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My Project for Graphic Design Class


For my graphic design class, I made a project featuring our very own Steph Curry! I haven't used Illustrator in over 2 years, so I'm new again. What do you guys think?

Jazz sign our MVP, Ian Clark


The Jazz seem to want to rip away anything from us. I wanted to see Clark sign here, but there he will get more minutes and more attention. Good luck to you Mr. MVP.

Celtics sign Rob Kurz


Wow, haven't heard that name is quite a while. I remember him playing for us, draining 3's and being fun to watch. Even though it's a non-guaranteed deal, I'm glad he got a training camp invite.

Warriors Offseason Grade from


Gave the Warriors a C+! That's ridiculous, even more in that Grizzlies, Bucks, and Jazz got higher grades, and that the Suns and Pistons got C+'s as well....

Kevin Durant's New Movie


Not Warriors related, but it's pretty cool. The movie looks a bit cheesy but I just want to see it for KD!

What about Jordan Farmar?


Providing he won't be too expensive, I think he can be a decent backup PG. We can trade Dorell for cap relief as well so can get Farmar and Rush, or sign n trade Rush to the Lakers for Jordan Hill possibly.

Warriors interested in Antawn Jamison


I'm not sure how I feel about this...

Perfect trade for the Warriors


Warriors get: Steve Blake Lakers get: Dorell Wright This trade works out great for both teams, as the Lakers desperately need perimeter shooting and a decent bench player to backup Kobe and others. Dorell would be a great fit because we already have a logjam at the SF position, with Richard Jefferson, Harrison Barnes, and Draymond Green. On the other hand, the Warriors get a veteran back up point guard who has the ability to shoot and pass well. He is only 32 and would work well because then the Warriors could use the MLE to sign a backup 4 like Hickson or Jason Thompson. What do you think?

Lakers interested in Brandon Rush


3 million is nothing, the Warriors can easily match that.


A Trade That Helps Both Sides

I have a trade proposal that is beneficial to two teams: the Golden State Warriors and the Indiana Pacers. First off, this trade will only work if Bradley Beal falls to the 7th spot, (as he is...


We Believe Era

I've been a die hard Warriors fan for around 4 years now but I am only 15 years old. When the most exciting time for a Warriors fan came 5 years ago in the playoffs, I was only 10 but still a fan....

Does anyone else remember this?


I loved this song back then. It got me so pumped up! And Biedrins even had spiky hair back then!


What is the Warriors' plan as of now?

After an epic win last night against Warriors South, the Warriors currently sit at the 9th worst record, tied with Cleveland. Games like these really mess with my emotions because on one hand, the...


Draft Pick Question

So I know the Warriors' draft pick this is top 7 protected, but are we still allowed trade it? Just curious


What about this trade?

Warriors get: Andrew Bynum, Devin Ebanks Lakers get: Stephen Curry, Dorell Wright, Ekpe Udoh This trade could benefit both teams and the...


Courtney Lee anyone?

He's a RFA next summer, and I think we should really take a look at him barring he doesn't cost too much. He would improve our bench depth and would be especially good if Rush ends up leaving....


Right Now the Warriors are 7th worst

This is big deal. I can feel a great draft coming up...


Let's Look to the Future

So now with the Warriors at 5-10, I truly do not think this team is going to make the playoffs. If not the playoffs, then we will be stuck in NBA purgatory for the next few years as our pick will...


Possible Draft Day Trade

Hypothetically speaking, let's say the Warriors did trade Monta Ellis to Minnesota for the #2 pick straight up. With that pick, we would draft Derrick Williams most likely (but since he probably...

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