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New nick for Pot Roast?


If Knighton doesn't like Pot Roast, perhaps Fat Strike (Coup de Gras) is more to his liking?


Death of an era: Most yards in the history of football

And a billion other records. I have watched a TON of Elway. A lot of Manning. Calvillo fits right with those names. Manning is fast? No huddles faster than anyone? Motion is unlimited in the CFL....


13/14 Salary Cap Status

So I went and mashed some numbers last night, thanks in large part to Rodney Adams and a bunch of others. I figured I'd clean up all my comments so people can have a look. C...

Goodbye Deacon Jones


"All I needed was one blink, and I was by you." "I could outrun daylight" s best games to see the tribute.


A few things I dont understand (Mays and Belicheat)

Mays fined 50K but Mundy fined only 21? Belicheat saying he's never done wrong... "I've coached in this league a long time," Belichick said Monday. "I've never been penalized, never had any...


Request: spoiler-free weekly 'best' games

Hi All, I've got NFL gamepass which allows me to watch condensed 30 minute versions of the games. I'd like to watch the good ones first, but don't want to check headlines to find the score. If...


NFL Gamepass review requested

If anyone has purchased gamepass, I would highly appreciate any/all reviews of same. Link here, questions after the jump. h...


Definition of a crappy team:

Your pro bowl offensive player, the BEST offensive player you have (no, it's not Clady) is worth a 6th round pick.   Wow, what a crap team that must be. Or is it the gm?   Anyone disagree? Anyone...


tape and uploading of game

the short: despite owning the NFL package, I cant see the game today. Any way to see a recorded version in a few days?


How to 'Tape' Thursday game?

  Hi guys, can't watch the first preseason game live, but would like to see it on tape delay. It's not shown on tv in my area; any idea how to see it on delay via internet? Also, if anyone has any...


If we dont draft Dareus...

  Last year demonstrated what happens without a dline. Assuming we don't take dline 2nd overall, whatever will we look like?


How I hope 2011 draft goes

  Hi all. First post, longtime Broncos fan. My hope for the draft was established about 2 months ago, and I haven’t really wavered all that much. I’m going more by position and the assumption that...

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