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Roy Williams demoted

Per profootballtalk.com, Roy Williams has been put on notice by the Bears WR Coach that Johnny Knox is gunning for his roster spot. I want to be nice, but then I think of all the money he's made...

Fitzgerald's New Contract


15 million a year, 50 million guaranteed. Somewhere DeSean Jackson is pouting.

Spying the Competition - Steelers vs Philly


I'm watching it here. The Eagles are getting burned pretty badly right now, as we all knew Casey Matthews simply isn't a starting LB in the NFL - he can't shed blocks and has little to no push to go along with slow reactions. Nate Allen their safety is also getting burned pretty nicely. At one point the Steelers had a 5.35 yard per carry average against the first team defense and they had almost 100 yards on the ground by the second offensive series (!). According to Jason B though Dixon and Patterson are the run stopping DTs and both are out tonight. Also, Vick threw a bullet right at Polamalu and a DT batted the ball down so there's another almost pick that he lucked out of. What say you KC Joyner.

Igor up to his old tricks


Igor says it doesn't matter who starts, he just wants to be help the Cowboys team and improve as a player. Puh-lease.

Dwayne Harris


Dwayne Harris

Cowboys Madden 12 Ratings


Don't like them! Tyron Smith has a lower rating than Colombo, Ball is rated almost as highly as Sensei, and Felix Jones has a "catch" rating in the low 70s. Also Bruce Carter is listed as an OLB and has a 67 rating, good job EA.


Rewatching Old Cowboys Games

Getting ready for a new football season, decided to go back and watch all of the old games I have on my hard drive. Colts vs Cowboys, just watched Marty B #80 pancake #93 Dwight Freeney. There's...


Breaking News - Holland on HGH

Hamburgers, Gumbo, Hogies . )


newman hurt

Newman just hurt his groin and limped off the field. Get better soon Terence we need ya.

Fatheads on Sale


Tuesday Wesnesday and Thursday certain ones are on sale for 24.99. I've got a Dez Bryant fathead in my room and its pretty awesome. It said members only so I'm not sure if you have to register or if its only available if you've ordered one before. They have Tony Romo, Emmitt Smith, and Troy Aikman on sale. Go Cowboys.

Eagles join the party


Eagles got together for their first workout today. I just want to praise Vick, MVP and most explosive quarterback in the history of the league; for his leadership skill. Its uncanny how they got a whopping 15 players together to practice. No doubt the Eagles win a Superbowl this year and spark a dynasty that makes all other before it pale in comparison. its pretty feasible they should be in the Championship game at least for the next decade.

Lockout fun!


So yesterday the courts made a ruling on the lockout, and more importantly the wording of it paints a rather bleek picture for the players. Taking the opportunity to strike while the iron's hot the owners actually gave the players a new CBA offer hoping to capitalize on their newfound strength. What's odd though is that reportedly this new offer is actually better than the last offer they gave the players. We'll see if its any better than "the worst deal in the history of sports" but I'm hoping both sides see its time to sit down and hammer out a deal. In related news Smith is still a d-bag and I will be extremely disappointed if he's still involved with the NFLPA after his gross mismanagement.

pats blog writer : sherrod better than smith


Says he wouldn't take him at 17. Cam Jordan ate him alive. Has an "OK" frame to grow. Struggles against counters and second moves. Also is not smart, can't cut block, and gets away with a ridiculous amount of holding calls. I kinda chuckled because he seems to think Smith would even make it to 17, everyone else's thoughts?

Scott Lutrus –6.89 3 Cone, 4.09 Short Shuttle, 10’01" Broad, 38" Vert –Never thought of Lutrus as a...


Scott Lutrus –6.89 3 Cone, 4.09 Short Shuttle, 10’01" Broad, 38" Vert –Never thought of Lutrus as a possible pass rusher in a 34 defense until I looked at his times and measurements. The Huskies rarely blitzed their LB’s out of their 43 scheme and Scott is already comfortable in coverage. He is a hard worker and I have no doubts could be a steal to a team drafting him in the 5th/6th round and hoping to convert him into OLB. He has the size and times, and at worst you get a guy you will be able to put back into his natural position inside if it fails. Via revengeofthebirds

Sack SEER and Lutrus


This is assuming litigation really does get messy and we miss either a small portion, a good deal or all of the NFL season. None of us can say for sure what’s going to happen with the coming...



In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. Tom Landry saw unconquered expanse and through his steady and unwavering vision carved out the broad landscape of America’s Team, a utopia...

Anthony Spencer to DE


I was playing Madden 11 the other day and had created an OLB to replace Spencer. I then kicked him inside onto the RE position and it turns out he's got a 94 rating when he's playing defensive end. Now, I know that doesn't hold a lot of sway in the real world but would it be so bad to have him play DE on pass rushing downs if we draft say a Miller or Quinn? I really don't think he would hold up all 3 downs but just look at the success another smaller, quicker player has had in Jay Ratliff. Maybe if we put Ratliff and Spencer at the ends and plug in someone else at nose tackle it would really bolster our pass rush in those situations. I don't know, just an observation and I'd like to get feed back. I've heard others calling for him to move to DE and have always dismissed it but in the right situations it may not be such a terrible idea.

Tony Romo calls into the Artie Spanier Show on 105.3 the Fan


I was listening to the radio on the way home, didn't work tonight because we're moving; but apparently there was a bruhaha because Tony Romo called into a local late night talk show and actually had an interview and answered a few questions. They're going to replay it in 15 minutes / 00:30 Central, so go to http://dfw.cbslocal.com/category/sports/ and click on "Listen Live". I'll update this fanshot with a transcription - I'm waiting eagerly but I don't know who else might be up that would otherwise miss it.

What is this garbage!?


JJT wants Tony Romo to watch Rodgers so he can learn how to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. I want JJT to come to read bloggingtheboys.com so he can learn how to be an elite writer. What is this garbage.I'm pretty sure Green Bay wouldn't have beaten the Eagles if Jackson hadn't gone down; but even more disturbing he cites the numbers Rogers put up against the overrated Falcon's team as further proof of his dominance. I guess that makes Jon Kitna an elite NFL quarterback, seeing as how he went 24 of 35 for 239 yards against the Eagles and poster boy Aaron went 18 of 27 for 171 yards against the same defense. Ridiculous.



Excellent article on the looming lockout. Must read.


Farfetched? Or plausible?

You think that the Houston Texans and Wade Phillips with their dire, dire need for CBs would be willing to make a trade for Terrence Newman and open up precious cap dollars? Tell them we'll throw...


Gin and Juice for Jerry, Hold the Juice?

Couldn't resist that title guys; no this isn't about our favorite imbiber but rather this is a cautionary tale. I've noticed an even greater schism than usual recently among our typically divided...

Robert Quinn


Article that references Quinn running a 4.38, and yeah that is one freakish athlete. He can't cover as well as his time suggests but I'm sure he's plenty strong. He projects as an outside linebacker in a 3-4.


Exciting News!

I just came home and found out my wife is pregnant, I'm so excited! Not Cowboys related? If it's a boy my wife has already agreed he can be named Dez [ :

Wade Phillips to Washington?


NFL network reports that Wade may be headed to Washington, presumably as the defensive coordinator. Pick your zinger guys, Washington - the Beast's sloppy seconds or Wade and Donovan, chalk up two easy wins from the 'skins.



Welcome esteemed colleagues, let me get the first meeting of the BTB department at Head Coach University rolling. Today we assess Jason Garrett, who's got his degree and is now entering his...


The Stifled Genius of Jason Calvin Garrett and "The Benevolent Dr. Jerral and The Incorrigible Mr. Jones"

Under the tenure of Wade Phillips, this article took a different tone entirely. I had all of the pretty statistics lined up – steadily solid, generally good and sometimes superlative numbers...


Bittersweet Confirmation

A lot of the posters on the site had a gut feeling that our offense had pretty terrible starting position and that really affected our ability to drive the ball. I had been looking for this for...


The Curious Case of Wade Allen Phillips and the Stifled Genius of Jason Calvin Garrett

This is my first well thought out fanpost and brevity is something I am averse to. Today, I’m going to look at Wade Phillips the head coach; how his defensive philosophy impacts his teams and...

I think I found the Cowboys new head coach.


I think I found the Cowboys new head coach.

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