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Buccaneers bench Josh Freeman for Mike Glennon

Hmmmmmm. . . I guess the Bucs really are a mess this year.

BOA sells the cheapest (price wise) beer in the NFL

They have it listed at $.27 an ounce. The most expensive is in Detroit at $.67 an ounce.

Panthers were close to converting to have enough DBs

According to Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, it got so desperate during Sunday’s loss to Buffalo that they nearly had to move linebacker Thomas Davis to safety, which he hadn’t played since his rookie year (2005).

Our Tampa friends seem pretty negative on the season

I was wandering around the division blogs when I saw this. Bucs fans sound awfully demoralized at the moment. . .

Panthers' Smith predicts playoff rematch

"I stand on this: I think we're going to see them again deep in January," Smith said as he looked for a positive in the loss. "If we continue to play like we're playing, eliminate some of the penalties, eliminate some of the mistakes ... for us to have played that team that is considered by all accounts the best team in the NFL -- according to Skip Bayless, the best AFC team around. ... If that's the best team, we came down to the [final minutes] and it was a well-fought game."

The Wonderful World of Greg Hardy

I posted this just for one little section:

Asked how he came up with individual nicknames for "MonStrz Inc.'' -- a play on "Monsters, Inc.'' to hopefully avoid potential legal issues with the Disney Pixar animation: "I am really talented.''

NFL practice squad: Salary, rules and eligibility

A primer from SB Nations NFL main page for those of us not up on the rules and such.

Ranking the QBs

Doug Farrar has Cam in the middle at 16.

NFL reaches $765 million settlement in concussion lawsuit

Former U.S. District Judge Layn Phillips, the court-appointed mediator, announced that the NFL and NFL Properties will contribute $765 million to provide medical benefits and injury compensation for retired NFL players, fund medical and safety research, and cover litigation expenses. The settlement still must be approved by U.S. District Judge Anita Brody.

10 things Jake Delhomme thinks about football

MMQB gave some space to Jake and he gave us 10 things.

Panthers Preview: In the Line of Fire

King's new MMQB has gotten to the Panthers in their preview series. A short quote:

While certain aspects of Carolina’s front and back fours might appear bleak, the light shining from this linebacking trio is bright enough to blind most Panthers critics. Reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year Luke Kuechly is already the best 4-3 Mike backer in football. It seems only a matter of time before the 22-year-old (who, honest to goodness, in person looks like a 245-pound 14-year-old) becomes football’s best linebacker period. Kuechly has a preternatural hunter’s sense and a rare gift for going zero-to-60 in tight confines.

RR puts a lot of the troubles from the Eagles game on the O-line

Rivera, however, seems to believe the offensive line is more to blame for that than Newton. "We did miss a couple throws. But he was running for his life twice, and both times he overthrew the ball. I’m not sure you put that on the quarterback alone," Rivera said.

Now they just need to fix it . . .

Power Rankings: 49ers on top after spate of injuries across NFL

Panthers are rated 22 according to Elliot Harrison over at NFL.com.

NFL's Most Engaged Fan Bases

We are middle of the pack at 18 by their method of measurement.

Key Panthers players support HGH testing

Cam and Olsen are all for it. Smitty seems to have a few health concerns but otherwise supports it.

Carolina Panthers, other NFL teams delve deeper into player backgrounds

It is interesting some of the questions guys get asked. I didn't know about Captain's brother though. . .

Panther's Corner Blitz vs Washington's Read-Option last year

SB blog Hog's Haven has an article explaining how the Panther's corner blitz successfully tackled their read option last year. For folks like me the pictures helped a lot too!

A first step toward HGH testing—in the wrong direction

This article looks like it explains the whys and the hows of HGH testing pretty well. Of course I say this as a non scientist type person . . .

The Quarterback Championship Belt

Nothing really Panthers related but I love football history. I'm not sure I agree with every choice he made but it is very interesting in my eyes.

PFT Preseason Power Rankings No. 25: Carolina Panthers

If Rivera matures as a coach, and Newton matures as a passer, there’s a reasonably high ceiling for this team. If neither happens, the floor could fall out from beneath them. Richardson’s not getting more patient as he ages, and doesn’t seem inclined to offer many more chances like the olive branch he extended Rivera this offseason. Being mediocre again will likely trigger a mass exodus, but the Panthers have the potential to be better than that

Jaworski's QB big board

Cam hasn't shown up on the list yet but the link leads you to his choices as they are released. It also has his transcribed remarks (no video). As of now we know Newton will be higher than 20. Cam was 15 last year.

Fun Fact - Over the last five years, 2,015 (or 53%) of NFL passing TDs were scored when the receiver caught the ball in the endzone.

The Panthers caught 26.3 percent of their touchdown passes in the end zone in 2012, the low mark in the league. I guess we just do things differently in Panther country.

Bill Barnwell explains the slow Free Agency signings this year

Combined with changes to draft pick compensation, the introduction of a salary floor, and other modifications contained within the new CBA, the shifting salary landscape has created a new paradigm in which an incredibly unlikely source of talent is becoming available at below-market rates: veteran free agents.

NFL's new bag policy to improve public safety at games

Fair warning for those heading to the stadium this year: Fans will have a few options for bringing smalls bags into stadiums. They only will be allowed to bring in small clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12", according to a press release from the league.

NFL's new bag policy to improve public safety at games

Fair warning for those heading to the stadium this year: That's the big takeaway from the new NFL policy revealed Thursday, which will limit the size and type of bags that are allowed into stadiums starting in the preseason. In an effort to increase public safety and expedite entry into the stadium, the NFL Committee on Stadium Security in May unanimously recommended the implementation of the measure.

Salary Cap info

According to Ian Rapoport over at the NFL Network, the Panthers used a June 1st designation on James Anderson when he was released. That means we picked up an additional $2.9m towards the cap. The cap now stands at about $10m.

Pat Y's NFCS Chat- Gettis rumors

Pat Y answered a question about why he seems down on Gettis. Pat replied with: I have my reasons and have heard some things. But, for Gettis' sake, I hope he proves that wrong. I am not sure what that means but thought I would share.

Big changes coming on NFL game days

Lots of folks have picked up on the new partnership between Microsoft and the NFL. As Sando points out it is bigger than Xbox. The game changer on the field will be allowing teams to use computers on the sideline in 2014 to help play calls. . .

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