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Texas and Florida have to meet in a bowl game

The match up would be so pathetic it would have to be good

Pat White Bounces Back

Pat White carried over his success from the last play of yesterdays practice and put on an impressive showing today. He picked up a lot of material very quickly, and handled the huddle very well.

Pat White Senior Bowl Highlights

Check out the 39 yard TD Bomb! I effing love this pick!


Dolphins Bring In Harvin for Another Look

Look out Harvin Haters- the Dolphins have brought him in for another look.   As you can see here, he even canceled another visit to come.


Outsider's Take on the Cutler Saga

Hello everyone- I've never really posted here before, but for some reason or another I feel compelled to chime in on the events that are transpiring in Devner.  As you can tell by my name i'm a...

Clay Matthews Blazes to a 4.57 forty yard dash.

If it holds up, Clay Matthews was clocked in at a ridiculously fast (for a LB) 4.57 seconds in the forty. That is down from a mearly outstanding 4.67 seconds at the combine - and puts him just .01 seconds off of the benchmark set by top 5 pick Aaron Curry. He was also over a tenth of a second faster than oft injured teammate Brian Cushing.

Mach Harris Improves 40 Time

Good news for all you Mach Harris fans, he improved upon his mediocre 40 time for the combine (down to 4.5 seconds). He also showed off his quickness/change of direction in the short shuttle.


Gators Pro Day Results

Just wanted to update my bandwagon player Harvin, as well as a few of his teammates.  An interesting note- no Dolphins big wigs were present for the workout- but Percy Harvin, Louis Murphy, AND...


Interesting Note In Malcolm Jenkins Interview

I had to take a long drive today at work, and I got to hear an interview with draft prospect Malcolm Jenkins.  Most of it was your average boring, generic interview fodder.   You know:  I...

The Onion's Take on the T.O. Signing

Hilariously NSFW- don't forget to check out their career highlights either.

The Cutler vs Denver Drama Gets Funnier- Belichick's Assistants Continue To Embarass Selves

Not really Dolphins related- but I figured we would all like to take a chance and laugh at the guy who used to coach against us. Like him or not- Cutler is a stud and true franchise QB. Maybe if McDaniels stayed in NE he'd want Cassel to start over Brady too since he "raised him up from the ground" and all. Yet another Belichick disciple who is crashing a burning.


Missing Piece of the Jake Grove Puzzle.

We all know there has been a bit of a divide over some of the signings the "Triad" have made in the recent past.  Some people have been highly critical of the moves, pointing to poor past...

Donte Stallworth Killed a Guy In Miami

According to CBS4 in Miami, Stallworth has been detained after an automobile accident that killed a pedestrian. Per the report, the accident happened at the intersection of Fisher Island Drive and the MacCarthur Causeway in Miami. We’ve separately been advised that police are investigating whether Stallworth was driving under the influence. According to a source with knowledge of the investigation, authorities performed a mandatory blood draw on Stallworth, and they are awaiting the results of the test.


Pass Rush & Pass Defense - Looking at the Numbers

In Matty's Friday article discussing cornerbacks, the first point he addressed was whether it is more important to have a pass rush or great corners.  Matty mentioned teams on each side of the...


Don't Compare Green To Bodden. . .

I know the most tempting thing here is to compare Eric Green to what the Patriots paid to Leigh Bodden.  Bodden is of a similar age, but seems to have much more upside- and he probably does.  But...

Thank you for being so kind, Mark. I think Tim Tebow will be a top five pick in next year's draft...

Thank you for being so kind, Mark. I think Tim Tebow will be a top five pick in next year's draft and will be a successful quarterback in the NFL. I have talked to Bill Parcells recently about Tebow and he has the same feeling. He wasn't sure if Tebow is a top five pick, but did think he's a top 10 pick

Still Bummed About Not Landing Jason Brown? Read This.

I know a lot of the regular Phinsider's here were pretty bummed to learn we didn't land Center Jason Brown.  His size enticed a lot of people, and many wanted to see a clear, tangible upgrade of...

Redskins asking Haynesworth to bulk up.

Jim Zorn has asked Big Al to get even bigger so he can really earn those dollars.


A Closer Look at Hakeem Nicks

An in-depth look at UNC wide receiver Hakeem Nicks - a potential target of the Dolphins with the 25th pick.


Best Players You've Never Heard Of: Don Carey

Well, with all the buzzing going on about T.O. signing in Buffalo, and the disappointed fans I saw when we didn't sign Bryant McFadden - I figured this would be a good time to introduce one of my...

CB McFadden signs w/Arizona

So much for that one. He got a 2 year, $10 million deal with half of that guaranteed.


I'll Tell You Exactly How The T.O. Signing Affects Us

The answer to this question is too easy.  This will probably be my shortest post ever.  No stats necessary, no charts- nothing like that. 


Your Comprehensive Guide to the Dolphins 2008 Offense

A breakdown of Miami's offensive production in 2008 by formation.


The Parcells Cornerback Prototype

All the talks going on around here about cornberbacks got the hamster wheel in my brain turning.   We know the general prototype for a Parcells player.  Big, strong, and fast.  But what kind of...


Vonnie Holliday Speaks About His Release - "There's No Loyalty In This League"

Tim Graham,'s AFC East Blogger and longtime Dolphins reporter caught up with Holliday after he learned of his release.

Will Belichick Get the Last Laugh?

Interesting read from the Boston Herald. Of course it quotes "anonymous" sources- but they say "Bill Belichick wouldn't do his own mother a favor" so maybe they really do know whats going on.


Troy Nolan Supplement

MHTD did an awesome breakdown of Troy Nolan for us, with more experience watching him than most NFL scouts are going to have.  I'm not gonna add any real analysis as I only saw him vs. Georgia and...

Exclusive Interview With Chad Pennington

A Palm Beach Post exclusive interview with Chad Pennington. He feels that Coles could bring a solid veteran presence to the team, but he is not lobbying Parcells to sign him.


Are Teams Like the Redskins Ruining Football?

As I was making my long commute home today, I did what a lot of you guys probably do- I listed to Sirius NFL radio, hoping to catch an update or an interview.  What I kept hearing the hosts go on...


What Does Channing Crowder Mean for the Dolphins?

Alright- so obviously this is a bit hastily assembled, so excuse me if its not nearly as readable as usual (and its usually pretty tough anyways, so sorry in advance). Obviously as a Gator homer,...

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