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....from a buddy of mine that's a big Seahawks fan....at least SOME of them have a sense of humor about it!

So THAT'S what Mr. Benson has been up to....

...hope he is back on his feet for the Bears this weekend!



...so, exactly, HOW is it that we're the "aints" still to these Failclown fans? Rise up, b!tc4e$!

Payloo Strikes Again!

...I was unhappy when they let Carl Nicks walk to the Bucs of all teams. Now, maybe not...did they know?



Really cool propaganda-style poster of Steve Gleason's epic punt block, done by poster artist Brute!

Steelers Offically Cut James Harrison

...should we be interested? (I don't think so, but...)

Hey, Roger, it's a SIMPLE concept, give it a try. Dimwit.


Hey, Roger, it's a SIMPLE concept, give it a try. Dimwit.

Really? What are they putting in the water in Charlotte???

Ryan Kalil has been hitting the pipe a bit hard this offseason, eh? YGBSM.

And another one....

...but, those evil bad Saints are still much more dangerous to the clean reputation of the NFL!!! SMH

Gawdawfulsmell's greatest hits

...he's SOOOOO tough! (and I love the Onion)...

...continuing the meme of cool captioned photos, may I submit:


...continuing the meme of cool captioned photos, may I submit:


Theme Song for the playoffs

Team On A Mission

Al Davis Passes Away

A sad day for the Raider Nation. No matter what I thought of him as a person and owner, he is the last of a breed, an original AFC owner. Condolences to his family, his team, and the Raider Nation from at least this Who Dat.

Henderson on Gleason

The greatest Saint ever, told by the greatest to ever call their games. Steve, kick ALS's ass! (and Dave, ding me if you want for it, but I won't feel bad for that statement)

Let's get Moosified!

...we all love the Wang...er....uh... Yeah, TWYMS! (can't do the copyright symbol, sorry!)



...I say we start a write-in campaign to have the team permanently retire the black pants. They came out of the tunnel wearin' 'em, and I immediately turned to the wife and said "we're sunk: black...

Brent FAR-VUH photographed warming up earlier today.


Brent FAR-VUH photographed warming up earlier today.


Hey, who's Dave Cariello...

...and what did he do with Saintsational?Do we need to stage a hostage rescue???Do we build a huge wooden rabbit, and hide inside????? ....so, what prompted the change?? Trying to appear more...

Paging Mr. Jones, paging Mr. Jerry Jones...

...no whining about the wine. (...I like SP more every day!)


Woohoo!!! Bacchus Baby!!!

I just got an invite to hang with my sister & her husband at a friend of their's house with a balcony right over the parade route tomorrow night. So my fiancee, her daughter and I are striking out...


Something that is being lost in the glaring light of the Saints incredible offense:

The Saints incredible DEFENSE. Yeah, that's right the defense. They don't get flashy numbers, they give up a lot of yardage, but they put the team in a position to WIN, which is their job. The best...

The Onion Strikes Again!

Typically high quality funny.


The Saints will win the Super Bowl, and here's how I know this to be true:

  We can talk about the stats:Drew had a better season in every measureable way than Peyton; we actually HAVE a rushing game on offense, the Colts are essentially dead last in the NFL in rushing...


Where the game was lost

1st quarter, 4th and less than a yard, inside the Tampa 20, Payton takes a time out, then chooses to kick the field goal. The Saints had been dictating the game to the Bucs for almost the entire...

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