surprised to see that happen.


A small amount of solace amongst the heartache

  The Spurs lost. The Spurs got swept. It’s hard to think straight, but I know I’ll just be laying in bed thinking about the series, so I figured I would put my thoughts to paper (or computer...


UPDATED : Race for the Playoffs - Remaining Schedules and Playoff Seeding

This is an update to my original post from March 8th where I tried to take a look ahead at our schedule and compare it to the other teams in the playoff race. It's been a few weeks and the majority...


Race for the Playoffs - Are We In? Who might we play?

  My original thinking was for this post to be a referendum on how losing Tony Parker wasn’t the end of the world and that the Spurs would be just fine in his absence. I had a lot of good points...


Spurs Fans - Who are you standing behind?

I had one additional point to the long comment thread “Pull it together, people” by JRW, but didn't want to piggy back it onto a previous comment of mine. So I started typing a new comment, only...

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