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Yankees DFA Big Splash


Having signed two players but holding a full 40-man roster already, the Yankees began to make roster moves to open spots. First up: They DFA's Vernon Wells. For those of you wondering, the Angels will be paying Wells approximately $18M in 2014.

Writer on Gammons' website statistically pantses "Gold Glover" Adam Jones


Easy, interesting reading, confirming everything you already thought you knew--Gold Glove awards are a joke, and Adam Jones is about as far away from being the best in CF as any of us are.

Homeowner finds silhouette of young Mike Trout in house, paints over it


For some reason, I'm thinking this might have been worth something in 20-30 years--Folks who bought a home in which Trout grew up found his traced silhouette in the basement, along with that of his older brother. Having dutifully documented this, the new owners painted over it. How many here would have erected a shrine in the basement? That is the ultimate one-of memorabilia, and it is now Dusky Taupe and gone.


Reports say Tanaka will not be posted

Story in NY Times indicates the ownership of the Rakuten Golden Eagles will not post Masahiro Tanaka to MLB. According to the sources, the team feels it has a shot at a championship in NPB which...

This is priceless


A B-Ref profile of a famous character you may have never known played the game. Pay special attention to his minors record at age 2.


The last few games have been so weird...

The series in Seattle and Tampa have gone exactly as I thought this team would be playing in late August. However: * I didn't think they'd be 110 games out of first place * I didn't think they'd...

Cafardo tweets that Kendrys could be back for 2014


If the Mariners can't re-sign Kendrys Morales don't be shocked to see an Angels reunion with the FA Dh/1b

The quote is a tweet from Nick Cafardo--it is always possible to trade Trumbo, of course, or to trade Bourjos and move Trumbo to the OF, but right now it seems we have bagged the legal limit on slow-footed 1B/DH types. And really, is this team's biggest need to sign another Free Agent, especially if the path involves trading away cost-controlled players?

Belated Correspondence to Jerry Dipoto

Dear Jerry, It’s been a long time since I last wrote. Some of it is my fault--too busy, I suppose--but part of it is yours, too. See, I meant to write you at the outset of the season, but life...



Two Letters - One to Rangers fans about Torii Hunter and one to Josh Hamilton about Torii's performance. Dear Rangers fans, THAT is how a fan base welcomes back a former hero. It doesn't matter...


POLL: When will the Angels turn it around?

Last season, the pivot point for the season was a series against Oakland, beginning May 21. After drifting with the tide for six weeks, the team seemed to catch fire and took 2 of 3 from Oakland,...

Stay Classy, Arlington


The other photos of the Ranger fans tailgating in the parking lot before the game lend an extra layer of irony.

Saunders signs with Mariners


Jack Z had himself a busy day... What is interesting is that the deal for the Colonel is but for one year, after all the posing from Saunder's agent that they expected three years. Apparently, the market isn't there for a veteran lefty with modest stats.


Who here understands the current CBA?

There was a column by Rosenthal in the last 24 hours, stating that the Angels were seeking to trade Kendrys Morales. One of the statements made by Rosenthal was that the Angels didn't intend to...

Proof Jerry reads HH


He went out and got us another Rodriguez. You can imagine his offseason to-do list: Fortify bullpen--check Headline-grabbing free agent signing--check Restock the Rodriguez pond--check

Your daily helping of schadenfreude


Read up, while it is still online at the paper's website. But a couple of money quotes to commemorate for posterity: 1. The Rangers have lost the offseason. Yeah, I know it’s obvious, but it bears repeating. Consider this: The Rangers wanted Torii Hunter and he went to Detroit. They wanted Russell Martin and he went to Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh! They wanted Zack Greinke and lost him, Koji Uehara and lost him. They looked poised to trade for either Justin Upton or James Shields or both and got neither. Their acquisitions this winter: Re-signing a backup catcher who hit .196 and adding a reliever who won’t be ready until mid-May. Oh, and the pushed the club all-time hits and games played leader right out the door. There are other guys out there on the free agent and trade market, but all of them were not primary or even secondary targets when the offseason began. --and-- 5. The most disconcerting feeling out of all this: Why is it that nobody seems to want to play for the Rangers, a team that has three straight 90-win seasons, a pair of World Series berths and money to spend? That is something the Rangers are going to have to look at internally and potentially come up with some hard answers.

Hate Bleacher Report? This is for you.


If you're like me (and if so, my apologies), you find Bleacher Report to be the sort of lazy sports reporting which can make ESPN look like CBS News during the Cronkite era. And if so, this is for you.

Greinke said close to signing with Dodgers


Ain't this a kick in the head? Colletti is an even better poker player than Dipoto. According the story, the Rangers have been informed that they are out of the running. $145M/6 is said to be the deal. And the Dodgers still have 20 hours left to sign Ryu, too.

Bobby Wilson is a free agent


The Blue Jays opted to non-tender him, rather than go to arbitration. He was picked up as insurance in case the Jays Arencibia or d'Arnauld, but neither was moved. Whatever you do, nobody say a word about this to Scioscia...

Two stories on a collision course


The headline above is the first. It may be behind a paywall for some of you, but here is the gist: "Now comes word the Dodgers are talking to Fox about retaining its media rights package for at least $6 billion, maybe $7 billion." To put it in perspective, that would be twice the contract the Angels signed with Fox Sports West. It works out to over $1M per game for the Dodgers. And here is the other: So Team Greinke is predicting a contract which will be less than only Sabathia's, and the Dodgers are on the cusp of a television contract second only to the revenue the Yankees derive from YES. I think Dipoto is already on Plan B.

Scratch Kuroda off the Angels' shopping list


Apparently he has signed with the Yankees for $15M over 1 year, with $1M in performance bonuses. Under the circumstances, I think I might be glad we didn't make that deal.

Preparing to be disappointed by Zach Greinke


The link above is but one story which has been circulating in the past few weeks, stating that the Gugenheim money behind the current Dodgers management has given Ned Colletti the AmEx Black card and told him to go get what he needs. What Ned needs, of course, is an established right-handed starter to complement Clayton Kershaw in the rotation. The Dodgers just watched the Giants win with many tools but chief among them was a balanced, productive rotation. So it may well be that Colletti will make a ridiculous offer to Greinke to sign with the Dodgers, and it may well come down to which league Grenike prefers to play in--I don't know if he's one of those pitchers who likes the chance to hit as well, but his numbers would probably improve a tick or two if pitching only against NL bats. I know that Arte and Jerry said goodbye to Haren, Santana and Hunter for the opportunity to clear millions off the payroll, but I get the impression the Dodgers may well make a stupid-rich offer to Greinke that Arte can't match, in the same manner as the line he drew in his offers to Crawford and Beltre. So, who do you suppose would be the Plan B for the team? Kuroda? Sanchez? A trade?


I'm glad Torii signed with another team

If you can forgive the click bait-y title, I will confess that I simultaneously endorse and reject the sentiment within that title. Let me explain. Of all the Angels jerseys within my collection,...

ARod-to-the-Angels nonsense debunked


Bob Nightengale in USAToday opined in his column that the best trade partner would be the Angels, sending Vernon Wells to the Yankees for ARod and a truckload of offsetting cash. But the link in the above title provides some nice perspective from the Yankee fan POV. I don't see Dipoto taking on that deal, especially since we've already penciled in our own aging and overpaid DH for 2015 and beyond.


Open Letter to Jerry Dipoto

Dear Mr. Dipoto, First time caller, longtime listener, as it were. Having had the unwanted luxury of these last few days to think about 2013, instead of watching the Angels scrapping their way to...

Blue Jays Sign Jeff Mathis. Angels Do Not.


This is a good, cost-controlled move for the Jays. It makes him a good trade chip over the next few years, too.

Weaver Profiled in USA Today


It is a generally good piece by Bob Nightengale, who is among the better beat writers in MLB. There is a lot made of the below-market deal Weaver signed to secure his dream of playing close to home and family, along with analysis from Boras regarding how much potential money Weaver left on the table by not testing free agency, and how this can be viewed in regards to the impending free agency for Cole Hamels. However, Nightengale adds his name to the growing list of geographically-illiterate writers when discussing the childhood of Weaver: "For the first time, after growing up near Angel Stadium and attending Long Beach State, his parents wouldn't have been able to see him every home game." In the age of Google Maps being available on just about any nearby resource, how can anyone view the relationship between the Simi Valley and Angel Stadium as nearby? In the middle of the night, with traffic flowing as clearly as possible, it's about a 90 minute drive, and at the times games are normally played it is about an hour more than that. True, Angel Stadium is closer to Weaver's ancestral home than are Toronto, Miami and Seattle, but writers too often conflate growing up somewhere in Southern California with being close to Angel Stadium, as if Weaver and Trumbo rode bikes together along the Santa Ana River as kids. In fact, I seem to recall Weaver saying in an earlier interview that he grew up a Dodgers fan because of the closer proximity. Now THERE is an angle for the story...

Oakland DFAs Rich Thompson


Can we now put to rest all the tearful recrimination about how he was unfairly picked on by the Angels over "only" two outings in 2012? He couldn't catch on with the Athletics; I would say the stories about his loss of velocity would have merit.

Retire as an Angel? Hunter now thinks he isn't yet ready


Short and informationally skimpy Saxon article on ESPN's LA site says Hunter now feels as if he has a couple more years left in the tank. With Wells attached to the club through 2014 (effectively tying up the DH slot when Pujols isn't needing to take a day off defensively), it would seem there is no room at the inn for Torii. On the other hand, the enthusiasm Hunter has stems from what he feels is a great offseason conditioning program, which means he may be in terrific shape and ready to have a contract year. That bodes well for 2012.

Rosenthal says Angels still pursuing Burnett


After that tweet, I assume Kenny went back to guarding his Lucky Charms from those pesky kids. The very notion that the Angels would be chasing after Burnett in a trade--when it is known every Western team is on Burnett's NTC list--is mystifying. What Burnett would bring to the team for approximately $5M to $7.5M per season for the next two years is anyone's guess, but unless this is a chess move to set up a trade of Ervin next, then that would be a hell of a lot of money for a #5 starter. I think the world would have managed just fine without that speculative tweet.

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