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Every Draft Pick (Prematurely) Reviewed: 2012

Every 2012 NBA draft pick prematurely reviewed

Numbers behind the lockout


Quick summary: Players salaries and team revenues are growing exactly at the rate of inflation. Team expenses (outside of players salaries) are growing at five times the rate of inflation.


Every Draft Pick (Prematurely) Reviewed: 2011

This is year two of putting my thoughts down on as many draft prospects as possible for posterity and possibly comedy. I lean heavy towards stats, but am going to try and take a slightly more...


A Readers Guide to Keith Langlois

Our friend Keith at unloaded both barrels of rainbows and unicorns in defense of Jod in his post-trade deadline article. Let's take a closer look at some of the things he said. First...


More Trade Ideas- no cows spared

Starting from the assumption that it will take the Pistons a few years (at a minimum) of genuine rebuilding to get back into contention, let's imagine if all players on the team are available.The...

Shameless Self-Promotion


Here's a teaser/trailer for an indie feature film I shot this summer, my first time being Director of Photography on a full length movie. If you scroll through the crew you can see my goofy mug, or a better option is probably to scroll through the pretty cast, and if you're so inclined there's a link to the movie's facebook page-- any and all 'likes' are greatly appreciated (I can angle to get DBB a special thanks in the credits!). Hope you all enjoy it!


Players who might be available (who we might want)

Going 101% off pure speculation, let's break down which possibly available players we would want if we were Jods for a day.   I'll start with my random assorted lists/thoughts.


DBB Basketball Game?

This is more low-key than a trip to Vegas, but if anyone is interested-- I'm home visiting my parents in Ann Arbor and most of the guys I used to play basketball with are now either out of state or...

Bosh to Miami


A couple people have mentioned the news in different posts. But here it is, another domino comes tumbling down.

Best non-dunk shooters in 2010 Draft


Very interesting article. Unfortunately (IMO), it is another data point that suggests Greg Monroe might struggle against NBA competition.


Every Draft Pick (prematurely) Reviewed

I've been a draft junkie for years, obsessing over the Pistons picks even when they only had late 2nd rounders (i.e. 2006- Samb and Blalock FTW!). So now I'm finally going to put my epinions to the...


Greg Monroe vs. Everyone Else

***** IMPORTANT: To see the full stat tabs, this post needs to be viewed on the WIDE setting***** Monroe seems to be Pistons fans most popular choice among players who will probably be available...

2nd best PG prospect in the draft?


Good hoopsanalyst article about Jeremy Lin. He looks like a surprisingly solid prospect. There's been reports of the Pistons having workouts with PG's/SG's. I'd rather have Varnado, Faried and/or Parakhouski, but if Jod has his heart set on drafting a guard, Lin is IMO the best of the PG/SG's who will probably be available.

Jod's completely random surprise pick?


via, some random fringe prospects are coming into Detroit for a workout. One of the players has a rumored "guarantee" from a team picking in the top half of the 2nd round... "Osiris Eldridge is an interesting prospect in that he's basically coming out of nowhere - at least as far as players I had been following for the upcoming draft. Eldridge, a 6-foot-3 guard out of Illinois State, was named to the Missouri Valley Conference's All-Defensive team and First-Team All-MVC as well as turning heads on his way to earning All-Tournament honors at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. He's currently training in Chicago with world-renowned trainer Tim Grover as well as working his jumper with Tim "The Target" Sullivan, though Draft Express noted that "he actually has decent shooting mechanics and can get his shot off whenever he pleases." Problem is, he seemed to look for his shot a bit too often as he attempted over six three-pointers per game this season (he made 35%, so it's not all bad)., not typically noted for breaking news, has reported that Eldridge already has a "promise" as a second round draft pick (with Detroit being one of the possible suitors)." I'm confused.

Hoopsanalyst Draft Preview


We're all basically draft junkies at this point, and over the years I've always been impressed by how good Ed Weiland has been at picking the cream from the crap (think of him as the opposite of Chad Ford and David Thorpe). Weiland's more in-depth breakdowns are coming later, but this is a good start.

Draft Prospect Ranking


Ed Weiland of Hoopsanalyst's updated prospect rankings. Fun read for draft junkies.


Simple. Logical. Trade Idea.

This occurred to me after reading a little about the potential McGrady to the Knicks deals. We can make the exact same trade, but on a smaller scale. Knicks get: Kwame, Chucky, Summers. Pistons get:...

Great Hoopsanalyst article


Very interesting article comparing the relative fortunes of Ty Thomas and Aldridge. It's especially important in light of the Pistons upcoming lottery pick.


One More Trade Idea: Complicated and Probably Crazy

Alright, here's my weekly bit of procrastination in the form of another trade idea: Trade! and Trade!  So yeah, this is actually two ideas, a small one and a big one based off the same idea....


Some interesting DBB advertisements

Is anyone else's DBB home screen about 63% covered with ads for K-Y products at the moment...?

Updated Prospect Ranking


Updated, in-season prospect ranking by Ed Weiland of hoopsanalyst. After the college season is over he goes into much greater depth and compares players position by position, but I always enjoy his in-season updates because they give you an idea of which under the radar guys are worth watching.


Tired of trade ideas? Here's another!

Here's a trade idea for the new week: Blockbuster! Players involved: Detroit: Outgoing: Rip, Tay, Kwame, Daye. Incoming: David Lee, Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries. Boston: Outgoing: Ray Allen. I...


Another another trade idea

This one might actually work: Trade time. Players involved: Detroit: Tay, Kwame, Wilcox, Atkins, Summers, Daye. for Philly: Iguodala, Dalembert. That's it. Our perspective: We're adding another...

Very OT: Chris Matthews inserts entire lower torso in mouth


Sorry for political link, hope it doesn't offend anyone, but this is just... "I forgot he was black tonight for an hour."

OT: IPad


Looks pretty cool...


Trade ideas are fun! Amar'e edition

Here's a trade idea I cooked up after reading the rumor that Jod might be interested in jumping into the Amare "sweepstakes." He's not my favorite player in the world, but I do think he could be a...

For: NBA Draft Junkies


I've read Ed Weiland's draft articles, on, for years. He's consistently been the best. The focus is on stats, but he is good at keeping other variables in mind- age, teammates, etc... This is his first article about the 2010 draft class.


Ben and Charlie

Warning: this post will contain stats. I've had several lengthy debates centering around Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva since the moment we signed them. I think they're both good, useful...

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