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Humpty making some new friends. (Thats JJ Barea for all those who didn't realize)


Humpty making some new friends.  (Thats JJ Barea for all those who didn't realize)

Mark Brunell has lost $50 million, is bankrupt


This probably isn't the most important of stories, but it is making its rounds today among the top headlines. I personally feel bad for the guy, but I hope that Mike T. doesn't bring him back next year as a favor. Kinda feels like that's what we did this year.


Keys to the Bye Week

The Jets' first seven games are in the books, and our heroes are able to go into their bye weeks on a euphoric high after a comeback victory against the San Diego Chargers. However, the Jets will...

Revis Getting Star Treatment


Another article that is praising Revis while simultaneously putting him down. "Refs are barely calling penalties on him even when he does interfere".


Keys to Game 7: Jets vs. Chargers

Hi Gang Green Nation-ers, we are only 3 days away from football Sunday, so its about time that we checked out the keys to the Jets' next contest. This week, the (4-1) San Diego Chargers invade the...


Keys to Game 6: Jets vs. Dolphins

The term "moral victory" has been tossed around very liberally the past few days, which astounds me to no end. These are the New York Jets that we are talking about, the same Jets that were on...


Keys to Game 5: Jets @ Patriots

  Sunday was brutal, but luckily for the Jets and their fans, it is a long season. We have plenty of talent, and there's still time to come up with a game plan to best utilize it.  Last week, one...


Why Cromartie Should Never Return Kicks

Over the past week, there has been a lot of talk about Antonio Cromartie's role in the return game. Today, John B. touched on the benefits of taking Cromartie's return duties away in this article....


Keys to Game 4: Jets @ Ravens

One of the characteristics that every good team has in common is resiliency, and after a tough loss in Oakland last week, the (2-1) New York Jets will be looking to get back on track against a...


Keys to Game 3: Jets @ Raiders

Among the many cliches in football, perhaps the one that annoys me most is "every game is a must win". Its dumb, its irritating, and its almost always factually incorrect. However, the 2011...


Keys to Game 2: Jets vs. Jaguars

Last week, I outlined the keys to the Jets season opener against the Cowboys, in a FanPost entitled Keys to Game 1. Well, many of the key Cowboy players that I highlighted did indeed have...


Keys to Game 1: Jets vs. Cowboys

With the first game of a highly anticipated regular season only six days away, I can not wait any longer to start talking about meaningful games and big name players, rather than preseason matchups...

Deron Williams to Turkey!

This link is from truth and rumors on the Sports Illustrated website, but the rumor is gaining steam now as multiple sources are reporting it. This is crazyy...he reportedly has an out clause if/when the lockout ends but its almost like hes trying his hardest to not play another game for the Nets.

Dwight Howard wants to start his own path


Take this as you may. Athletes are full of shit and Howard may say 100 other things before he signs his next contract, but I really do believe that he wants to make his own path, free from Shaq's shadow. Strike L.A. off his list of possible options, leaving just the Magic, and hopefully NY.

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