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OT: A Memory of Light (Nerd Alert)

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one...

SI: NCAA fails miserably, turns a blind eye to UNC infractions


You seem too calm right now. Let's raise that blood pressure.

Grantland Tries to Lift the Rangers Curse


Well, one of their writers does, anyways. "Now, to be clear, I didn't want El Profesor to help me place a curse of my own — on, say, David Freese, C.J. Wilson, whoever plays for the A's, or, for old time's sake, ex-owner Tom Hicks. Nor was this a Damn Yankees thing: my soul for a World Series ring. No, my motives were pure. El Profesor would be my spiritual cutoff man between the suspicious stuff happening on the field and the possibly wicked stuff happening in the heavens. I needed to reverse a jinx."

Grantland: Chelsea F.C.- Can't Buy Me Love


Grantland is the website started by Bill Simmons that looks to combine (American) pop culture and sports coverage. Their football coverage has been fairly below average, but I enjoyed this article for expanding on this idea: "If it hadn't been Chelsea — a massively well-funded English club with global reach and an owner who owns multiple submarines — we would have talked about this as if it were the Cinderella run to end all Cinderella runs. No matter how dire their situation looked, Chelsea just kept surviving, trailing streams of exclamation points, and somehow repeatedly blowing up the clock a split second before the minute hand touched midnight."

Grantland article about the Rangers East


Mostly about the Orioles, but it features some happy thoughts about the Rangers like this: If there's one take-home lesson from the Orioles' success this year, it's this: When in doubt, find the most talent-laden team in the sport and start begging for its table scraps like a street urchin in Les Misérables..

Former NBA Star/GM Steve Kerr: NBA should raise the minimum age to 20


At Grantland, Steve Kerr gives 6 reasons why the NBA minimum age level should be raised to 20. I can't help but read some of these and think of Quincy Miller.

McShay: Early 2013 Draft Prediction


This one is a lot different from the others I've seen. I have a hard time seeing how a DT (from Utah!) could go #1 overall, but that's not the most interesting part to Baylor fans: #12: Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor to Seattle Seahawks

Dave Cameron: Yu Darvish's Command Problems


An excellent take on why Yu Darvish's stuff isn't quite translating into the expected results using velo charts and heat maps. "This is the repertoire of a guy who should miss a lot of bats. And yet, after three starts, Darvish just isn’t fooling anyone. 333 pitches into his big league career, and opposing batters have made contact on 81.6% of the pitches he’s thrown. Major League average for a starting pitcher in 2012 is 81.7%. The main reason appears to be directly related to..."

That was a more diplomatic version of the answer that Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey...


That was a more diplomatic version of the answer that Baylor women's basketball coach Kim Mulkey gave last fall when asked if her team would continue to play Texas A&M: "If a man wants to divorce me and says our relationship has no value to him, and then he asks me if he can sleep with me, the answer is no," she said. Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/seth_davis/02/06/kansas.missouri/index.html#ixzz1leDAEtyt


Mark Titus (@Grantland) does it again - Best Powerful Power Rankings in the Unknown Universe


I like to think that thousands of years from now, archeologists will discover the section of Scott Drew's playbook that outlines his zone defense, and it will require millions of dollars and decades of study to decipher it. Cryptographers from all over the world will be flown to Waco to examine this mystery code that nobody can crack. Many will succumb to insanity and possibly suicide, forcing the government to step in and end the madness once and for all by destroying the playbook. But here's the thing: Drew's zone defense is like the Kardashian family's fame — not only does it defy explanation, but it also can't be destroyed

Latest AP and Coach's Polls show short memories


Remember how Baylor had their worst week of the season recently in large part because they were blown out in Lawrence? You do? Because apparently the pollsters are struggling to remember it... 4. Mizzou 6. Baylor 8. Kansas

Granland on National Signing Day


"And then there are the contradictions within our own thought processes. A common one is the praising of a recruit's character and goods sense3 based on nothing more than his choosing our school. When a recruit is up for grabs, we hope he makes the "right" choice, and if he doesn't we'll say: "If he wants to go there, he's not the kind of kid we thought he was. Him and Rival U will be perfect for each other." That's how we do it. We want the kid until he doesn't want us. Look, kid, you're gonna do the hooking or you're gonna get hooked. You're either a Gator or you're gator bait. A recruit who selects my school made a well-reasoned decision. If he selected Rival U then he's been sweet-talked and I feel sorry for him, sorry that he fell for whatever lies and gifts they showered on him. I'm not sure I would want a kid so easily swayed, a kid of such flimsy character, playing for my team anyway. If my team has a need at corner and a great in-state cornerback decides to go elsewhere, my response is: What's wrong with these kids? Don't they have computers? Can't they see the depth chart? That other program must have given him a Lincoln Navigator and a bunch of gift cards to Chipotle! Yet when a guy who might have to wait a couple years to play commits to my school, that young man is a bastion of wisdom and foresight. Instead of being seduced by the siren song of immediate playing time, he has chosen his new home according to higher concerns. He liked the family atmosphere and the commitment to doing things the right way."

SI's Don Banks Mock Draft


RG3 at #2 to....not the Redskins who draft Tannehill #6. If I promise to only laugh on this inside, can this happen? Also, he notes what many of us have observed: there's a battle for #2 WR between Notre Dame's Michael Floyd and our own Kendall Wright (you'll see Alshon Jeffery included sometimes, but I think there are questions about his speed). The winner will probably go to the Bears.

RGIII meets with Coach


Subsequently, Griffin III, in a text to ESPN.com's David Ubben, and a Baylor spokesperson both said Griffin III had not yet made up his mind. "It's a situation where he's really contemplating what he feels like is the thing that's going to give him peace," coach Art Briles said.

FanGraphs: Christian Villanueva rates as rare Rangers sleeper


A comp to Braves Martin Prado is imperfect, but provides some insight into the type of value Villanueva projects for at the Major League level...Villanueva will never be a true centerpiece of a deal for a player such as Matt Garza, but would be an excellent addition as a third or fourth piece of a larger package.

JoePos on Playoff Expansion


JoePos considers an extra wild card spot on SI. After reading it, I'm left feeling similar to how I do now...which leads me to the thought, if there's this much angst about how unfair it is the TB and TOR (though really, it feels like there's this much angst to the idea of BOS or NYY missing the playoffs), then why not go to 4/8 4-teams divisions (outside the whole needing 2 teams thing)? Ostensibly, BAL and TOR have enough money to compete (reasonably well) with NYY and BOS, right?


OT CFB: A&M closer to SECeding

As I'm sure most of our resident Aggies are already aware of, apparently there as been a very large amount of smoke today saying A&M is putting the wheels in motion to leave the Big12 for the SEC. ...


OT: College Football

It looks like ESPN/UT/LHN is going to end up being the end of the Big 12.  I am one of those optimistic fools who thought that there would be enough new TV money to keep the Big 12 together despite...

Matches: A very good 24 hours


When I was 17 27 It was a very good year day, It was a very good day for JeDi GM's On a warm summer night. We'd hide from Bell's price, Getting reliever heaven When I was 27.

Bill Barnwell @ Grantland: Moneyball 2.0


Introduction to and discussion of 2010-2011 teams in relation to Marginal Payroll/Marginal Win, Fielding Metrics, and Bullpen. Solid, if long, primer for those new to stats and a nice league-wide look at how teams are performing in these new stats for those more familiar with them.

Matches: The Draft Bucks


Rangers Day One MLB Draft Recap: Bucking The Mainstream

Alexi Ogando, The BABIP Monster, And The Greatest Pitcher Ever


The time has come, Matches said, to talk of many things. Of pitchers - and BABIP - and ceilings max Of history and kings And why regression has not caught— This Ogando of whom we sing.

Get Happy Fast(er)


Who else do you know that is giving you Rangers coverage with Divine Comedy in it's true form and writes through The Wire?


OT: Big 12 gets shown $

$$$   Financial terms were not disclosed. Sports Business Journal has reported that the contract, which starts with the 2012 football season, will pay the conference $90 million a year. The Big...

Joshua Garoon on why it may be smart to have Feliz close


You know that song that goes from the windoooows to the wall? This is like that, but from the ceiliiiiiiing to the floor!

If you're Happy and you know it...


Everybody just clap, clap, clap your hands. Oh, and click the link and go read what a green dino has to say about Feliz closing, how WAR treats relievers differently from starters, camaraderie and chemistry, and who bucks the trend of the Rangers inability to develop All-Star level pitching...

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