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A Candidate For Mets GM


Shit!... Shit!... I know shit's bad. Saldy hasn't won us a world series in like 2 years and shit! Our First Baseman had to get sent down, and the farm ain't growin' no crops... But we got this guy, Not Sure. He's gonna make the farm grow crops again. He can talk to plants! And he's gonna fix the rain outs, and the dust storms too! He'll solve all our problems! And if he doesn't do it in two weeks, we'll throw him in Monster Truck Rehabilitation, just like SALDY ALDERSTON!! What Saldy? You're smart 'Monkeyball' ass don't match my Sabertooth Thunderstorm Monster Truck MAYHEM!!!! Da's right! F***in' America, Bitchez! We want the mansion, not the condo! Now! Noth three years from now! And that's my stance! Gangsta.


David Wright Meets the Mets at the Same Crossroads

(Bumped from FanPosts. -- James) --- This post is in part a retraction of a certain under-considered argument I made under another post on the prospects of David Wright returning to the Mets. It...


Mike and the Mythmakers

Some more thoughts on Mike Francesa's Mets rant and myth-making sports journalism in general.


Why Oliver Perez and Roy Halladay have similar BABIPs

The following is an attempt to explain a puzzling fact about baseball. Mets fans may recall Gary Cohen glibly dismissing the emphasis that SABRE analysis places on strikeouts in assessing...


Bay & Castillo

Jason Bay (LF), 2011 .232/.321/.327 (WAR: 0.6) Luis Castillo (2B) 2008:.245/.355/.305 (WAR: 0.7) So, who thinks it would even be possible to trade Beltran for relief...


Extra: New York Yankees Claim 2010 Championship by Birthright

Yankee fans have long been criticized throughout baseball for behaving as though a world championship were their birthright, but the Yankee fan based stunned even their harshest critics by throwing...


See You On The Other Side

(bumped from FanPosts) --- I do not count myself among those who condemn being a sports fan as a useless and irrelevant waste of time, although I certainly see where they are coming from,...


The Clean Slate

It isn't often that salary dumps take on the massive scale that I am about to propose, but it isn't often that outrageous contracts accumulate in major league teams the way they have with the 2010 N...


Wright Poll 2

Here is the second in a set of polls that I'm conducting regarding the Amazin Avenue community's take on the perplexities of David Wright offense as of late.  The question is, basically, is David...


Behold: A Beaten Horse

This is just a poll (or three) regarding the string of very good work of analysis regarding Wright's contact problems. One possibility that has not been mentioned (because it is rather far-fetched)...

David Wright has a 25% whiff rate


This has been getting worse since 2007. I checked to see this when it became evident that he's not fouling pitches off or putting them in play as much as he used to, and is becoming an automatic K with 2 strikes. (K% after 2 strikes at 68%; overall K% around 33%). In fact, having re-energized his swing to put up some more power seems to have had the expected effect on his whiff rates and K rates, except that it's gone from a wussy swing with very high whiff rates to a strong swing with extremely high whiff rates. The sample size is becoming large enough (K rates and contact % stabilize early) so that if this continues we will soon have ample justification to say that his career is on an early decline phase. No panicking yet. Just something to keep an eye on.


This Might Get Big

It was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the Amazin' Avenue  gamethread for the 20-inning marathon between the Mets and Cardinals had generated 4,000 comments, quintupling the...


Sympathy for Minaya

  Some have shrewdly pointed out that the final two paragraphs of my last post seem to contradict my original thesis; and they are right.  In retrospect, I am far too harsh on Omar Minaya at the...


My Take on What Omar and Jerry Are Thinking

  This is written in response to John Peterson's poll of what the worst flaw of Omar Minaya's thinking is.  I answered "none of the above" because in my view, the poll misses the bigger picture of...


More On Detente

This is written largely in response to letsgocyclones' excellent post on the intransigence of the mainstream media regarding the Mets' insane misuse of Jenrry Mejia. The post raises certain issues...

There is, in me, the hope that Omar has gone crazy and is kind of Putting the System On Trial — t...


There is, in me, the hope that Omar has gone crazy and is kind of Putting the System On Trial — that he’s going to sign Todd Hollandsworth to a $155 million deal next month, and then trade Johan Santana for a 1991 Eagle Talon and a bunch of yarn, and then reveal the whole thing as a conceptual art piece, at which point we will all applaud and he’ll sell the last three years of Mets baseball at the Gagosian Gallery. But the one thing that all this is definitively not is conceptual, art-wise or otherwise. It’s just f****ng Gary Matthews Jr., somehow and for some reason. It’s just business — inexplicable business — as usual. It just kind of sucks, if you can bother to care about it.

Haven't been here in awhile and I hope no one has posted this in Fanshots before. I remember that I was actually thinking of checking out Amazin' Avenue again and just then hearing about this (admittedly old news) trade, whereupon I thought it might be best to take a few more weeks off. James K, I feel you, but I vote yes. Here's hoping for .314/..410/.575 from Dubs and 20/20/40/80 from Reyes, a 62/100 record, first pick in the draft, and a bemused farewell for Omar Minaya.

Go to Hell Barry! A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds!


Go to Hell Barry! A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds!

Jerry Manuel's Plan 9 From Outer Space


Lost in the shuffle was Manuel pulling a move so astonishingly stupid that it even bemused Steve Phillips, who, for the portions of the game I caught, seemed much less reprehensible than usual. Perhaps someone at ESPN told him to cool it?


Nieuwenhuis, Glimmers of Hope, and a Pole..ahem...Poll!

No reflections or attempts at analysis here.  I'm just indulging in some feel-good non-analytical Nieuwenhuis love, one of the few pieces of good news this season and proceeding to convey how good...


Wright Lobby for Better Team (new name court. of firejerrynow)

No, this is not about Dub's magic helmet.  This is about Davy starting to get too nice for his own good.  It started with his backing down on a perfectly reasonable stance against Mike Francessa's...


Omar Installment II: Would This Have Been Too Much To Ask?

This isn't second-guessing.  This is an illustration of how a GM who was not incompetent would have thought the '08-'09 offseason through.  Any one of us could have thought this through and not...


OK, So Is It Omar or Injuries? (Now With Update!)

The Mets starting lineup (including our starting pitcher) on August 11th was very close to the worst possible starting lineup a professional team could field given the assumption of good faith, in...


The Bernazard Fiasco--the Fallout

Reprecussions positive and negative: Positive:  1.)  Obviously Bernazard had to go.  Yes, I don't trust Rubin and I think that was a hit piece, but Bernazard's behavior and comportment has no place...


David Wright: Behind the Blow

Occasioned by David Wright's being completely overmatched by a AA/AAA fringe pitcher Rodrigo Lopez, I take this opportunity to ask, what are David Wright's luck-neutral stats? There are two...


Trayd Rayis? Not exactly.

  I would say it's slightly better than typical Metsblog chatter, but not much better.  As it's essentially Reyes for 2 average players of the type that are easily obtainable without sacrificing...

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