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Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

Attended Lander University in the Fall of 2012 majoring in Mass Communications. Co-hosted a sports radio show on the nationally recognized Lander University radio (top 5 out of 300+ colleges).

Transferred from Lander and will begin studying at The University of South Carolina in the Fall of 2013, majoring in Broadcasting/Journalism.

Life Hi-Lites... playing baseball throughout youth up to High School, shining moment of glory was play at the plate where ump called me out and the catcher dropped the ball, I pointed it out and was called safe (pretty big moment for a kid who was shy throughout his childhood). Graduating High School, and getting Associates Degree. Attending Lander University and experiencing success while on my own.
By far the biggest hi-lite of my life, was going out while way out of shape (around 280 pounds), and competing for a spot on the Lander University Baseball team. I didn't make it, but I kept up with the other guys and likely outperformed a few of them. I did it all to honor my recently lost grandmother, who loved nothing more in life than to watch me play baseball as a kid.
I will be doing it all again come this fall, except I will be trying out for the USC baseball team, which will be a "full circle" moment for me and my family. The odds will be stacked heavily against me, but it doesn't matter... because nothing beats the feeling of being out on the diamond, the place you feel most comfortable at.

I have been very shy through my entire life, but if there is one place I feel on top of the world, it is on the baseball field.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Miami Heat
  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAF South Carolina Gamecocks
  • NCAAB South Carolina Gamecocks
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • Golf Tiger Woods
  • NASCAR 3, 88, 22
  • Soccer USA
  • Cycling Lance Armstrong
  • Tennis Maria Sharapova, John Isner
  • General South Carolina Gamecocks Baseball
  • Wrestling Edge, Sting, Brock Lesnar
  • MMA Anderson Silva
  • La Liga Real Madrid
  • EPL Manchester United
  • MLS LA Galaxy
  • Winter Olympics USA
  • Summer Olympics USA
User Blog

Finally some proof that the SEC is the best conference

Bumped from FanPosts.--ed I realize some people seem to not grasp the fact that the SEC's 6 straight National Championships prove the assertion that the SEC is the greatest conference in the...


2011 - 2012 College Football Conference and Bowl Predictions: Part II

This finishes out the Conference and Bowl predictions, with the BCS Bowl games plus 5 important ones... predictions after the jump


2011 - 2012 College Football Conference and Bowl Predictions

Through a bit of teamwork with my good friend TigerTown90, we plundered the deep dark depths that is the College Football season to try and attempt the impossible... predict the outcomes of each...

Interesting NCAA Football 12 simulated 2011 Season


Pretty good little read of a fun experiment, that will undoubtedly make every Gamecocks heart warm up and brighten your day.

South Carolina Erases Identity as a "Mediocre" Program


Capital One Cup just wrapped up its inaugral year, and low and behold, the University of South Carolina, known in it's history for being sub-.500 in it's Athletics, finished in the top ten. In case you are not aware of what the Capital One Cup is awarded for, it is given to the best Athletics Department over the course of the year, points are tallied for each sports success.

Shaq Roland Makes Unexpectedly Sudden Commitment


You would have to assume the commitments of Kwinton Smith and Jody Fuller went a long ways to easing his mind on the decision. Them three together will be something to behold... now lets see Nosovitch go on and commit to throw to them guys.



Nah just kiddin, Yours truly is now 21 years old, let the party that is LIFE begin

Williams reinstated; Will travel to Starkville.


Really good news for our depth as well as offense.


#1 vs #3... SEC East Beasts look to do Battle for Supremacy

If the #1 and #3 rankings doesn't get your attention... if the 10-2 marks in the toughest conference doesn't get your attention... if the 2 near perfect pitching staffs doesn't get YOUR...

Some backing for my views from another source


It sure does make me feel alot better knowing I am not the only one who feels this way.


Baseball Shows Its Highly Anticipated Offensive Prowess Finally

Was this week fun or what!... more after the jump


Reedy River Rivalry Preview

Final reactions to Game 2 aside, congrats to the Tigers for finding a way to win.  Here are the Key Matchups, what this game means, and my prediction.


Breaking News: The Perfect Storms strikes in Clemson, SC

In what seems so inexplicably impossible, you have to believe it was indeed the Perfect Storm that hit for Clemson today.


Gamecocks impressive in series opener against arch foe, Clemson

It happened yet again,South Carolina and Michael Roth handles the putty-cats (sorry just had to take a stab at them).More after the jump!


Neff regains control; Walker is ELECTRIC

In a game in which many thought would be a fierce struggle, Carolina found a way to make it look easy (after 5 innings of course), turning what I thought might be a loss into a tune-up game for the...


Great Idea for SECCG....

I think it would be REALLY awsome if the team would wear all black uni's, thus bringing back the craze of the Black Magic years.  It would not only probably be a huge emotional plus for the guys,...


I just heard something that urked my nerve....

I guess now that we have become more nationally exposed, teams have decided our "pump up" music is so great that they will use it also. I know we have no rights to the music, but Sandstorm is as...

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