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User Blog

Fundraiser for my mother.

(Reposted from the Hoddle on Wednesday.) I’m doing a fundraiser on Go Fund Me for my mother. She had four surgeries last year (Two hip replacements, knee surgery, and removal of a benign mass) and...


Punk's Tech Giveaway - Week Four Results and Final Standings!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have winners in the house! Week four was just as crazy as I expected it to be. The fixture list was long and had plenty of surprise results that ended up being swing...


Punk's Tech Giveaway - Week Four, The Homestretch.

Bring your A-game, boys. We're turning it all the way up to 11 and seeing who can hang on for the ride. This is the last week of the contest. I'm going to make sure it's memorable and you either...


Punk's Tech Giveaway: Week Three Standings

Week three is in the books. That went fairly well for a lot of you, though the mid-table matchups tended to throw several of you guys off. Only one person, brometheus, managed to crack...


Punks Tech Giveaway - Week Two Standings, Week Three Fixtures

Welcome back to the grinder, participants! Week two had some much better results and has started to make things a little more clear with your leaders. I was also quite surprised as to how many...


Punk's Tech Giveaway - Week One Standings and Fixtures for Week Two

Alright, CFCers! Week one is in the books, and the bottom line is: You guys suck at picking fixtures. :) All kidding aside, it was a rough week to open up. No one managed to crack double digits...


Punk's Tech Giveaway - Week One - Come make your picks!

Okay, so I lied. I'm bored at work and figured we'll get things started up early. Please read everything regarding your first week selections: WEEK ONE FIXTURES (Starting Saturday, February...


Punk's Tech Pick'em Giveaway - The Rules and Prizes

Good afternoon, CFCers! Welcome to the Tech Pick'em Giveaway! Yeah, it isn't the catchiest of titles, but who honestly cares? You're here to compete for prizes, and that's what matters. Here is...


Do you like technology? Want to win prizes? Sign up for this contest!

Good afternoon, CFCers! As previously mentioned before my trip to Las Vegas, I was planning on running a friendly contest for some prizes since I end up with extra stuff all the time after my...


OT: CES 2014 coverage and maybe a contest or two

CFCer's, this is one of my busiest times of the year. I work a regular job that earns me the money so I can indulged in my second job and my true passion. In two weeks, I'll be covering the...


The Evolution of a Football Fan in America: A personal story.

Preface: Please note that, in order to keep my writing skills as sharp as possible for my regular writing, I like to try and write side stories or articles on topics that I don't normally cover. ...



It would appear that the Telegraph believes we are going to brainwash Zenit into selling us Hulk for £30 million. How in the hell we'll pull that off is beyond me, considering what Zenit paid for him. Honestly, would we even want Hulk? He had an absolutely abysmal season last year, but he would definitely add depth. I feel that Lamela and Eriksen are still the better options, though.


#BATCOUNTRY? Dempsey reportedly up for sale

Take it for what it's worth, but at least one or two reports are saying that Deuce is up for sale, though there doesn't seem to be any specifics regarding what Spurs are looking for. I guess...

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