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Kevin Goldstein Trolls the McC?


Or at least it seems that he might from this quote: Gary Brown, San Francisco Giants, 2010 (No. 24 overall) "But he doesn't walk!" That was the nearly universal cry from the blogosphere when the Giants selected the Cal State Fullerton star last year. Nobody seemed to care about the .438 batting average or the .695 slugging or the top of the line speed with outstanding center field defense, all they cared about were the nine walks in 210 at-bats, as no walks equals bad player, right? Here's the thing: When you have a guy hitting .438, do you really need to talk to him about his approach? With 21 walks over 240 at-bats in his pro debut, he's already making adjustments, and his .363/.430/.529 line in 56 games for High-A San Jose should get him to Double-A this year and in San Francisco as early as late 2012.


The Mishandling of Brandon Belt

The successful development of Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval along with the unsuccessful development of John Bowker and Nate Schierholtz tells us something about the Giants brass, they don't know...


Giants Possible Trades

Holy crap, I've visited MLBTR 3-4 times in the last couple of days, and usually the only time I spend on that site is during the offseason and June and July with maybe a visit or two in May and...


Dear N00bs, NOW WITH A POLL!

Dear N00bs,  Let me begin by saying that I have nothing against N00bs, virtually all of us were new to the McC at one point or another and just because you're new to this site doesn't mean that...


OT: My Beef With the Bonds Trial

Since I realize that G-Briz is effectively burying his head in the sand when it comes to the Bonds Trial, splitting his free time between writing about players even the die-hards have forgotten and...


Available Starting Pitchers

There's an outside shot that the Nationals will sign Cliff Lee, obviously he is the best available free agent starting pitcher out there, but who's available after him? A bunch of guys with red...


Should I Become a Nationals Fan?

Let me begin by saying that I've never posted on Federal Baseball, so if I break any rules or miss any common meme's apologies in advance.  So I have this dilemma, you see I grew up a Giants fan....


We Have a Winner! SUCK IT Casey Blake!

Thanks everyone for voting in the recent pole of who should replace SUCK IT Russell Martin as the most hated active Dodger (You'll always be #1SITL, even if you're no longer active). And the winner...


Who Should Replace SIRM as the Most Hated Dodger

While it looks like SIRM is heading to the Yankees, and therefore will still be easy to hate, but still I feel like there will be a void in McC next year, without all of the SIRM jokes, GIFS etc....

Bartlett Close to Being Dealt


Apparently, Bartlett is on the verge of being dealt and since St. Louis just dealt for the The Riot, that's one less team in need. Bartlett is pretty meh, would much rather have Hardy or Scutaro, but he's acceptable, granted Belt breaks out or Pablo returns.


Giants SS Options

Our good friend Xanthan had a recent post over at Bay City Ball, in which he used weighted averages to look at some of the available free agents at each of the Giants "need" positions this...

Sorry Goofus, Martinez Signs with the Tigers


Looks like all of those sign VMart and platoon he and Posey at 1B/C ideas are dead for now. 4 years at $50M is too much IMO, though.


Should the Giants try to trade for Josh Willingham?

Apparently, Josh Willingham is unlikely to sign an extension and is believed to be on the trading block. Given the lack of free agents who fit the Giants needs and their budget constraints, is Josh...


Looking For Next Year's Aubrey Huff

Tom Verducci, who I'm usually pretty meh about, had a great article about potential non-tender players and their impact on teams, okay maybe not great, but definitely raised some interesting...


Let the Rosterbation Begin

The San Francisco Giants are the World Champions, still hasn't gotten old or completely sunk in. I've often wondered if the Giants ever did actually win the World Series if I would be complacent or...


Huff and Uribe Classified as Type B Free Agents

So I know there are more important things going on right now for the Giants, but given it's an off-day and the Elias rankings came out today, it might be a nice diversion to think just a little...


The Morning After: Giants One Win Away from the World Series

Since Grant's falling down on the job and there's nothing new up today, I thought I'd put something up for those who want to discuss last night's game, today's game and don't want to wade through...

Wow MCC is getting some serious street cred


So now even the folks over at Yahoo!Sports are quoting Grant. If it goes to his head he could wind up looking like Bochy though.


Need some help, I don't have TBS

Hopefully, I'm not totally screwed, but my cable provider doesn't carry TBS and with all of their blockbuster programming it's hard to imagine why not. I have mlb.tv, but don't know if TBS is like...


The Morning After: Giants Magic Number Down to 3

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm starting to get nervous, not just the normal nervousness that comes from being a fan of the Giants and dealing with all the torture, but the nervousness...


The Morning After: Giants Magic Number is 4

So I know that there's been a lot of discussion about a second thread to discuss the previous night's game without a lot of OT, and without crashing the computers of those poor souls still on...


MCC and Goofus Hit the Big Time.....Extra Baggs

So I'm sure this should be a fanshot, but such notoriety shouldn't be buried at the bottom of the page. In this morning's Extra Baggs, Baggs gave quite a bit of space to the MCC and Goofus in...


What Should the Giants Do About Their Offense?

The Giants starting pitching has been obscene so far in September, and their bullpen has been just as good. Overall the Giants have posted a 1.66 ERA so far this month, but have gone just 11-6. Now...


Here's Hoping Buster Posey Doesn't Win ROY

Baseball people are a superstitious bunch as evidenced by Aubrey Huff's latest wardrobe change that has seen the Giants go 8-2 since "The Best Athlete on the Team" and resident trailer park expert...


Dear Giants, Please Make Up Your Mind

Dear Giants,  Let me begin by saying that as a fan I have a feeble heart, which is not my fault, and while it may not directly be this team's fault, it is the Giants' fault. You see you've put me...

Bork Thinks Lincecum & Panda Are Out of Shape


Baggs got Bork to talk candidly about not only Panda's conditioning issues, but also Timmeh's. No big shocker with regards to Sandoval, and there's been speculation that Lincecum's issue was with training. Hopefully, at least this means his arm is okay, but as a fan nothing pisses me off more about players than them not staying in shape. They're living most little boy's dream, the least they can do is enjoy it and put forth the effort, IMO.

Barry Zito has been getting Cain'd


According to Jayson Stark Barry Zito has been the victim of more Criminally Unsupported Starts (CUS) this year than just about anyone in the National League and while his record is currently 8-6, it could very easily be 14-4, yeah WINZ.


xBABIP: Is Juan Uribe due to bounce back, and could Aubrey Huff get better?

Taking a look at some the current Giants numbers I noticed something that seems to be quite odd. While most of the Giants players seem to have a fairly normal seperation between their BABIP and...

Sign the petition to have Brian Wilson's fine revoked


Apparently there's no rule against wearing orange shoes and you can sign a petition to have Wilson's $1,000 fine revoked. Not sure if it's true or not, but thought it was worth a look.

Bowker's Thoughts on Pittsburgh


"It's not easy," Bochy said. "You're trying to put these guys in spots where you believe they'll have success, maybe get some confidence going." - Bruce Bochy on platooning Bowker Way to go Borky platooning Bowker sure improved his confidence? And why wouldn't it, nothing says 'we believe in you' like sitting on the bench.

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