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Spurs v OKC: What this means for the Blazers

I was just noticing how the Spurs are absolutely dominating the Thunder in the series right now. I understand that they could still come back and lose the series, just like they did in 2012. The...

Article on Derek Carr


This is an article about how David, his father, and an NFL coach are trying their best to help Derek not make the same mistakes David made. Pretty interesting read, and helps solidify one of the reasons I like Carr so much. I think he is being graded down for being related to his brother, but I think David's failure will motivate him to work even harder

Grantland breaks down Patrick Beverley's ability to annoy on the court


Apparently what we saw against Damian was completely normal for Patrick and basically a part of his game. I did not know the extent of it, although Grantland will catch you up if, like me, you missed some of the saga. Best quote: " Dwight Howard in the post is miserable to watch, ditto for Harden flopping his way to 10 free throws a game, and Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons are both kinda overrated … but Patrick Beverley? He’s so perfectly obnoxious and unbearable that even a Rockets hater like me can’t help but respect him" - Andrew Sharp, Grantland


Pacers lose to Pistons

Moving the Blazers into first place in the NBA in terms of record. While only a half game ahead of the Pacers, this is still awesome. I don't have the time right now (finals etc.) to research, but...

ESPN: Thoughts on tanking


I have felt tanking is misrepresented on this site by both fans and Dave (Yes, I know Dave is also a fan). Tanking is something done by the GM, not some mandate to the players to lose games. Think OKC playing Durant at PG so they could be bad enough to get Westbrook.Or the Spurs not trying to fix glaring holes when Robinson went down so they could Timmy Defense. Basically, you have someone construct a roster with some glaring holes so the team has a finite ceiling (like the Blazers no post offense / no post defense team last year. No amount of perimeter play will make a team like that into a contender), then you get a good draft pick, possibly repeat, until you are ready to contend. Then you fix the glaring holes you intentionally created (for example, Neil Olshey's statement that last year's horrible bench was intentional. Doesn't that seem suspiciously like tanking?), and hopefully you end up with a contender. You can tinker with pieces here and there but the lottery is where the majority of teams create the chance to contend

Retroactive Analysis of Walton's Injuries


Not sure if anyone posted this already, but they are doing a retroactive look at some famous athletes injuries from Dr. James "Jesus" Andrews, also known as the man who fixed Adrian Peterson and RG3. A somewhat interesting read, with Walton showing up for the following: "Bill Walton The Injury: For Walton it wasn't just one moment, but many — as in many stress fractures. The repeated breaking of his navicular bone (located on the inner side of the foot near the ankle) caused him to miss almost four seasons' worth of games. His first break came in 1978 with the Trail Blazers, but he would return that season for the playoffs, only to rebreak the bone against the SuperSonics in the Western Conference semifinals. After sitting out the 1979 season rehabbing that stress fracture, Walton was a free agent and signed with the San Diego Clippers. In his fourth preseason game, he broke the bone yet again and played 14 games that season. Walton then missed the 1981 and 1982 seasons while undergoing surgeries to restructure his ailing left foot. The Aftermath: After a rare injury-free year with the Boston Celtics in 1986 (when Walton captured his second NBA title), he would only suit up for 10 regular-season games and 12 playoff games in 1987 before retiring due to a return of his chronic injuries. Dr. Andrews: "Some people just have brittle bones. Like Sam Bowie — he had stress fractures in his legs that were nagging. Genetics have a lot to do with this. You have these superathletes and you have a buffer in recovery. It's easier to get them back than a run-of-the-mill person. Like Adrian Peterson. If you operate on someone like that, the right athlete, they make the surgeon look pretty good. Some people, even today's rehab can't help get them back."


The Draft: A (non) scientific approach

Like many of you, ever since we were locked into the 6th and 11th picks I have been obsessively researching who could fall to us, who would be a good fit, what trades are available, etc. While...


How you should think about Batum: A Primer

Clearly one of the hot topic subjects around here is Batum and how his free agency affects our cap situation. Also, how that cap situation affects our free agency targets. And how those targets...


Why Amnesty-ing Roy might not be cold hearted

I remember someone a while back doing a fact/speculation type post that I enjoyed reading a lot. The premise of it they would list the facts of the situation and then a few possible, reasonable...

NBA Owners and the Lockout


Fantastic article on Grantland regarding why NBA owners are being hypocritical with the lockout. This article essentially states how I have felt about the lockout since it began but puts it into very clear and interesting terms. On a side note, Paul Allen seems to run the Blazers as a hobby and not a business and would match up perfectly with how the author suggests a franchise be run. Do you all agree NBA teams should NOT be run as a business first?

Nicolas Batum underrated?


Kyle Weidie on ESPN 5-on-5 (while debating small forwards as part of their positional breakdown of the NBA) has a shout out to Nic Batum as possibly the most underrated small forward in the NBA. His description: "Many a GM has tried to pry Nicolas Batum away from Portland. No such luck. He's defense first with earnest promise to boost his offense. He embraces whatever role he's given while working to improve. He's just 22. Batum may never be a household name, but one day teams will be fighting for his services." While I agree he is very good on a contract which provides great value, it seems like a stretch to say he is the most underrated in the entire league. I suppose the term underrated applies primarily to fans, because in his own description he mentions how most teams seem to covet Batum, in which case he may have a point seeing as virtually no one outside of Portland knows who Batum is. What do you all think? If you disagree please provide the player you consider more underrated, preferrably with a justification which includes your definition of underrated so we can all be on the same page. P.S. Gotta love the lockout.

Steph Curry wins Sportmanship award, Lamarcus 3rd


I guess Lamarcus is still too soft, or at least too sportmanlike. Hopefully a preview to his All-NBA selection coming soon. Not totally sure what criteria they use for this award, but Steph Curry seems like a solid selection. Apparently LA gets $5k to donate to a charity of his choice, hopefully the Grief Stricken Laker Fan Fund


Blazer fan here with some words of condolence

Yes, I know Deron Williams was the face of your franchise. He is an incredible player and represented the heart and soul of your franchise. Players of his caliber do not come around often and when...


Bucks v Blazers Tickets

Does anyone have tickets for tonight's game? Preferably cheaper tickets but all offers are welcome. I am looking for 1 or 2 tickets, so just let me know and we can work out how to facilitate the...

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