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User Blog

Draft Day 3 Open Thread


Rounds 11 to 40 go today.  We should expect to see all the hard-to-impossible signs come off the board in the first few rounds. Talk about it over here.

HOT GIF: More On Last Night's Win


All the recs?  All the recs.

Jays Win Battle Of Zeno's Paradox, Beat Rays 10-5


Sorry folks, no standard Gerse recap.  Tom's occupied, so until he gets back here's a placeholder.  Talk about the Jays game, the Dodgers game, Ancient Greece, Yu Gi Oh, and anything else you see...

Jays Shut Out Phillies, Score 9 Superfluous Runs


Jays win 10-0, climb back to .500

Jays Beat Royals 7-3, Remain Undefeated In May


Winning is fun, but it makes for less exciting recaps. Mark Buehrle had the most Buehrlesque start ever, pitching to a line of 6.2IP, 7H, 3R (2 earned), 2BB, 4K, and Aaron Loup got the 2.1 inning...

Should Jonathan Diaz Have Swung Away?


The final plate appearance of last night's game ended with Jonathan Diaz grounding into a bases loaded double play.  In the recap, I semi-joked that Diaz should have just stood there with the bat...

Jays Lose 10-8, Teams Combine For 47 Home Runs


I've been informed that Melky and Lawrie have eaten Tom and jays192 whole, so here's a recap until one of them is expelled. Managing a bullpen shouldn't be too hard, right?  Even if they don't...

The StrikeTracker: New And Improved!


In a world of umpires gone rogue, one man makes a moderate effort to track their internal inconsistency.

Counterpoint: Replay Is Broken, Long Live Replay!


Never let a good crisis go to waste


BBB Best Basketball Bick'em Bool!

Greetings and salutations sports fans, Your mission, should you choose to accept it (you should), is to click on this link, join the BBB NCAA Tournament Bick'em Bool(!), and fill out your...

Reply Fail Fantasy League Discussion Thread


Reply Fail Fantasy League Discussion Thread

Let's finalize all the league settings here. Details will follow in the comments since FanShots don't like formatting very much.

The Reply Fail Discussion Thread

THIS IS MY FIRST FANPOST, PLEASE BE NICE! If you aren't on the following list, you can ignore this post. MjwW, Woodman, Rugged Rock, Pikachu, dannyofbosnia, yleviticus, Monstour, hansdampf, Aidin,...

Jays Sign Kelly Johnson and Ben Francisco


$6,375,000 and $1,537,500 respectively.

TED Talk On Narratives And Stories


This is the transcript. The video is linked to in the first sentence.

On Peter Angelos and the Baltimore GM Search


There's no good way to make the title more exciting, but seriously, read the article.

Phillies To Sign Papelbon


Pending a physical. Tom: Looks like 4 years and $50 million, plus an option. Yay, someone beats out the BJ Ryan for the most paid to a free agent closer.

Hitting Performance By Position Of The Sun


This is literally the zenith of nerdery. #punsrfun

Why the average wRC+ is only 96


David Appelman: The league averages are calculated with pitcher hitting excluded. When you add pitcher hitting back into the mix, it pushes the average down a little bit.

MGL on Batter-Pitcher Matchups


More or less a rehash of stuff from The Book, figured it'd be useful to post for easier public consumption though. He makes a very important point about sample size.

Crowdsourcing Fallacy Debunking


I've set up a google doc to act as a FAQs page dealing with the frequently debunked ideas that pop up in the comments (ex. Lawrie moving back to 2B). When it's finished, I'll make it into a FanPost so that it's readily available for all to see. You don't even need to sign in to edit it, so come help! Details inside.

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