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Damian Lillard BIG Video


Damian Lillards game winner has been turned into an NBA BIG commercial.

It's So Hard To Escape The Blazers


Deadspin article on game 1 vs Rockets

NBA Team pts differential at start of 4thQ and end of game


NBA Team pts differential at start of 4thQ and end of game. Big graphy: http://t.co/lTBnNBSoHS pic.twitter.com/mhEC2zOyLf

— Ed Kupfer (@EdKupfer) April 11, 2014

I feared this was coming


Simulation says Houston-Portland is the most likely first-round series, taking place nearly half the time (48.6 percent).

— Kevin Pelton (@kpelton) March 4, 2014

Every NBA Team's Season, In One Chart


NBA 2013-14 Offensive and Defensive Efficiency team ranks by date.

NBA Lockdown


NBA Lockdown with Bruce Bowen and Israel Gutierrez. LOTS of Blazer talk.

Are the Blazers legit contenders?


Broussard asks coaches, GMs, and Scouts whether the blazers are contenders.

GM: "Portland is for real. When you talk about teams that can win the West, they're in the conversation. The reason why is because they can guard wings with Matthews and Batum, and then they have some offense off the bench. They can beat you playing small and beat you playing big."

Assistant Coach: "They're for real. Yes, very much so. Here's why: The Blazers' 2s and 3s can really shoot the ball and defend. They have an elite point guard and arguably the best power forward in basketball. Last year, they didn't have a rim protector, but now, in Lopez, they have a rim protector. They've upgraded their bench with Mo Williams. But having a rim protector has made all the difference for them. Last season, there was no one on their back line."

Scout: "I think the Blazers are very much contenders. I've seen the Clippers and I'm not sure the Clippers are better than them. It could be a toss-up. Portland has what it takes to go deep into the playoffs because of their ability to shoot from the perimeter, and they have a great inside player. They mirror Indiana. They're a good defensive team, they're big, they can score and their defensive numbers are pretty good. They're playing much better on that end than they did last year."

Blazer Championship odds improve


Bovada has updated it's NBA Championship odds and the #Blazers' odds have jumped from 150/1 to 22/1, 8th-best in the league.

— Joe Freeman (@BlazerFreeman) December 3, 2013

Is Portland really that good?


[Note from Tim: This is an ESPN Insider Article behind a paywall, so we've kept a representative paragraph from the article]

Portland's rating going forward still puts the team just 14th in the league and eighth in the Western Conference. The Blazers have jumped the Denver Nuggets (42.4), but need to play at this level longer to surpass the Dallas Mavericks (45.5) and slumping Memphis Grizzlies (46.2). Wait and see isn't a fun approach to power ratings, but it's appropriate with early surprises.

Ranking NBA teams by tiers [ESPN]


Playoff contenders [3rd tier] (Teams that won less than 1 percent of the simulations but made the playoffs at least 15 percent of the time, ordered by playoff probability)

Golden State Warriors (44.2), New York Knicks (38.6), Dallas Mavericks (43.7), Washington Wizards (38.5), Cleveland Cavaliers (38.4), Toronto Raptors (36.7), Portland Trail Blazers (40.4), New Orleans Pelicans (39.8)

The controversial teams in this group are easy to spot. We covered disconnect between objective-based projections and those of the subjective variety for the Warriors and Knicks the other day, so I urge you to check that out. What's interesting to me about this group is that a number of teams commonly bandied about as "sleeper" squads are included. Chances are, the one or two biggest surprise teams of the season are going to emerge from the up-and-coming teams in Cleveland, Toronto, Portland, New Orleans and Washington.

If you are a fan of one of these teams and dare to dream, consider this: All of them except for the Wizards won the title in at least one of the simulations. Hey, a non-zero chance at a title is better than nothing.

Blazers #11 in ESPN Future Power Rankings


After another summer of incremental progress, the Blazers have almost edged their way back into the Future Power Rankings top 10 for the first time since August 2010. Portland already had its core in place, with All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge surrounded by promising rookie of the year Damian Lillard and forward Nicolas Batum as well as steady Wesley Matthews. To that foundation, the Blazers have now added the depth that was sorely missing last season. After signing Mo Williams and Dorell Wright, trading for Robin Lopez and Thomas Robinson and drafting C.J. McCollum, Portland goes two-deep at every position and is ready to compete for a playoff spot. By this time next year, we should have a better idea of the Blazers' long-term direction. That hinges on Aldridge, whose contract is up in the summer of 2015. If Aldridge signals a desire to play elsewhere, Portland is likely to trade him for a package of young prospects and draft picks. At the same time, Portland retains plenty of flexibility to be a player in free agency in 2015, when it could have max-level cap space to build around Batum, Lillard and the return for Aldridge. That potential explains why the Blazers actually improved to eighth in the Money category despite their shopping spree this summer.

Nic Batum a top 10 SF for 2013-14


5. Nicolas Batum, Portland Trail Blazers Projected 2013-14 WARP: 7.8 Batum's steady improvement hit a plateau in his fifth NBA season, and his 2.2 percent loss in usage rate suggests that playing alongside Damian Lillard may have actually impacted his game in a negative fashion. For Portland to get back into the playoff hunt this season, Batum needs to be a stronger No. 3 to the core duo of Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge. Right now, Batum is perimeter-oriented, but his 3-point success rate was just around league average last season. He's been around 40 percent a couple of times, and if he can get back to that, then perhaps he can make more plays off the dribble and get to the foul line more often.

Damian Lillard a top 10 PG for 2013-14


10. Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers Projected 2013-14 WARP: 7.8 There is a school of thought that Lillard entered the NBA fully formed and that, as outstanding as he was in his rookie of the year campaign, Lillard is as good now as he's ever going to be. This is the season we begin to find out whether that's true. ATH projects that Lillard will take a significant step forward, with progress in shot selection and especially on the defensive end.

Blazers have a top 10 backcourt according to ESPN


10. Portland Trail Blazers | Combined WARP: 14.3 Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews, Mo Williams Don't forget about rookie C.J. McCollum, who helps give Portland's backcourt group a whole lot of upside. Lillard is forecast to regress just a little, if only because he'd be hard-pressed to lead the league in minutes once again, especially given the depth around him in the backcourt. The one concern about this group's fit is whether the proven combo guard skills of Williams are redundant to the potential combo guard skills of McCollum, thus limiting the first-year playing time of the latter.

Lamar Odom LOVES To Party!


Lamar Odom has a HUGE drug problem. This is not Blazer related but, it is NBA related. Won't blame you guys if you remove this though.

Saturday Matinee: Fast Break


This is not the 1979 comedy of the same name starring Gabe Kaplan and Bernard King, but a 1978 documentary following the 1977 Trail Blazers on their championship run. Featuring wonderful and extensive behind-the-scenes footage, the film is wildly dated but in the best way. See a young Maurice Lucas vibing in an inner tube, Bill Walton biking through the country, and enjoy the phenomenal music throughout.


What is a Championship worth?

This tweet got me thinking Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine How pricey was Nets' signing of Kirilenko to "mini" mid-level? Took their 2013-14 luxury-tax forecast from $70 million range to ......

Blazers 5 on 5 at Scrimmage


a short video of the guys playing 5 on 5 at practice

No Omer Asik trade in plans


Houston Rockets center Omer Asik has formally asked the team to trade him in the wake of the team landing Dwight Howard in free agency. But the Rockets have no plans to grant Asik's wish, sources told ESPN.com.

(Pelton) Rating every team's draft selections


3. Portland Trail Blazers, +2.4 (Expected: 3.8, actual 6.2) For a few picks there, the Blazers seemed to be drafting straight off my board. With the second-round picks they kept, they landed three excellent values in Allen Crabbe (1.1), Jeff Withey (0.7) and international stash Marko Todorovic (1.5). Add in the highly rated C.J. McCollum (2.5) in the lottery and Portland GM Neil Olshey appears to have upgraded a bench that was a huge weakness last season.

Who do NBA prospects resemble?


An article on who the top draft prospects resemble. Victor Oladipo, Indiana - Comparisons: Evan Turner (95.2) Alex Len, Maryland - Comparisons: Meyers Leonard (92.7) C.J. McCollum, Lehigh - Comparisons: Ronnie Brewer (93.5) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Georgia - Comparisons: Dion Waiters (94.1) Steven Adams, Pittsburgh - Comparisons: Robin Lopez (96.3)

Past drafts: Getting to WARP speed


"On Monday, I shared the results of my WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player) projections for the prospects in this year's NBA draft. Today, I'm taking a step back to explain more details about the process and look at what the same ratings said about past drafts." (...) "Small schools, big game: Some of the players most underrated by the translations in recent years were products of the mid-majors such as Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard. When I updated the database, I had to shrink the strength of schedule adjustment to improve accuracy." (...) "Age ends up making up about 40 percent of the final WARP projection, with translated performance accounting for the other 60 percent." (...) "Let's take a look at how the updated version of the system has rated past drafts." (...) "Two lottery picks were projected for negative WARP over their first five seasons. There's still a ways to go, but both [Meyers] Leonard and particularly Rivers struggled as rookies. Additionally, Thomas Robinson's middling translation nearly exactly pegged his stats last season."

WARP: How draft candidates rate (Insider Article)


1 Nerlens Noel C Kentucky .488 3.6 3 Otto Porter SF Georgetown .466 2.7 44 Andre Roberson SF Colorado .497 2.6 12 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG Georgia .469 2.6 10 Cody Zeller PF Indiana .475 2.5 9 C.J. McCollum SG Lehigh .496 2.5 23 Lucas Nogueira C Estudiantes .474 2.4 59 D.J. Cooper PG Ohio .504 2.3 37 Nate Wolters PG South Dakota St. .492 2.2 7 Trey Burke PG Michigan .459 2.2 Top 10 in Full WARP projections. As you can see it really differs from Chad Ford's top 100

Batum highest valued floor spacer


Batum tops the list of valuable floor spacers. ESPN Insider Article

What Google reveals about stars


To measure player attention this season, I pulled both overall and news searches from the start of training camp until now for each of this year's All-Stars (both against the standard of peak James searches), then averaged the two categories. That shows another star aging gracefully, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, as far and away the league's most searched player. By this measure, Aldridge is the league's most obscure All-Star.


Fun Trade Idea!

Blazers Get: JJ Hickson Cleveland Gets: Brandon Bass Jeff Pendergraph Orlando Gets: Rudy Fernandez   I like this trade because the Blazers get a nice bench player in JJ Hickson. I think a Bayless,...


it makes perfect sense

i could be completely wrong, but to me, it makes sense that there has been no evaluation of KP. The reason I say this is because if you look at what he is good at, drafting, then why would you make...


Tyrus Thomas Trade Question

On ESPN.com i have been reading about a 3 way trade that involves the Portland Trailblazers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Chicago Bulls The Lakers would get: Kirk Hinrich The Bulls would get: A...

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