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Dangers of Twitter: Herm Edwards weighs in.


Not specifically Chiefs related but players and social media seems to be a big issue in the league today. Analysis here from Teddy Bruschi and Herm Edwards(who is at his Hermian best).

Jamaal Charles was once almost dealt to the Redskins.


Just wow. Lucky for us it didnt happen and probably lucky for Charles too considering that offensive line. The Skins offered a fourth rounder during the 2009 offseason and the Chiefs wanted a third so the Skins walked away. I'm not sure which team should feel more stupid about this now.

Knockoff Jersey Reviews/Discussion


I came across an interesting post from saintsreport lately about knockoff jerseys and the different deals/quality/etc that are available and was wondering if any Chiefs fans have any experience ordering knockoff jerseys. The info from the saintsreport is great but the complaints etc are specifically geared towards their jersey and not ours. So if you have had any experience good/bad with any sites feel free to post here. Note: This isn't a post meant to start an ethical discussion about knockoffs or chinese sweatshops or the like and also if this is against AP policy to discuss on these boards then I apologize and feel free to delete.

Pioli Interview with Bob Fescoe


Alot of interesting things said in this interview. Nothing earth shattering or new but interesting nonetheless. Both transcript and a link to the audio available.

Wallace Gilberry has made news by reporting to camp with a thicker, more impressive physical frame....


Wallace Gilberry has made news by reporting to camp with a thicker, more impressive physical frame. He put that new look to use in one-on-ones vs. the offensive line. Gilberry was nearly unstoppable during the period.

KC Chiefs Mothership

Malcolm Floyd back in San Diego.


Not a great player but definitely one that thrives in their offense and I'm sure we would've all been happier if he signed elsewhere.

Darren McFadden breaks his orbital bone.


We've had a couple nicks and scratches on some players but it seems like players are going down left and right in Tennessee and Oakland. This is only a 2-3 week injury for McFadden but maybe he hasn't shaken the injury bug, that plagued him his first few seasons, quite yet.

Al being Al: Raiders throw 48M$(29M$ guaranteed) at franchise tagged Wimbley


That is alot of money for a guy who's put together two decent seasons in his five year career. I've lost track of how much money they've overpaid their above averaget free agents while letting their great free agents walk out the door. Keep it up Al!

Chiefs sign Brandon Siler


Chiefs signed ILB Brandon Siler, formerly of the Chargers. Just 25 years old, Siler made 12 starts over the past two seasons in San Diego, racking up 111 tackles, three sacks, and two interceptions. Per Pro Football Focus' ratings, Siler graded out positively as both an inside pass rusher and cover 'backer last year. He also had seven special teams tackles in 2010 and should push for snaps immediately next to Derrick Johnson.

Fescoe Tweets: "#chiefs could b in bidding war w #lions for cb Jonathan Joseph"


Fescoe Tweets: "#chiefs could b in bidding war w #lions for cb Jonathan Joseph"

That would really be a head scratching move. I don't put alot of stock in Fescoe but who knows.

As per NFLN: "Bucs vs Chiefs will be nationally televised live"


As per NFLN: "Bucs vs Chiefs will be nationally televised live"

Sorry if you don't have NFLN.

Hali makes an appearance in the NY Times list of the top 10 OLBs in the NFL


I know, I know just another ranking list, that we've seen before. This one deserves publishing just for the great comment on Hali.

Mediation breaks until June.


Must be nice to work for two days and then take the next 17+ days off. No wonder fans are pissed when it doesn't even seem like either side wants to get this done.

Another great write up on Allen Bailey


This was a write up prior too or right around the time of his college recruitment. It goes into great detail about the kids life, where he came from and what it was like for him. Great insight into the young mans life. It left out the part where, when the Miami recruiters came to see Bailey he appeared with a shotgun and a gator slung over his back but it's still a very interesting read.

Deja Vu? Once again Chiefs represented in ESPNs Position Power Ranking series.


Eric Berry comes in as the #5 safety on their board. As a rookie this is impressive and considering the guys ahead of him this is probably a good spot for him to start his career at. It's only going to get better with Berry but so far it's been a great start.

ESPN LB Power Rankings: A Chief squeeks into another top 10 poll.


I think most of us are guilty of clammering about the lack of attention Tamba Hali seems to get from the national media but once again he's broken into ESPNs power ranking polls. After finishing 5th in the "Top 10 pass rushers" poll Hali has come in 9th in their "Top 10 Linebacker" poll. After flying under the radar for most of the last year and getting snubbed for the Pro Bowl it seems like Hali awareness is going up.

Football Outsiders break down 2010 CBs


Stats obviously don't tell the whole story but in the world of statistics no one does it better then FO. Here's a breakdown of last years CB with the Chiefs being well represented across all the breakdowns.

Baldwin works out with Fitzgerald.


This guys "character issues" are well documented and he's dropped down the draft board significantly since the end of the college season. You have to think though that this can only help his draft stock and should help start to change people's impressions of him. Working with Fitz can't be anything but a good thing as we all know from our own problem child.


Jaguars fan for a week: Arrowhead Pride's Annual Mock Draft

  Hey BCC. Once again its the one week of year that I get to be a Jaguar fan. I am the official Jaguars representative in the Arrowhead Pride mock draft and I've come looking for some perspective...

ESPN: Top 10 NFL Pass Rushers.


Third straight poll over at ESPN featuring a Chief. It's strange because even when Hali gets some recognition he still goes unnoticed. Despite being ranked top 5 by five to the eight panelists(three have him ranked top 3) somehow, in a seventeen paragraph breakdown of the poll, his name is not mentioned once.

ESPN Power Rankings: Top 10 NFL running backs


Our very own Jamal Charles coming in at #5. I think that's pretty fair all things considered although if Paul Yasinskas doesn't rank Thomas Jones(for God knows why) ahead of Charles then he finishes in a tie for 3rd. Charles did get extra love from AFCW blogger BW. It's interesting reading the comments not only from the users but also some of the espn bloggers who seem to think Charles is the flavor of the week or a one year wonder when he's put up monster numbers over the last two seasons now. I wish NFL teams would underestimate and overlook this kid as much as NFL fans do.

Long live Al Davis: Raiders sign Routt to 3 year, 31M$ extension.


So this offseason Al has now franchised an average(at best) LB, he's paid an aging DT 15M$/season and has now capped it off by paying an average(again at best) CB 10M$/season. Safe to say it looks like Nnamdi will no longer be in Oakland. Thank you Al Davis.

Fans sue Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys over SB ticket fiasco.


It makes sense now why Jerry Jones through a very lucrative package at these jilted fans for next years Super Bowl because the lawsuit of these 1000 fans could reach a total of $15,000,000.

Jeffri Chadiha, the anti-Whitlock? ESPNs football analyst breaks down the KC Chiefs.


Great write up and breakdown of the Chiefs headed into the postseason. One of the most complete and intelligent reports on our team I've read on ESPN all year. Warning: Do yourself a favor and save yourself Mark Schlereth braindamage by muting/pausing the video at the top of this story.

ESPNs John Clayton: Ranking NFLs QBs


It's no secret that I think John Clayton is a hack(they should seriously consider giving his job to Joel) that knows little to nothing about football and this report does nothing to change my mind. Regardless it's an "experts"(I use that term very loosely) ranking of QBs in the league and I think even those on the fence about Cassel won't like where he is.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell goes off over SNF postponement.


Other then his borderline racist comments about Chinese/Asian people I think he nailed it on the head. The fact that this game was postponed was a little bit "wussy" and the fact that they delayed it two days is borderline ridiculous. They showed shots of the stadium today on NFLN and the sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the sky. No reason why it couldn't be played today.

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