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Why the Celtics can thrive soon, when most bad teams haven't

The risk of becoming really bad is genuine, but the Celtics (obviously) have a lot going for them that most bad teams in the past have not. In other words, Boston can dive down for a good pick...

10 things about this bizarre year

A couple of years from now this team will be remade, and great young coach Brad Stevens will have the talent to work with that he deserves.


10 things as the season *begins*

10 things to think about thinking about.


10 Things After A Rousing Victory

Memo to the internet: Doc is smarter than you.


Rondo and back to backs

For what it's worth...As far as consistency, Rondo's bad games are always on the second night of back to backs.Other than the first game back from the wrist injury, his really bad games were:Dec....

10 Things About the Coming Season


1) No Posey Posey was great.  No Posey no title; but that was last year.    Last season the Celtics desperately needed veteran championship experience.   James Posey (with some help from Eddie...

10 Things After the Draft


1) Draft In 2006 the Celtics had the #7 pick.  In 2007 they had the #5.  In those years the lottery and draft were objects of long, passionate anticipation. This year it was different. First off...

10 Things: Champions


1)  At LastWhat an amazing turnaround.  What a season.  What a story.After 22 years the skies have cleared and the sun shines through.  In the heavens above the stars are once again in proper...

10 Things After Game 2


1) Trick or Treat?Sunday June 8th, 2008: the scariest Halloween ever.  The Lakers made a frightening attempt at egging the TD Banknorth Garden before falling just short of an incredible fourth...

10 Things, Finals Preview


1) LA's Run Chances are you've heard of the Lakers 12-3 record in the playoffs.  No doubt you've also heard that the Celtics went 12-8.  Trouble for Boston?  Nope. Atlanta was not the worst team...

10 ECF Things


1) Good StartIt was a fine win in game one.  But only Celtics fans with serious short term memory loss will find the victory excessively gloat-worthy.We've been here before against the Hawks and...

10 Road Weary Things


Frustrating isn't it?  The Celtics are 0-5 away from Boston in the playoffs.  I have ten theories about why they cannot win a single game on the road. From least plausible to most plausible:1)...

10 Second Round Things


1)  CassellSam did good last night.  In fact Sam did good in the first Cleveland game as well.Still, on the subject of the point guard rotation that did not stop panic and wild accusations from...

10 Playoff Things


10 things about the playoffs so far, by Gant. 1)  Yelling At ElectronicsHave you gotten mad at your television set recently?   Have you raised your voice to it?  Swore at it?  Shut it off and left...

10 Things


1) The Crepes of Wrath The Celtics are performing like they did at the beginning of the year.  Efficient.  Angry.  Flattening opponents to pancakes.  Philly came into the Monday night game playing...

10 Things


1)  Seeds Of Springtime Beyond the sweet sensation of Piston pummeling, the result of last night's contest put the teams on new paths.   Had Detroit won, the rest of the season would have been a...

10 Things


1) Chris WallaceWhat's the worst transaction of Chris Wallace's career?  There's no quick answer to that one is there?  You have to think about it.Here's some of his more colorful Rolaids moments...

10 Things


1) Miami GameFirst off, Who kidnapped Bob Cousy and replaced him with Barney?  "I love you.  You love me.  We're a Happ-ee fam-a-lee."  What happened to the acid spitting Cous whose disposition...



1) Big Baby An NBA record was set Saturday night:  Never before have so many people simultaneously  pointed at their TVs and screamed the word, "Baby!" Taking a page from the Kendrick Perkins...

The Answer Is Yes


1)  The AnswerUp until now there have been lingering doubts.  Around the country people were skeptical.  They kept questioning different aspects of the new Celtics: The defense, the bench, Perkins...

Gant's Power Rankings


Traditional Power rankings need a jump start. Let's face it, the parameters are old and tired: An esteemed journalist ranks the teams from 1-30, fans argue, repeat. Snooze. So I'm going to...

Quiet Joy


Less Griping, Less TypingThere's a strange counterintuitive phenomenon taking place.  Before the season started I expected activity on Celtic boards to grow with the team's winning percentage.  If...

10 Things


1) Orlando Have you been reading the Orlando box scores?  The faint of heart should probably move to the next paragraph because what I'm about to tell you is something so disturbing that it may...

10 Things After 7 Wins


1) Garnett I'm no Phi Beta Cappuccino.  I thought I knew something about this game.  I was wrong.  I did not even come close to realizing how great Kevin Garnett is. All through the summer Sean...

10 Things With The Season Underway


Whoa what a performance that was.  3-0 baby.  You don't usually see a game decided that early, but the Nuggets just got skewered.  When the normally skeptical Bob Cousy is all sunshine and flower...

A Trade Too Far


A Trade Too Far There's virtually no chance of Boston trading for Kobe, but recent rumors have vaguely connected the Celtics to the temperamental one.  That's one wacky notion.  I mean who came up...

Preseason Wrap Up


With all the exhibition games done, the Celtics final preseason record is 4 wins, 3 losses, and one Worcester.  The general sense of euphoria that recently saturated the great nation of Greenistan...

Phases Of The Game


One of the best ways to size up a team is to look at the different phases of the game and see where the strengths and weaknesses are.  Since this is pretty much a whole new roster, stats from last...

10 Things After Europe


1)  Just a few months ago we were mourning our crummy ping pong karma.  We thought we had done everything right:  We'd ardently prayed to the Hoop Gods.  Many Celtic fans had meticulously faked...

Pitchforks and Point Guards


Pitchforks As you know, there exists a highly motivated subculture of Celtic diehards who live for one purpose only.   They regularly meet in the basements of eerie castles during thunderstorms...

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