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2014 NFL Draft: WR Review

As a follow up to my previous post on the CB Prospects for the 2014 draft, I've given an overview of some of the top WR prospects in the 2014 draft. This is a DEEP WR draft and I know I've left...


2014 NFL Draft: CB Review

Happy weirdly empty office/horrendous traffic day everyone! While our Giants aren't technically out of the playoff race, it may be time to turn one eye forward to the 2014 draft. Ed and co. do...


Rebuilding the Giants

Up until the Giants "played" their last "football game," I really thought that there was a chance that this team could somehow salvage the season. The way we lost to a mediocre Eagles team put an...


Draft Discussion – Which Offensive Players FIT the Giants?

Disclaimer: This is going to be a long article and while I would love it if you guys read it, my thoughts on who we should draft will be at the end. We have a pretty solid bead on what the Giants...

NBA Opening Day Montage


Did y'all see this? Pretty baller.

GiantNomad's 2012 Mock Draft

Hey folks, let me know what you think. I'll try to use feedback as I create new versions and add rounds. I love hearing feedback about GM/Owner/Coach tendencies especially. 1. Indianapolis...


Giants vs. Redskins: Who's to Blame?

A lot of people have argued that the Giants are depleted and that’s part of the reason they lost. I agree with that, to an extent. The big names that were on the field did a lot wrong. While I may...


Keep Calm and Carry On

First, let me apologize for the stupid cliché of a title, but after the last few days, I think it applies. It's hard not to get caught up in all the hysteria when faced with a constant barrage of...


Wide Receivers: Love 'em or Leave 'em

I am currently studying for the last final exam of my undergraduate life; this is my (long) study break:Our New York Football Giants are faced with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to young...


A First Round of the Draft I Would be Happy With

As the draft rapidly approaches, I want to hash out which players I would be happy with when the draft's first round is complete. Does it matter? Probably not a whole lot,  I hated the JPP pick and...


Quan Sturdivant: What can he do for the Giants?

I was on Shutdown Corner today and I generally have a lot of problems with their articles (they tend to be unnecessarily abrasive) but I've been really intrigued by the prospect profiles that...



Chris Palmer hired by Titans as QB coach. FML. Oh and the Titans are DEFINITELY drafting a qb now.


You know what grinds my gears?

Many of you compulsively read mock drafts like I do. Generally explanations for picks aren't perfect. That's fine because you can't expect one person to know every little detail about every team in...


GiantNomad Draft+Friends

Here’s the deal. Free agents won’t be signed until the new CBA is finished and any mock draft for the Giants has to be contingent on who they keep, lose and add in free agency. Obviously I can’t...


NYG Mock v1 (3 Rounds)

  The Giants first 3 picks. I tried to go best available player, while considering need. With the picks and the alternates, some of these guys may not be around when we pick, some may be around...



Well gentlemen (and ladies), this season was clearly a heart breaker. It hurts knowing what this team could have been. That being said, we were 10-6 despite a number of key injuries. Let's not don...


Silver lining

I hate watching the Knicks lose. The Celtics loss devastated me. The Heat made me want to punch Lebron in the face and pull a Delonte on his mom. Part of this post is just catharsis for me I guess,...


Draft Debate

I know I know, it’s early, the season isn’t even over yet. Trust me, I still believe we will make and go deep into the playoffs. All of that being said, I’m in the middle of final exams and I need...


The Giants are Changing, for Better or Worse

via   Warning: Most of what I say is irrelevant, KG and TC are too conservative to enact most of it, but here's to hoping...and recognizing that the Giants don't have the same...


Why are the Giants unable to develop linebackers?

It's one of those questions that just aren't brought up enough. Linebacker hasn't been a strength in years and the only decent ones in recent years have been Mitchell and Pierce. Neither of those...


Giant Nomad Mock Draft Pt. 1

It seems like everybody is doing their own mock draft lately so I figured I'd submit one of my own. Aside from the obvious pick in round 1, I tried to change it up while keeping it realistic. One...


Thinking About Our Needs

Hey everybody, I'm going to try and follow Ed's guidelines on this post; feel free to point out any mistakes I make. I understand our need for a defensive tackle, but I just can't understand why so...

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